If the fetus is "hungry" during pregnancy, it will tell the expectant mother in these three ways, have you felt it

I believe that during the pregnancy, in addition to concerned about the body of the expectant mother, the most concerned about the development of the fetus is the most concerned, so expectant mothers will eat a lot of supplements to supplement the fetus for nutrition.

However, expectant mothers should also understand that supplements and nutritional products are not universal. If they eat too single, or expectant mothers to consume insufficient nutrition, it will also affect the fetal development.

In fact, the fetus is very smart. Although in the stomach of the expectant mother, they can’t speak, but they will tell the expectant mother in some other ways to tell the expectant mother that they are "hungry". Did the expectant mothers feel it?

When colleague Yingying started to get pregnant, she was very pregnant. She had to run several times a day, and her appetite became bad. No matter what she was eaten, she had no appetite.

After almost a month after more than a month, Yingying suddenly became no longer vomiting, her pregnancy disappeared, and her appetite became particularly good. When we were eating together, Yingying was the amount of rice.Whether the bowl rice is a problem.

And before the meal, Yingying was a little hungry, and she had no strength.Yingying ate so much and was worried about affecting the children in the stomach, so Yingying deliberately went to the hospital to ask the doctor.

As a result, the doctor told Yingying that this would happen because the fetus in the stomach was hungry, so as long as Yingying could control the weight, the growth rate was within the normal range, so it was fine to eat.

If the fetus feels hungry, she will send a "signal" to the expectant mother, and I believe that the careful expectant mother will be aware of it.

1) Specific mothers become hungry

If the fetus is hungry, it means that the fetus does not have nutritional intake, and it will cause the mothers to feel "hungry".So if the expectant mother feels hungry, it means that the fetus is also hungry, so hurry up to replenish food.

2) The fetal movement inexplicably accelerated

The fetal movement of the fetus is actually regular. For example, when the expectant mothers have just finished eating and lying on the bed to rest, the expectant mothers communicate and interact with the fetus. The fetus will have a strong response to the mother, and the fetal movement is very frequent.

But if the expectant mother found that the fetal fetal movement only started to accelerate inexplicably, especially before the meal, it means that the fetus was hungry, and she was telling the mother to be hungry in this way. It was time to eat!

So at this time, as long as the expectant mother eats some foods, the fetus will not be irregularly moved frequently.

3) The fetus is suddenly quiet

This situation is exactly the opposite of the above. The fetus suddenly became very quiet, the frequency of the fetal movement decreased a lot, or there was no fetal movement. This is actually the way the fetus is telling the expectant mother that he is hungry.

Because the fetus is too hungry, she is so hungry that she has no strength to move, so she is very quiet.

1. Cold food

Summer is here, the weather is too hot. Many expectant mothers want to eat some cold foods, such as ice cream, iced watermelon, etc., but it is actually easy to cause the stomach discomfort of expectant mothers.

Therefore, if the expectant mother is too hot, you can drink some mung bean soup and sour plum soup to relieve heat.

2. Food of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis

The food -promoting food, expectant mothers must also pay attention to some expectant mothers who are not very good. If they eat it, they may cause the consequences of miscarriage. Therefore, expectant mothers should also pay attention to this kind of food.

3. Foods that are not familiar

During pregnancy, expectant mothers must not eat those foods that are not familiar with, there will be parasites in it.Some expectant mothers like to eat five -cooked steak, usually fine, but if you are pregnant, you must eat all cooked!

4. Pickled food

Most of the pickled foods are mainly small pickles. During breakfast, a bowl of porridge, with a small pickles, eat it, is very appetizing and refreshing, is loved by everyone, and is also loved by mothers.

But in fact, expectant mothers are not suitable for pickled foods, because containing nitrate, it will affect the development of the fetal brain. If it is eaten for a long time, it is likely to cause malformations of the fetus.

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