If you have these symptoms, then congratulations, you may be pregnant

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Each baby is a little angel in the sky, and you will come to you after choosing a mother in the sky.But sometimes we ignore their existence, but we just think we are too tired or sick.When we send these signals, we must be alert to whether the little angel has quietly came to us.


If menstruation is on time every month, if you have symptoms of menopause more than 5 days after sex, you must consider whether you are pregnant.You can use the pregnancy test stick for 10 days in the same room. You can buy 2-3 different brands of pregnancy test sticks to detect morning urine. Morninguria is generally more accurate.If you all appear in double bars, congratulations you are pregnant.Then go to the hospital for further blood confirmation.


Pregnant people usually have symptoms of vomiting early. Some people are just retching, and some people have severe symptoms and vomit directly.Whether it is retching or vomiting, it is very uncomfortable.However, this symptom varies from person to person. Generally, vomiting symptoms disappear after 3 months, but there are exceptions. Some people will vomit more than 5 months.

Cold symptom

Some people have a serious reaction at first, and various cold symptoms such as fever, dizziness, and cold sweat will occur.At this time, pay special attention, because many people who do not know will mistakenly think that they are really cold and go directly to take a cold medicine, which is very unfavorable to the baby.This symptom does not last long, and it usually disappears in 2-3 days.

Picky, anorexia

People in the early stages of pregnancy are particularly bad and don’t want to eat anything.Maybe you used to love something, and now you feel very annoying to see it now.And because of the symptoms of vomiting, some people will eat and vomit directly, resulting in a sharp decline in weight.

Bulging belly

Even if you don’t eat anything every day, you always feel bloating and uncomfortable.


Those who are pregnant can be said to be possessed by the Sleeping God. They are confused all day long, and they are particularly sleepy.If you can sit, you will never stand; you can lie down, you will never sit.

Frequent urine

On the one hand, on the one hand, it is because of the changes in body hormones, and on the other hand, because of the growth of the uterus, it will lead to frequent urination and always want to go to the bathroom.This is a normal phenomenon, so when you have urine, you must go to the bathroom in time. Do not hold it because you feel too frequent and embarrassed.

Breast bloating

After pregnancy, the breasts will become more sensitive and softer, occasionally accompanied by pain, and nodules around the areola.

Vaginal bleeding

A small number of people will bleed after the fertilized eggs.If the amount of bleeding is mild and no abdominal pain, don’t worry too much.

Although the arrival of the little angel will bring us physical discomfort, it will also bring us a full sense of happiness.

If you feel that your body changes, remember to go to the hospital in time, because inadvertently, the little angel secretly came.

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