If you are pregnant, you have vaginal bleeding. Should you protect your fetus?

Xiao Hu, 24 years old, has been married and has not been born. He stopped menstruation for 43 days. He complained that his lower abdomen was painful, like dysmenorrhea, accompanied by a little brown secretion with the vagina.After asking the medical history and examination, it is determined that Xiaohu is early pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is a sign of abortion, which is a threatened abortion, but the condition will not be serious. It only needs simple fetal protection.

There are not many pregnant women who come to the hospital for a threatened abortion, but do you need to protect your fetus?These require our doctors to judge, and pregnant women cannot be blindly treated blindly.

The aura abortions refer to a small amount of vaginal bleeding before 28 weeks of pregnancy, most of which are dark red or bloody leucorrhea. They are discharged without pregnancy, and subsequent paroxysmal lower abdomen pain or back pain.The gynecological examination has not been opened, the fetal membrane is not broken, and the size of the uterus is consistent with the number of menopause weeks. After bed rest and treatment, the symptoms disappear and can continue pregnancy.

We know that nearly half of the miscarriage is caused by the genetic factors of the embryo itself, such as chromosomal abnormalities. In this case, it is meaningless to protect the fetus.Most of them will have physical defects or deformities after birth, so if blind preservation is harmful, it will be a lot of harm.

Pregnant women who came to the hospital in the early days came to the hospital, and the first thing to determine was to exclude ectopic pregnancy and hydatidum!Only in the palace pregnancy can we be treated with fetal protection.

1. General treatment

Life rules: First of all, the work of pregnant women must be regular, to ensure adequate sleep and exercise appropriately, so as to have physical strength and energy to deal with various situations during pregnancy. In addition, clothing should be loose, especially the belt should not be too tight.

A reasonable diet: consumes various vitamins and trace elements, and easy to digest foods, such as various vegetables, fruits, beans, eggs, meat, etc.Those with cold gastrointestinals can not eat cold foods such as mung beans, lotus seeds, barley, etc.Pregnant women should maintain a balanced nutrition and can take folic acid to promote the development of the embryo.If pregnant women have a bad appetite and do not eat much, they can also supplement the appropriate amount of fructose and amino acids.

Pay attention to personal hygiene: Pregnant women should take a shower and change underwear, but should not take a bath or swim; pay special attention to the cleaning of the genitals to prevent germs from infection.In addition, avoid sexual life and unnecessary vaginal examinations to reduce stimuli to the uterus.

Keep your mood comfortable: Do not be too nervous for pregnant women, otherwise it will easily cause miscarriage.

2. Drug treatment

For threatened abortion caused by lack of luteal function, progestin supplementary therapy can be given.Ulacons can be used for oral or muscle injection according to the actual situation; also can also be treated with muscle chorrosum -promoting gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone has the function of stimulating the luteal function.In addition, some studies have found that for pregnant women with low estrogen levels in the early pregnancy, appropriate amounts of estrogen treatment can also reduce the risk of threatened abortion.In addition, the commonly used drugs include splitterone, vitamin E, and proprietary Chinese medicines (such as Gennian Yuan Pills, Pregnancy Oral Oral Liquid, Ziqi Tuen Pills).

For threatening abortion caused by hypothyroidism, the current and sufficient amount of exogenous left thyroxine (excellent naille) is adopted to correct the lack of thyroid hormone levels of the mother’s body and ensure the supply of thyroid hormones of the fetus in the early pregnancy.The main cause of hypertrophils of pregnancy women is the deficiency of iodine elements, so iodine should be supplemented in a sufficient amount.

For the prerequisite abortion caused by the increased blood sugar in patients with gestational diabetic, it is recommended to control blood sugar through diet to ensure normal development of the fetus. Pregnant women who cannot meet the standards are recommended to apply insulin to control blood sugar.

Anymore symptoms but low progesterone during early pregnancy need to supplement progesterone to keep fetal fetus?

From the first day of the last menstrual period, if the pregnancy is less than 6 weeks, even if the progesterone is low, it does not indicate that there may be abortion.Welonone is mainly secreted by the luteal of the ovaries. The luteal secretion of progesterone is not stable within 6 weeks of pregnancy and has not reached its peak.Therefore, it is impossible to indicate that the progesterone is slightly lower at this stage (normal progesterone is: 6.5-32.2ng/ml).But if you are pregnant ≥6 weeks, progesterone should be above 25ng/ml.

Generally, threatened abortion is treated for 2 weeks. If the symptoms are worse, and B -ultrasound indicates that the embryo is dysplasia, it is a pity that the child can not stay. You need to stop pregnancy by clearing the palace or induction.And B -ultrasound remind the embryo to survive, congratulations, harvest a little cute, you can continue pregnancy.

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