If you are pregnant, can you still raise a cat?

If you are pregnant, you still have to raise a cat at home, which has become a common topic. Some because the family does not let cats quarrel with the family, some simply do not raise, and many people are also raising during pregnancy during pregnancy.cat.

So how to look at this problem correctly, can you raise cats during pregnancy?Let’s answer the topic of "rolling meat".

The biggest factor in raising cats during pregnancy is that during pregnancy, the most afraid of infecting the bow -shaped worm on the cat’s cat, and the main factors of cats in the toxoplasma worm are infected by eating raw meat and stray cats and dogs.Gow -shaped worms are mainly exposed to the cat’s feces.

If you have a cat at home before you are pregnant, as long as you ensure that you do n’t feed the cats to eat raw meat, there is no problem with the cat’s physical examination.Most people raising cats are almost all of them, so cats and dogs from the outside world are almost naturally isolated.

Like shovel, bathing cats, take care of the cat’s various lives, you can give it to your husband, so as long as you raise cats according to the correct "posture", even if you are pregnant, it is okay.

I did n’t raise a cat at home before. I wanted to raise a kitten when I was pregnant. It is recommended not to raise it. Although the toxoplasma was the most powerful when the cat was a child, the point is not here.Naughty, and it takes a lot of experience to take care of cats. It may not be suitable for pregnant women who need to rest and pay attention to their health.

Before pregnancy, cats are usually opposed to cats at home, because the family generally has a lot of hostility to raising cats during pregnancy. Of course, it is enough to take care and protection of pregnant women at home.Disputes between the pregnant wife and the family.

If you do n’t let the cat leave the cat at home, you can put the cat in a friend’s house or relative’s house during this period, but when the child brings the cat back after giving birth to the child, you still have to be isolated from the newborn, because orThere will be bacteria on more or less cats, and I don’t know if the child is allergic to hair.

However, most of the people’s practices are still holding the mentality of "in case". When I am pregnant, I have always said "saygoogbye" with the cats at home.

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