If you are not careful, you will abandon your previous merit. What should you pay attention to during pregnancy?

Although the mother’s pregnancy is no longer like the extent of falling in the palace opera, they still need to pay attention in daily life. Otherwise, they will "abandon their front" accidentally, which will work hard and damage the body.This article tells you the four aspects that you should pay attention to during pregnancy. In these four aspects, the chance of children’s accidents is greatly reduced!

First, pay attention to diet and sleep.Many mothers did not attract attention after pregnancy, and still follow their preferences.The barbecue, the popcorn of the cinema, and the fritters of the breakfast are definitely the three major taboos of pregnant women. Pigraous flowers contain lead, aluminum containing aluminum, lead and aluminum foods are not good for pregnant women.In addition, foods with excessive salty and martial arts should also be avoided as much as possible.If you want to promote the development of your child’s brain, you can eat foods such as walnuts, peanuts, fish, etc.Good work and rest time, as early as possible to sleep early and get up early during pregnancy, the nap time should not be too long. It can exercise appropriately during the day to help sleep at night.

Second, pay attention to emotions, avoid tiredness and anxiety.Many newborn mothers can’t change their identities for a while, and their mood often rises and falls, which is obviously not conducive to the baby’s development.Therefore, expectant mothers need to maintain a happy mood, timely resolve bad emotions in time, and do more things that expectant mothers are interested in.The later pregnancy, the heavier the burden of expectant mothers. At this time, it is only suitable for proper exercise. Do not overwork, otherwise it may affect the baby’s development.At the same time, try to avoid opening the crowd and prevent injuries by collision.For expectant mothers, anxiety is likely to accompany them throughout their pregnancy cycle, but this kind of anxiety is a great psychological and physical negligence for mothers, and it is also very unfavorable to the baby.anxiety.

Once again, pay attention to avoid high temperature and noise.Excessive temperature will have a direct impact on the baby. It is best not to perform sauna, hot springs, etc. during pregnancy, and should not take a hot bath for more than 30 minutes.The temperature is best controlled below 39 degrees.With the improvement of the baby’s hearing development, the baby can actually hear the outside voice, and the obvious noise can cause their discomfort and have a adverse effect on development.Therefore, try to avoid places with relatively large noise, such as singing halls, dance halls, construction sites, etc. Fierce quarrels should also be avoided.

Finally, pay attention to calcium and iron.When the baby starts to develop bone development, a large amount of calcium should be supplemented, and the external calcium cannot be directly absorbed by the baby. Therefore, the baby will solve calcium directly from the bone of the quasi -mothers. Severe calcium deficiency will cause edema or cramps.Pay attention to calcium.Soy products, green vegetables, milk and other foods have high calcium content and are relatively easy to absorb. At the same time, appropriate outdoor activities can be performed. Incurring vitamin D can promote calcium absorption.

As the baby in the uterus grows up, the nutrition you need will increase accordingly. At this time, more iron is needed to supplement the blood capacity of the expectant mother.Blood routine.Animal liver, beef, lamb, chicken, duck meat and other foods can be supplemented with iron, with hemorrin iron and easy to absorb.

Pregnancy is the beginning of a new life. Expectant mothers can’t help but always worry about it, but the fetus does not have the fragility as expected. It is the best way to keep the mind at the same time.It should be noted that the fetal discomfort is often reflected through the physical body of the expectant mothers, or the physical discomfort of expectant mothers will affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, when the expectant mothers are unwell, they must seek medical treatment in time.

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