I want to see, little pregnant women, what do you eat#我 我 我 我 我 我

The post -90s pregnant woman stayed at home.

I stayed at home today, and I didn’t go anywhere. It became hotter outside. It was really interesting to be at home alone.After waking up, make some meals for yourself. There are still some vegetables left in the refrigerator, and make a vegetable version of the spicy spicy.It is said that pregnant women eat more vegetables, promote vitamin absorption while it is conducive to defecation.

Today is 28 weeks of pregnancy +6, and it has reached the third trimester. When I checked, the doctor asked me to pay attention to counting the fetal movement. How do you all count it?I won’t, I usually observe whether the baby moves in the stomach within an hour after eating. Generally, I will move endlessly after eating.

After the third trimester, I feel that my belly is particularly fast, my skin is getting tighter, walking is getting slower, and I get more and more uncomfortable at night. I turn over and become strenuous.I have always been eating calcium tablets, but there will still be cramps.It may be that the child grows older and bigger in the stomach, absorbing too much calcium in my body.

Sisters, what do you eat during pregnancy to supplement calcium, you can introduce it to me.After pregnancy, you will have the endless toilets, insomnia, endless nights, chest tightness, you can’t breathe, your waist is sore, you can’t control your emotions.It is also difficult now, and be careful about doing anything."It’s almost" in the population of others, but I have come here every day. "It’s fine after this time" in the population, but it has been survived day and night.

The weight is as fat as blowing the balloon, and the neck lines on the neck become deeper, and the whole person becomes uglier and ugly. He is afraid to look in the mirror. These subtle changes only know that they can only bear them silently.Well, the time of eating is, sisters, see how my whole vegetable pot is, don’t tell me unhealthy, pregnant women can’t eat spicy.Everyone’s taste is different, don’t be abducted morally.Alright, I was quiet, and suddenly thirsty, went to the refrigerator to take a yogurt to drink.There are sisters who like me and have a double -click, pay attention, thank you.Remember to like it!

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