I work overtime in 8 months to 5 am. I feel uncomfortable. Can I refuse to work unreliable?

There are several paragraphs in the HR circle, the description is also particularly exciting, mainly the major labels of women in the workplace, share with you:

Those who have not given birth to children = Extra -Time bomb (marriage leave+two children’s maternity leave)

A child has been given a child = time bomb (two children at any time)

Two children have given birth to two children = smoke bombs (no energy work)

Such labels are also talked about by HRs who have won the major companies.Therefore, for some workplace women, if you want to have your own job, you can only use themselves not to be a woman.Because women have to bear the responsibility of fertility, they will not work for a period of time, and they will be more or less "discriminated" during employment. I believe that many women in the workplace can feel the same.Recently, a woman in the workplace encountered such a heart -ups and started to talk about it. Let’s take a look.

In the Internet workplace forum, a workplace person posted for help.Pregnant women who are 8 months pregnant work overtime until 5 am, and they want to cry uncomfortably. Can pregnant women reject some unreliable work arrangements reasonably and legally?This kind of vomiting also instantly caused netizens’ onlookers and discussions. Let’s first see what netizens say.

Some netizens said.Report, the body and the child are tight, why do you treat you so much?If life is okay, there is no difficulty, first give birth to a child, think about it for eight months, the children and the body are all nonsense.The first place in the body, if it was, I said that my stomach hurts home first.Can refuse overtime, pregnant women have protection.

Some netizens think.The body is the most important, money can be made again, thinking clearly.You are also a big heart, and you will not work overtime until 5 o’clock.Where is the human taste?Do you have to be you?You also accept this.If you have a loss with your child, you are too late to regret it!You are also stupid, leave from get off work, you are a gas bag.

Some netizens also spit out.The company deliberately want employees to take the initiative?You say that your stomach hurts to rest, and who dares to stop.This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen, and it is estimated that none.Let ’s be selfish, saying that the company will not open you now, otherwise you violate the labor law. Like many pregnant women with a lot of work intensity, there are many pregnant women who have a strong work intensity.

Some netizens scolded.After 8 months and 32 weeks, find an excuse to hide, the child is tight, and the overtime is for a while. It is guaranteed that the child’s health is a child.Don’t you refuse yourself?Yes, you can report it, you are stupid, you do n’t love yourself, who will care for you?You can apply for an hour in advance at 5 o’clock in advance. Your company is too dark.

Some netizens have analyzed.How to say, reality is that many private companies in private companies have only rest or a few days before the due date.Who makes you so obedient? This world is not being deceived by others, but that people are ride.The person who dares to cry silently behind him is not saved.It ’s too dangerous to work overtime in eight months to prevent premature birth. I was very late the night before. The next day, the birthday was not qualified, so I was hospitalized to observe.Refusing to work overtime, all workers must be unified, otherwise pregnant women will not work overtime. In the future, women’s employment will become more and more difficult, and the pressure of men to support their families will become greater and more and more, and it will fall into a vicious circle of overtime overtime.

After watching so much reply from netizens, I finally said a few words.

Female employees encounter a career crisis involving fertility problems. The more likely it is to appear in small companies and private companies. In this case, the author’s suggestion is to communicate with the leadership first. Sometimes, when you take the initiative to talk about conditions, you will be able to talk about conditions, and you will be able to talk about conditions.It is found that the boss’s attitude is your church.If there is no room for discussing, timely stop loss, and choose a good company that pays attention to gender equality is to pave the way for your future.If necessary, you can choose to protect your rights with legal weapons.

at last

Under normal circumstances, women do the Internet and compete with male colleagues are relatively disadvantaged, and the probability of being eliminated is higher than this.The acceleration of the pace of life makes women have to make more achievements in society as men, and it is not easy for mothers to work in the workplace.The success of the career really can’t replace the happiness brought by a child. Therefore, the author recommends that most women in the workplace do not take careers and work as an excuse.In today’s workplace, even if you are busy with work, you will be eliminated sooner or later.Therefore, the women’s workplace wants to break the ceiling of the workplace. In addition to supporting themselves, desperately desperately, the decisive time is decisive.

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