I was pregnant again 50 days after giving birth, and the doctor suggested to be killed!Doctor: Pregnant women are too "ignorant"

Lin Lin doesn’t understand anything in pregnancy and production, so her mother -in -law has been taking care of Lin Lin during pregnancy. Everything is naturally listening to her mother -in -law. When she was born in confinement, her mother -in -law was taking care of herself wholeheartedly. Lin Lin did save it.There are a lot of hearts, but the problem appears here. My mother -in -law is embarrassed to tell Linlin that the life after delivery must be restrained and converged, so Linlin does not pay attention to it. Everything comes with her temperament and preference.EssenceGoing to the hospital for a regular medical examination 50 days after giving birth, the results of the medical examination made the family incredible, and Linlin became pregnant again.The doctor gave the answer here, saying that after the mother has given birth to a child, the body will be very weak and it takes more than half a year to recover, but shortly after the child comes out of the mother’s belly, the mother of a woman will ovulate cells again. If the husband and wife liveThe time is so clever, it will inevitably fertilize again, and get pregnant again.In fact, at this time, the mother’s body can never bear to get pregnant and give birth to children again. Lin Lin naturally chooses a miscarriage. After 50 days after delivery, she chooses a miscarriage after pregnancy.Well, there are many things that women need to pay attention to during confinement.

1. Be sure to pay attention to hygiene during confinement

The most important thing is to pay attention to postpartum hygiene, because when confinement, some secretions in the body will actually increase significantly, so you need to pay special attention to maintaining the hygiene of your body and privacy.Of course, some people may feel that during the confinement period, they cannot take a bath, wash their hair, and touch cold water. After all, it is particularly easy to get sick and cold. In fact, after a week of productionWashing work, but be careful not to use cold water and bathtub, bacteria are very easy to infect the body of pregnant women.

2. Be careful not to have a husband and wife life during confinement

Another thing is to pay attention to during the confinement period, there must be no husband and wife life. Like Linlin, it is because they have not restrained the desire of the two after delivery, and they have not taken reasonable and effective contraceptive measures.It’s right.In fact, the body of the pregnant woman at this time is very weak, and the bacterial virus can easily infect pregnant women, and the infection rate of "gynecological disease" is very high, not to mention that it is easy to get confinement at this time.Therefore, during the confinement period, try to restrain your desire as much as possible and avoid the life of husband and wife.

3. The weight of the dietary structure during confinement

The third point is to pay attention to the postpartum diet. Some mothers may feel that they need to pay great attention before pregnancy, because their body and their children’s body comes from their daily food, and they must pay special attention to the structure and nutrition of food.However, some mothers may no longer pay so much attention to their diet after giving birth, because the child has been born, and his nutrients can be guaranteed through some supplementary food and milk powder.The body of postpartum pregnant women also requires a balanced nutritional structure, which is important for postpartum body recovery and Baoma’s later breastfeeding.

There are many things to pay attention to after giving birth. Bao Ma must always follow her physical condition to ensure that it is an extremely important stage to complete the postpartum recovery at the best and most comfortable attitude. Postpartum herself must have a healthy and perfect body.

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