If you are preparing for pregnancy, no matter how busy you are, please read this article after reading this article

Each pregnancy couple wants to get pregnant quickly, but why do some couples feel faster, and some can’t be pregnant?

Ms. Wang and her husband are just like this. They have been pregnant for a long time and have not been pregnant. They just happened to be preparing for pregnancy. They were pregnant in just one month.

Ms. Wang’s couple feels unbelievable. What we have not succeeded for a long time, why are you so easy to conceive? What method do you use?

Ms. Zhao and her husband said that we have grasped two key points, namely the quality and state of sperm and eggs. These two are good, and the child is simple.

Why do you say that?

The reason is actually very simple. We all know that pregnancy is the combination of sperm and eggs. They are equivalent to the seeds of pregnancy. The seeds are good to grow crops, and the better the crops, so these two points are the two points.The most important thing is the most important thing to pay attention to.

So how to judge the quality of "seeds"?

Let’s first talk about how to judge the quality of the egg.

When it comes to eggs, we have to talk about follicles.Because only the follicles are fully mature, the function of the follicles will be sound, and the excreted eggs will be healthier.

However, if your follicle development is not sound, the quality of the ovulation or discharged eggs is not good, it will seriously affect normal pregnancy.

Therefore, in medicine, we judge the quality of eggs by judging the quality of follicles.

How to judge the quality of follicles?

First, look at the size of the follicles.Under normal circumstances, before ovulation in the middle of menstruation, the follicles will grow from 1.8 cm to 2.2 cm.If the follicle is too small and the development is not sound at this time, it usually means that the egg quality is not good.In addition, if the follicles are large at this time, it is often easy to luten, which will cause incurable ovulation.

Second, look at the form of follicles.A good follicles should be relatively round. For example, 1.8 cm by 1.8 cm is 1.8 cm. If it is relatively flat, the quality of the eggs often discharged is not very good.

Therefore, if you want to know that your egg quality is high or not, it is recommended to go to the hospital for ultrasound monitoring on the 12th day of the menstrual cycle, monitor the development of follicles through B -ultrasound, and judge the quality of the egg.

Let’s talk about how to judge the quality of sperm.

The method of judging sperm is more convenient than judging the method of eggs. You can first make preliminary judgments at home to observe the condition of semen, and then decide whether to go to the hospital for examination.

If you judge at home, you can observe from the following three aspects:

First, look at the color of semen.Normal semen is milky white or pale yellow, these are normal.However, if men’s semen is yellow for a long time, or red, the quality of semen is not high, which will affect conception.

Second, look at the form of semen.Normal semen is liquid. Under normal circumstances, sperm is frozen -like under the action of seminal sacchicase, and sperm will become liquid under the action of prostate liquefase. This phenomenon is called sperm liquefaction.Limit the exercise ability of sperm.However, many men have sperm non -liquefaction, which will cause the movement of sperm to be limited, affect the combination of sperm and eggs, and reduce the chance of conception.

Third, look at the liquefaction time of sperm.If the sperm is excreted in vitro, there is still no liquefaction for more than 30 minutes, which is a liquefaction delay; it is still not liquefied for more than 60 minutes, which is a pathological condition. It is called semen non -liquefaction.

Therefore, if men want to know their sperm quality, they can judge through the shape, color and liquefaction time of the sperm.

If there is an abnormal phenomenon in the result, or if you want to further confirm the sperm quality, you can go to the hospital for semen testing to comprehensively evaluate the quality of sperm.

Therefore, if you can grasp the quality of sperm and eggs, the same room and conception when the state is better, it will not only greatly improve the surrogacy rate, but also help to have healthy babies.

Do you have any experience and methods for pregnancy? Welcome to talk together.

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