If you think the menstruation can be in the same room scientifically, would you like to try?

Say a rumor before!

[Question] A big pork trotter said that the same room during menstruation would not be pregnant!

[Popular science] Although the possibility of natural conception during the menstrual period is very small, some women’s ovulation does not follow the rules. It can be delayed for a few days or a few days.There are differences in time, and sperm can stay in the female tubes for 2-3 days. Inaccurate in the same room during menstruation, it is possible to get pregnant!

If you don’t believe it, I can only tell you that the forest of the obstetrics and gynecology clinic is big, there are all birds, and we have seen that you can conceive. It is nothing new to conceive during the menstrual period!

Remind everyone!

This popular science may allow everyone to change 180 degrees in the concept of menstruation during menstruation!

Can I have the same room during menstruation?Domestic obstetrics and gynecology experts generally believe that it is forbidden!But abroad is not, it is thought!

If you accidentally fall into this debate, is it possible? Xiaobian only provides information. Do you want to leave it for your own decision?

The debate starts!

Can menstruation be in the same room?

Fange: Yes!

Anti -Party: Forbidden!


Ancient Chinese Literature Records

"Thousands of Gold" records: "The woman’s monthly things are not intertwined, which is sick."

"New Book of Fetal Production": "The moon is not suitable, and the male and united, the indulgence is endless, all cause the internal damage, the blood gas is not solid, or it is a collapse, or a leak." So we generally think that women in the same room during menstruation are easydisease.

And foreign countries, such as India, believe that women in menstrual periods are obscure, unclean, from religion, culture, educational concepts, etc. The same room during menstruation is impossible.

Fange: … Now 2020, be free, happy!

The result of the first game: The anti -side believes that the menstrual period is avoided!


Analysis 1: The same room is easy to be infected. In theory, in order to prevent infection, the female reproductive system has three natural protection mechanisms.

The first line of defense: Most unprecedented women, women’s private parts are basically closed, reducing contact with the outside world.In the same room, the door to contact with the outside world was opened.

The second line of defense: There is a stable microbial group in the environment of the women’s private parts. The normal acidic environment of the vaginal vagina (pH ~ 4.5, mostly in 3.8 to 4.4) can greatly inhibit the growth of foreign bacteria, but the vagina pH can rise after the same room.It can be maintained for 6 to 8 hours, which can easily cause bacterial invasion.

The third line of defense: Women’s cervical pipes usually have mucus dwelling to prevent bacteria from entering the body, but during the menstrual period, the line of defense is destroyed.

Analysis 2: Pelvic congestion during menstruation, low immunity, and weak alkaline blood are good medium, which can quickly reproduce the pathogenic microorganisms, which easily leads to inflammation spread.

Analysis 3: Actually, women’s private parts are fragile and do not understand whether you have such emotions. After the menstrual period, when the secretion is increased, there is no paper towels after urination.The burning sensation of tingling, so you need to pay special attention to the hygiene of menstruation.

Conclusion 4: For men, if the menstrual period is directly exposed to menstrual blood, it is also easy to cause urethral inflammation and urinary pain.

Therefore, the menstrual period should be avoided!


Analysis 1: Infertility infection is not because of menstrual periods, but because of the risk factors in gynecological diseases such as the same room, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc., it is clear that it is frequent life. Even if you do not have the same room during menstruation, you may still suffer from gynecological diseases.

For healthy women, as long as you do clean and hygiene and protection in front of the same room, the same room during menstruation is also possible.But for women with gynecological inflammation, it is avoided when they are in the same room!

NHS (National Health Service), that is, the British national medical service system, clearly states that

You can have rooms during the same period, but it is easy to infect HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. In order to reduce risks, you should wear a whole set when the same room is in the same room.

Yes, you can have sex when you’re on your period.

There are a Few risks associated with having sex while you or your partner are on their period. Ed on more easy, so you should alway a connds.

Analysis 2: Regarding the theory of reduced immunity during menstrual period, King believes that the immune factors of the uterine environment changes with the changes in the menstrual cycle, such as the expression of important defense in the immune regulation 1, 3, 4 and other antibiotics, but other corresponding corresponding corresponding corresponding to other corresponding correspondence, but other corresponding corresponding corresponding corresponding to other corresponding corresponding correspondence, but other corresponding correspondenceThe defense is upstream, so the menstrual period also confronts the spread of the disease.

Analytic 3: Samuel researcher mentioned in the DOES Intercourse During Menses Increase the Risk for Sexually Transmitted Disease? NotEvidence proves that the same room during menstruation can increase the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease!

Exclusive 4: Cui Ying, my country investigated in the correlation study of 1512 women in the rural areas of Tibet in the rural areas of Tibet, found that the reproductive tract infection rate often occurred in the same room during menstruation, but it also proposed that the proportion of illiterate in Tibet rural areas is relatively high, and science lacks science Common sense and consciousness of hygiene.

So as long as you do a good job in cleaning and protection before the same room, the same room during menstruation is also possible!

Results in the second game: Xiaobian is messy!


Why do menstrual rooms cause infertility?Here we have to talk about immune infertility of anti -sperm antibodies!

Under normal circumstances, male semen does not cause women to have anti -sperm antibodies, but when the menstrual period is in the same room, semen and menstrual blood meet and enter the human body through uterine arteries, which stimulates the human body to produce antibody antibodies.Entering the uterus will be sensitive again. Anti -sperm antibodies can not only kill sperm, but also interfere with embryos.


The results of WANG found that there was no exact causal relationship between the anticipate antibodies and the infertility of women. There was a potential infertility risk during the menstrual room, but I could wear a set!

Result of the third game: Oh, okay, you won!


Here we must say that the classic menstrual blood reflux implant science of endometriosis is generally believed that during the same room during menstruation, uterine contraction, and endometrial fragments are easy to enter the pelvic cavity with menstrual blood, causing ectopic planting in the endometrium.Clinically, we will also minimize operations such as gynecological examinations during menstruation, in order to reduce artificial endometriosis.

Mollazadeh researchers found in the case of 555 women’s case comparison studies that the risk of endometriosis in the same room was increased, and it was found that there was correlation between endometriosis and the same room during menstruation.Although the researchers proposed that there are inadequate factors such as mixed factors, it also reminds that the same room during menstruation is the potential risk of the existence of endometriosis!


The theory of menstrual blood reverse flow in endometriosis can only explain the causes of the disease of patients with 10%to 15%of endometriosis. It is more common in patients such as vaginal atresia and deformities, which involves intricate factors such as genetic and immune.Just say that the same room in the same period causes endometriosis and endometriosis.

Result of the fourth inning: a look of embarrassment …


Some studies believe that pelvic congestion during menstrual periods and changes in female hormones, and some women will feel that sexuality is high and more sensitive, which is easier to get pleasure.


Some studies have also found that women’s sexual behavior is affected by social, partners, education, hormones, fertility and other conditions. Some women have risen in sexual desire during ovulation, which is related to human reproduction, but some women’s fear of fertility and sexual desire will also beIt appears in the menstrual period or early, but more women cannot be interested in dysmenorrhea, early syndrome, and dryness!Therefore, some women’s sexual desire is not representative during menstruation.

The crit of the single dog is here!

Salvatore Researchers found that male hormones are indeed related to female sexual desire in order to study female sexual behavior and feminine and menstrual cycle.There are many times in the same room.

Results of the fifth game: Avoid winning the same room during menstruation!


Some studies believe that dysmenorrhea symptoms occur during menstruation, and orgasm at the same time during menstruation can release hormones such as endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine, which can relieve menstrual symptoms.


Some studies have also found that the same room during menstruation plus severe dysmenorrhea. Some studies have influencing factors for investigating primary dysmenorrhea in Ningxia 100 female college students, and found that the menstrual consumption of spicy/frozen food, lack of sleep, severe physical labor, sexual life are related to dysmenorrhea!

At this time, Xiaobian is about to intervene. Non -steroidal drugs such as ibuprofen and prostaglandin antagonists can also greatly help relieve dysmenorrhea!What do you do!

Results of the sixth inning: Avoid victory in the same room during menstruation!

Do you understand?

The same room during menstruation may enlarge the factors of gynecological diseases, but there is no direct evidence that the menstrual intercourse will definitely cause gynecological diseases. Therefore, it is possible to have the same room under the premise that both sides are willing to and do a good job of cleaning work, but it is not advocated.

The editor interviewed several netizens. If you think that menstruation can be in the same room, would you be willing to try?

Female netizen A: Ah, when my aunt came, the bed was unwilling, and you asked me to wash the sheets!Roll …

Female netizen B: Are you sure that Xi Mengshi can wash it clean?No, the scene was shocked to think about it, refusing to refuse!

Female netizen C: The last two days of menstrual periods are desire, but when I see that the menstrual period is extended, endometriosis, infertility, I scared me to endure it!

Male netizen A: Refusal, seeing his aunt’s blood is not interested.

Male netizen B: I haven’t seen it for a few months, she just happened to be aunt, I don’t know!

Male netizen C: Drinking more hot water will be disgusted to death, and give it!

Question 1: I just finished the same room and found that I came!Seeing the internet saying endometriosis, infertility … I dare not eat me if I scare me!

Xiaobian said: Don’t worry first!It is just that endometriosis, infertility … is the risk factors in the same room, not the same room during menstruation = uterine endometriosis, infertility ………… You should do more clean and protective work.

Question 2: My boyfriend hasn’t seen it for a few months, so I finally met, it happened to be aunt!It’s really annoying!

Xiao Bian said: It is not a matter for aunt to delay the obstetrics and gynecologists. Come to the hospital for medicine!

Question 3: On the last day of menstruation, I found in the same room. After that, I found that there are more menstrual blood, what’s the matter!

The editor said: The menstrual cycle is controlled by the ovarian cycle, so the same room during menstruation will not cause you to disordinate menstrual disorders.The last day of the menstrual period was in the same room, and it was found that there were more menstrual blood. It may be because the uterine contracted, squeezing the remaining amount of menstrual blood out of the outside. If you do not wear a set, the prostinine of the semen will also cause uterine contraction and speed up the discharge of menstrual blood.



There are so many texts that I can write a game theory of the game, does it cause you to think?

Anyway, Xiaobian thinks that as long as you need health issues, you must have good or bad interests, just like you who are driving. When you are convenient, you are also surrounded by danger.Don’t forget to clean and wear a cover!

Back to the initial question, can I have the same room during menstruation?

At this time, you might as well change it: Do you want to have a room during menstruation?

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