I wish the sisters a good pregnancy in the palace.

Two bars were measured on November 9, 2017, 5 weeks and 1 day pregnancy.

That is, 16 days after ovulation, I felt like I was pregnant. In August 2017, the PLSZ home B -ultrasound detected ovulation.That month, the B -ultrasound detected AI on the day of ovulation. Later, all kinds of information and optimistic about pregnancy articles, various sets of symptoms, but the aunt came.

In September, I went to the fallopian tubal angiography for the sake of insurance. I said some effusion, so I found a Chinese medicine for a Chinese medicine to eat it. I also made a week of moxibustion for a week, and her husband also did it two or three times.

I wish the sisters a good pregnancy in the palace.

Later, on the 26th, I wanted to prepare for pregnancy in November. At that time, I loved it a few days.

But since then I have tested ovulation and insisted on testing the temperature in the morning.

During this period, I dreamed that my friend’s two -year -old son was sleeping with me, but he didn’t care at the time; later, the unit barbecue was very happy to eat me when he saw me.I am surprised, I am also surprised (now I want to come, it is the dream of pregnancy).

This time, because I didn’t want to get pregnant at all, my husband’s mood was more relaxed. It may also be that I had conditioned the warmth of my body. His moxibustion has better physical strength and sperm vitality.In short, this time is really surprising.

I wish the sisters a good pregnancy in the palace.

Summarize a few good pregnancy suggestions:

1. Girls must first condition the body to warm the uterus, and the palace is warmer and more likely to conceive. My moxibustion and ginger brown sugar water are the effects;

2. Moderate exercise, I basically did not exercise before, and the humidity was too heavy. After the menstrual period on October 11th, I started to exercise. Run for 20 minutes or walk for 30 minutes on a sunny day., Don’t exercise too much;

3. Relax, let it go, don’t be too stressful.

I wish the sisters a good pregnancy in the palace.

I wish you all a good pregnancy in the palace.

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