If you are pregnant, can you still fly?This "opportunity guide" has been collected

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The hot film "China Captain" released during the National Day holiday moved many people.In the film, the windshield bursting suddenly occurred at a height of 10,000 meters, causing the cockpit to lose pressure, and a series of danger occurred.

Everyone knows that with the height and flight speed during flight, the aircraft also changes accordingly.

Therefore, some pregnant mothers are worried that taking planes during pregnancy will be unfavorable to the fetus, so try to avoid traveling by plane.So, can pregnant women take a plane? What are the requirements?

Today, the obstetrics department of Wangwang Hospital in Hunan came to introduce to pregnant mothers, what should pregnant women pay attention to.

In fact, domestic airlines have formulated some transportation regulations for pregnant women in advance. The "Chinese Civil Aviation Passenger and International Transport Rules for Luggage" stipulates that pregnant women should take advantage of the consent of the carrier and make arrangements in advance.Only pregnant women who meet the regulations of transportation can the airline accept their opportunities. The specific regulations are roughly as follows:

1. Healthy pregnant women who are less than 8 months (32 weeks) can be transported according to ordinary passengers.It is necessary to bring a proof of the perinatal period that the doctor’s diagnosis is not suitable for the opportunity, and the airline generally does not accept it.

2. Healthy pregnant women who have been pregnant for more than 8 months (36 weeks) should provide the "Diagnostic Certificate" issued by the doctor to ensure that they can take the opportunity, otherwise they will not be carried out.

3. Pregnant women who have been pregnant for more than 9 months (36 weeks) have a due date within 4 weeks, or uncertainty during the due date, but known that it is multiple childbirth or expected complications of childbirth, and the airline will not accept transportation.

1. After 8 months of pregnancy (32 weeks), the amount of amniotic fluid will reach the peak of the entire pregnancy, and the pressure of the uterine cavity will be proportional.During the flight, the pressure changes in the cabin during the flight increased the chance of premature breaking the fetal membrane.

2. The uterus grows rapidly in the middle of pregnancy.For a long time, the formation of low back pain, edema of lower limbs, varicose veins in the lower limbs and perineum, and deep venous thrombosis.

3. When the airflow encounters airflow during flight, the fuselage shakes to varying degrees of bumps.Pregnant women in the Great Wide Week are inconvenient and unstable. If they fall, they may induce contractions.

1. Before traveling, make a good preparation, bring the requirements required to be required, and the usual inspection materials and medical records.

2. Choose a seat near the aisle, and a companion must be followed.Wear breathable and loose clothes, prepare a small waist pillow, and choose flat and comfortable shoes.It is recommended to get up to do activities when the aircraft is stable, and pay attention to the bumps that occur after the aircraft encounters the airflow.If the space is limited, it can also be moved from a short period of time to stand in a short period of time, lift your feet, extend the knee joint, and rotate ankle joints.

3. Inform air passengers’ own special circumstances and request attention to care.You can listen to some soothing music, eat some snacks, keep your mood comfortable and reduce irritability.

4. Avoid long -distance flight (more than 3 hours).

5. If dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain, vaginal fluid, bleeding and other discomforts, you need to ask for help.

Director Wang Haiyan, the Department of Occupibility of Wangwang Hospital in Hunan: The history of premature premature or natural abortion, pregnancy -preserving history, bibliography and multi -fetal, or pregnant mothers with severe complications such as heart disease and hypertension during pregnancyIn less than 8 months, it is also recommended to change to other means of transportation.

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Hunan Medical Chat Special Author: Jiang Qing, Hunan Wangwang Hospital

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