If you are pregnant, you will be resigned?Enterprise marriage and childbirth discrimination is getting more and more serious

There is a strange phenomenon now,

On the one hand, the country is encouraging people to have a second child and three babies.

On the one hand, the enterprise constantly try to design a trap for female employees who may be pregnant.

Recently, someone on the Internet broke the news that a company had signed an unequal contract for female employees.

The requirements of the contract are simple, that is, once you are pregnant, you must leave the employment automatically, and you cannot pursue the company’s economic compensation and relevant legal responsibilities.

There are two options in front of this female employee,

Either choose a job or choose to give birth.

This is obvious corporate gender and marriage discrimination!

From a national perspective,

Today’s marriage rate and birth rate have decreased year by year,

The country has to encourage people to get married and have children quickly.

Open a second child and three -child policy, calling on people to have more life.

However, in the eyes of interests,

Female employees have a child to cause a lot of economic losses to their own companies.

It is necessary to give birth leave for pregnant employees and one more person, but the cost is very large.

Therefore, many companies will want to do everything to let the pregnant employees leave automatically.

Women are clipped in the middle.

In this way, women will only become more and more difficult in the workplace.

If you are pregnant, it is equivalent to leaving, so women’s pressure is even greater.

No job or income, what to raise children?

Who dares to give birth to a second child?

If the country can appropriately give the pregnant woman some real economic guarantee,

Instead of calling the slogan blindly,

I don’t think everyone will be so resistant either.

For example, Russia,

See how Russia encourages people to give birth.

Russia is very direct. The more children have children, the more subsidies.

It is said that "there is 44,000 yuan for a child country, 44,000 yuan,

Give birth to two children to subsidize 59,000 yuan,

There are more subsidies to give birth to three children, which can help repay a certain amount of bank loans.

Each child can receive raising subsidies of 500 yuan per month."

Similar countries include Germany, France, Australia and so on.

Perhaps because these countries are developed countries, they are rich in people. As long as you want to have children, the country can afford money to keep your children carefree.

In China, there are still too many people, and the country cannot achieve such a large economic expenditure.

In fact, we don’t need the country to make such a large expenditure,

If the country can properly give some economic guarantee for women who cannot go to work due to pregnancy,

Or give some positions for women who can’t find a job after pregnancy,

Or give a little care subsidy for women who cannot take care


Then women will not be so exclusive to pregnancy.

Life is not a slogan,

no job,

No financial source,

Who can afford it?

Who can afford it?

It’s good to be able to support yourself.

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