I want my baby to have big eyes, pregnant mothers eat grapes wildly, and the child is crying when the child is born: blame me

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Zhenzhen’s skin is fair, tall, tall, tall, small in mouth, and the face shape is very beautiful. The only thing that is beautiful is that the eyes are a bit small!Because the occupation she chose was to be a model, she later went to plastic surgery, and made her eyes larger!””

Later, she chose her husband among many suitors. Her husband was very good in other aspects. The only thing that made her dissatisfied was that her eyes were not very big.

And when she was pregnant, she heard others say: "Eating more grapes during pregnancy can make children’s eyes look like grapes, big, round, dark and bright!"

So since she is pregnant, she is at least one pound of grapes every day, and she can often eat two pounds of grapes!By 25 weeks of pregnancy, she went to diabetes screening. The doctor said that she had high blood sugar and let her control her diet, and let her eat less fruits.

But at this time, eating grapes every day has become part of her life. She does not listen to the doctor’s discouraged, but she still eats grapes quietly.She felt that these doctors were scared. In the past, those people had not had a check -up, and they did not have the child smoothly.


In this way, her stomach is getting bigger and bigger. Until 38 weeks, the doctor said that it was difficult to give birth to the fetus too much.Indeed, the child has 4.8 kg after cutting down, and it has become a huge child!

After the child was born, he was sent to the neonatal department because of respiratory distress and hypoglycemia, and then neonatal jaundice was issued. The doctor’s examination found that the child may affect the child’s brain because of hypoglycemia!

Zhenzhen’s husband signed a copy of the rescue consent. Finally, three days after the child was born, he could go to the guard room to see the baby. Seeing that the baby was inserted with a tube after another, and the blue light had to be based on the blue light.The skin is yellow, and then look at the children’s opening eyes are also small, a bit like Zhenzhen’s eyes that have not been shaped before.

Jane Zhen felt regret at this time. He was alone and listened to others that others said that eating grape children’s eyes would have big eyes, so he kept eating grapes, causing diabetes during your pregnancy, affecting your baby’s health!I was still crying, I couldn’t cry myself, and kept murmuring: I blame me, I blame me!

The size of the child’s eyes has nothing to do with what you eat when you are pregnant. The most important thing is to be inherited.

And during pregnancy, if we insist on taking food containing DHA, the child’s vision can develop more comprehensive. The child’s eyes may be brighter, but there is no way to affect the size.

The harm of gestational diabetes is very harmful to children.

Point 1: Early control weight

In the early days of pregnancy, do n’t eat too much if you have a good appetite. If you have a bad appetite, eat more foods with high dietary fiber.In the middle and late pregnancy, we must control the weight, try not to increase the weight per week as much as possible, and control it at about half a catty to 8 pounds.

In addition to our diet, we must also insist on exercise. If there are no special circumstances, do some exercise that we can reach every day to control weight.

Point 2: Eat more coarse food

Do not eat fine rice noodles often, but change to the whole valley, miscellaneous grains or starch, and beans.

For example, our breakfast can eat all kinds of miscellaneous grain porridge, corn, oats, red beans, eyebrow beans, mung beans, green beans, etc. Putting porridge together, which can not only reduce gestational diabetes, but also take more intake of more onesB vitamins and potassium provide more dietary fiber and prevent constipation.

Point 3: Vegetables eat one pound every day

Eat a lot of vegetables every day, choose green leafy vegetables as much as possible, and when eating, we can eat vegetables first, which can increase our satiety and control blood sugar.

There are dietary fibers such as vitamin B2, folic acid, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, etc.

Point 4: The fruit should be controlled within half a catty

Eat as little sugar as possible when eating fruits, and eat fruits every day to control half a catty, because the protein content of fruit is very low, but it will bring extra fruit sugar. If you eat too much fruit, it is not conducive to protein.Supply will also increase sugar, which is not conducive to controlling blood sugar!

It is recommended to eat more apples, peaches, strawberries, kiwi, orange.

Eat during pregnancy not only controls blood sugar, but also allows us to grow as long and not meat. It helps the mother’s body shape and the child’s health.

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