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1. Speaking from "Ophelia"

"If our love is destined to be a tragedy, I will still choose to love you …" – She is Ophelia.For revenge and left her and assassinated her father, Ophelia was finally mad under the severe conflict of love and hate.The pain of love and the disappearance of affection, the double blows made her simple and weak soul unable to bear. She neither faced the courage of her true emotions nor the determination to pursue and protect her love. She had to use the flower language to come toTell her voice: "This is a rosemary that means memory; lovers, please remember, this is the three colors of thought …" In the end, she picked flowers and rushed to Qingchi. She murmured before her death.To myself: "Here, I still leave some for myself; when we meet the Sky, we may wish to call it compassion … here is daisy; I want to give you a few violets, but my father died, and they all thanked all of them.; They said he died very well … "The melancholy love song floated in Xiguang’s shadow, and Ophelia died in the arms of flowers and love songs.Owalia suffered a tragedy of family and love under the feudal social political struggle in European feudal society. She also represented the fate of countless women who were oppressed by the times at that time.

Waterfro’s work "Miss Charlotte" information picture

With the spread of Shakespeare’s drama and the spirit of Renaissance, for centuries, the story of Ophelia has become the subject of many outstanding literary works.Among them, the most famous works are now hidden in "Ophelia", a former painter of Raphael, Britain in London, London.Singing in the river before drowning.Today, the most well -known "girl" in the history of Western art is lying alone in the exhibition hall of Shanghai Pudong Art Museum until the "Optical Tate Art Museum" returned to Britain after the deadline for November 14.

In the painting, Ophelia’s posture — opened his arms and stared up -the portrait similar to the traditional saints or martyrs, even more amazing that the scenery around her, realistic, detailed, natural, bright colorsIn sharp contrast to her pale face, void eyes, and a stubborn expression. The girl’s death and natural vitality are integrated, looking at it.In a kind of silence, we seem to hear her sigh of despair, feel her weakened nose, and touch her low eyelids. We seem to be in the wild wilderness.The shimmer of dew is refracted, as well as the condensed throbbing of the deep dark water and the beautiful death.All this does not let us convince the superb skills of the artist.

In 1936, Salvador Dali, a Spanish surrealist painter, enthusiastically described the artistic movement inspired by the painting inspiration in an article published in the French surreal magazine "The Bull Head".He praised: "How could Salvador Dali not be confused by the premature surrealism of Raphael, England?The most frightening. "

2. "Don Quixote in the Victorian era"

Merles is an important member of the Pre-RaphaeliteBrotherhood.In the mid -to -late 19th century, this art group was like a dull light, a lightning in haze, and a love song in a hustle and bustle, leaving not only the legendary story of the round table knight, but also dedicated to beautiful art works-—In their lives and art, the emotion and ideals, sonatas and shouts of artists in the early industrial process reflected the artists.

"P.R.B", the first letter from Raphael, was the first to be public, on March 24, 1849.At that time, 20 -year -old Dante Garbary Rosetti -The flag bearer of this group was marked with red pigments in the lower left corner of the painting "Virgin Mary’s Girls’ Generation".Deliches, despite that, it represents the reputation for one and a half centuries.

Rosetti’s "Day Dream" information picture

In 1848, Rosetti, Hunter and Millets, who studied art in London, gathered together, and Raphael was born.At that time, it was in the mid -Victorian period (1848-1875), which was the "era of capital" that historian Hobbes Bam called: in 1848, a series of political reforms set off by the constitutional movement set off by British industry workers, Hengheng Heng, Heng, HengTei and Mrys also joined the demonstration team; a large number of production has damaged the natural environment, the material worship of the product is increasing, and people’s spiritual life is ignored and suppressed; the technologies such as industrial technology, especially photography, etc.Development also puts forward unparalleled challenges to art; money first and flashy city swept the city. Behind the unprecedented prosperity is the collapse and hypocrisy of traditional values.To this end, they oppose all mediocre, despicable, secular, and utilitarian. They are like Don Quixote of the Queen Victorian era, but their spear refers to the railway train of the industrial era, which is brought about by the early industrial system.The slavery oppression is a toxic smoke emerging from the chimney of the factory, and it is the technology of technology to human emotions.They are kind, sincere, enthusiastic, honest, and yearn for the Middle Ages. This nostalgic feelings are another rebellion of the 18th century that advocates classical classics, advocating ancient Greece and ancient Roman models.It is a romantic hope of change reality.They are eager to form a group similar to the monk’s association. Like the Cavaliers of the Middle Ages, they set a great model for civilization with their beliefs in art.

The natural and natural Raphael’s urgent desire for reform is reflected in the attack on the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.The theme painting favored by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, those paintings have been dismissed by young people who have burned faith.Hunter’s religious and natural factors of painting, so he left his hometown and lived in Palestine for a long time.Rosetti has a great interest in the emotions and mysteries of the Middle Ages. He portrayed his beloved Sidal as a medieval poet but Bayatlizi in Ding Bi.Merles has no enthusiasm for religion and the Middle Ages. He adheres to the concept of "loyalty to nature", exerts the best painting skills, and has achieved secular success.

3. Loyalty to nature

Like the art knights in Raphael, like the Painting School of Germany, trying to bring the pious spirit of the Middle Ages into modern art. They believe that Raphael is a symbol of secular and paganism.The art is pure and rigorous, and serves faith. The art after Raphael is floating, dishonesty, and doing it. Therefore, they must pursue the simple and pure spiritual form.They announced that: "loyalty to nature" must be the purpose.The source of this concept is William Wahos, a British romantic poetry, and another rebellion for anti -natural standards in the 18th century."Faithful to nature", according to the understanding of these art knights, is to depict real details rigorous and accurately, depict each leaf with the accuracy of botanists, and depict every wrinkles and shapes with a microscope -like loyalty.Occasionally, they may want to challenge the scientific accuracy of the new tool for the appearance of the silver version of the photo.And in order to highlight the dazzling colors in the natural light, as we see in "Ophelia", the green grass was painted bright green, the yellow flower painted into bright yellow, and the purple also became a jumping purple.These colors are like an unscrupulous praise -color praise!

Millets’s "Blind Girl" information picture

Art critic Roskin is a supporter of the former Raphael, and they are also their leaders.Rosekin’s love for nature and the fear of being destroyed by nature made him want to spread the path of Turner more clearly to the world. His "Modern Painting" theoretical theory of landscape painting into a noble art type, and directlyIt affected the artist of Raphael.The artist "does not blindly imitate the masters’ techniques … They must go to nature silently, to work hard and convince to accompany nature, and to penetrate the meaning of naturalness and listen to her teachings." RoseThe words of Jin greatly encouraged the young Missilez and Hunter, prompting them to abandon the traditional and old art skills and styles of Rennitz, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, so as to draw the lifelike and lifelike lifelong

Hunter took the lead in practicing Roskin’s naturalism. His "Valentine’s Saves Silvia from Prove" has made a perfect pursuit of natural details.Detailed and realistic, he also implied a battle here through a small detail -such as damaged bacteria and grasslands on the ground.In the process of creating "Ophelia", in order to find a suitable landscape background, Mrys stayed on the bank of the Hogesmir River in Sarri for nearly five months.With the bitter bite of mosquitoes and snowstorms, he once laughed at "Robinson". It is this direct and specific copy that allows him to accurately depict the rivers and plants in front of him.Ophelia’s sad death rendering is just right.Hunter’s small work "British Coast" is a landscape painting with a strong visual effect that pays attention to details. The painter uses all the pigments that can be used in modern times to depict the color he saw from nature.The effects must draw every detail of isolation leaves, butterflies and rocks, and draw their own full colors.

People may have a question about the difference between the former Raphael faction and the French Impressionism -of course, the two people’s understanding of "loyalty to nature" is very different. Although they are close to the purpose, the method of painting is quite the opposite method.EssenceMonet, the most representative impressionist painter, will use the image of the water lilies in the pond for several days in different time, different light and shadow effects in the pond, thereby showing the overall effect of atmosphere. For Hunter and MillerIn terms of San, the landscape for several days and decades is to find out all the details in the natural scenery. They even believe that the impressionist painter is not enough and sincere painter.However, the symbolic skills, analytical condensation, and color decoration methods of Raphael cannot cope with the instantaneous and symbolic nature. Their work is destined to be full of nostalgia, becoming a solidified ancient song, avoiding modernityThe flow and fleeting are fleeting.

4. The source of inspiration of love and beauty

"They sought beautiful girls, saved them from mediocre slavery, put them on their feet that they couldn’t stand the love, and put them at the apex of idealism, like the ancient Bediwell or LanusAs Sir Lotan did. "Well -known British art critic William Gente wrote in an influence in the introduction of" The Dream of Raphael ".

The image of a girl is the most common theme in Raphael’s former art, and it is also an important reason for this art movement.Pochimal long hair, pale complexion, affectionate gaze and loose robes, these are female characteristics depicted in the art of Raphael.Under the romantic pen of these art knights, the girls are depicted as the heroine in myths, legends and historical events, and pleasing to the eye.These women in the painting are not only models, but also the creative partners of artists.Rosetti’s lover Sidal is the most famous muse of Raphael. Although she is not a traditional beauty, she can always maintain a difficult posture for a long time.", She lay in a bathtub full of cold water for many days, so that she eventually got a cold.Later, Rosetti had a fierce love with Jenny Morris, and the masterpiece of "Day Dream" was written in this period of love.

In the painting, Morris is sitting on the sycamore tree. In the surrounding leaves, she is like a forest goddess, wearing a romantic loose silk robe, elegant folds drooping, blending with the leaves of the tree, in her hand, sheHolding a small honeysuckle stem -Victorian’s symbol of love, she was immersed in her daydream, her eyes went down, away from the audience, and looked at some invisible mysterious things.Rosetti wrote a 14 -line poem for "Dream of the Day", and the end of the poem was "she was dreaming; until now, in her forgotten book, she fell from her hands."The first poem and this painting are obviously about a woman who is missing in the day of the day, but is it unpurred to show the artist’s own state?

Merles’ paintings always reveal a strong sad mood, which may be related to the painter’s sympathy and hope of reality, and this emotion is often sent to the girl by the painter.In addition to Ophelia, this sadness is extremely deep in its most famous work "Blind Girl".The painting depicts two wandering beggar sisters, one of which is a blind musician who reluctantly rest on the roadside after a storm.The blind woman put the wind piano on her leg and felt the warmth of the sun on her face. She groped a white flower in her right hand. In order to smell its aroma, she tilted her head, tried to find out, trying to capture a little bit.The breath of the country.The younger sister protects her eyes from being irradiated with the sun. Looking at the double rainbow just appeared, the blind woman can’t see it, which deepen her bitterness in her situation.A butterfly stopped on the blind woman’s shawl, implying that she motionless, and the sign on her neck was "poor blind".

Hunter’s "British Coast" information picture

Hunter’s last work "Miss Charlotte" completed with the assistance of other people’s assistance to others depicts a scene in the poem "Charlotte" of Ding Nisheng in 1833.In Tenny’s poems, Miss Charlotte was locked in a tower near the island near Camelot. She was cursed and could not leave the tower or she could not look out the window.The image can be seen outside the world.She was wearing a bright color top and pink skirt, standing barefoot, her long hair raised crazy on her head, scaring away the peace pigeons beside her when she was working, the top silver lamp on the right was decorated with decorationThe owl, the bottom of the lion body decorated at the bottom, implying that wisdom defeated mystery.Because she succumbed to the temptation, the silver lamp was extinguished.This painting tries to convey a more serious philosophical purpose than symbolicism by drawing the infectious image in Ding Nisheng’s poetry.Typical features of works.

Former Raphael painter Waternes also painted works of the same theme. He depicts Miss Charlotte’s scene where he takes a small boat to the castle, a place where a noble and knights,She was going to find the Lancelot Cavaliers she admired, but she couldn’t escape the curse and died in her singing.Once Waternes’ "Miss Charlotte" shocked the art world at the time, Miss Charlotte’s beautiful attitude, beautiful face, and intoxicated dreams depicted in the paintings were praised.

5. Impact and status

For various reasons, the former Raphael faction disbanded, but the artists continued to show their influence.Due to tendencies and scientific views, Hunter and Milles no longer imitate medieval art directly.Hunter continued to emphasize the importance of the soul in art, trying to use accurate observation and research and reconciliation beliefs and science. He went to Israel and Egypt to pursue the legacy of Bible stories.Merles abandoned the former Raphael principles around 1860 and re -approached the standard of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.Rosetti became the pioneer of European symbolism.

Of course, the more fundamental problem of Raphael sent to future generations is the ideal and value of people in the technical era.Although these art knights escape the "dreams" of reality, in the face of the power of the industrial and real society it resistance, it is bound to be a transparent cloud, suspended on the times without landing, although their phantom -style efforts can not destroy it, it cannot destroy it.The strong existence of real enemies, but this art movement is achieved.The previous works sent by Raphael are unique, particularly fresh, beautiful, very beautiful and beautiful. They have clear outlines, jumping colors, accurate details, and rich emotional performance.The artists have an inestimable impact on future generations, beauty, symbolism, Vienna separation, new art movement and arts and crafts, and even some contemporary paintings in the 1970s have their shadows.More importantly, their initial goals were not empty. Their ideals just looked at reality and watched the establishment of a society full of love and beauty, freedom and equality.This may be the reason why their works have been intoxicated by future generations.

"Guangming Daily" (13th edition on November 11, 2021)

Source: "Guangming Daily"

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