If the female body sends 4 signals, it means that the fetal treasure has drove, and the expectant parents must be prepared

I believe most female friends know that there will be some physical changes during pregnancy, but there are still no symptoms, so it is not until I get pregnant for several months.The time of delivery, so even if the symptoms are small, you must understand some of the symptoms of pregnancy, so that you can know if you are pregnant.

Signal 1, breast bloating

One or two weeks after pregnancy, the breasts will become very soft.Because the body produces a large amount of estrogen and progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy, the glands in the breast will begin to grow.And these hormones can make the breasts accommodate more liquid, so it feels heavier and more acidic than before, and is more sensitive than previous syndrome.

Signal 2, thirst

If you still feel thirsty after drinking a lot of water, it may be pregnant! Because at this time, not only one person needs to replenish water, but the baby in the belly also needs to replenish water.Moms are 2,000 ml of water every day under normal circumstances.In addition to drinking more water, you can also eat more fruits and vegetables with high water content.

Signal 3, frequent urination

You may feel that this sign will not come so early. You should be squeezed into the bladder in BB, but in fact, this sign may appear in the early stages of pregnancy.Not only the expansion of the uterus will cause pressure on the bladder, and the increase in blood flow will also cause pressure on the kidneys, so urine will increase.

Signal 4. Increase vaginal secretion

When women are pregnant, the increase in secretions will occur, which is mainly related to the normal physiological phenomenon of the secretion of hormones during pregnancy. Pregnant women do not have to worry too much.However, if the secretion is yellow, there are phenomena such as bad odor, itching, beancurry, and beans, pregnant women are best to go to the hospital for treatment. Do not apply the potion by themselves, or ignore it to avoid harming the health of themselves and the fetus.

The above is a few clinical manifestations of pregnancy. I hope to help everyone. If you also have the above symptoms during pregnancy, it means that you are pregnant and you can prepare for the checkup. At the same timeTiger stopping occurs.

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