If you want the baby, you ca n’t be pregnant, but you do n’t want what you want to “win”, mainly because of these three reasons.

For today’s society, it seems that there is a luxury of a baby who has become a baby. You must know that the baby is not only the hope of every family, but also the crystallization of love between husband and wife, but some families want babiesBut I ca n’t be pregnant. What is the reason?In fact, this is a disaster that is infertility. Some women may not be able to get pregnant themselves, so it is a difficult thing to have a baby. It is particularly difficult to conceive. The family is very crying, and some even try various remedies. The final result is no disease. In fact, in our country, the probability of infertility was very low. The probability of three %, but now the probability of infertility in my country is now in a rise.

According to the relevant data survey research, there are about 50 million people in infertility every year in my country, that is, between the probability of reaching 12 to 15 %. It is very shocked. In fact, there are many reasons for infertility. It may be the woman itself, or the man, or the common reasons for both sides. This is why some couples choose to do a series of Regular examination.Although the probability of infertility is very high, many women are pregnant and are susceptible. They are also very distressed. They obviously do not want their babies at this moment.Preparation, but it is always easy to recruit, which also causes a lot of women with a lot of pregnancy.

Not easy to get pregnant, and have their own troubles

A woman who is not easy to get pregnant is what I say, and I belong to the kind of constitution of the baby. In fact, when I go to the hospital for examination, the various indicators are normal, and the physical fitness is usually physical fitIt is also a very good one, but it is not pregnant, because it really costs a lot of money for the baby, but there is no situation, and the other half has been married for a few years.It is the mother -in -law family, and even my mother’s family has been constantly urging. The key is that I am very anxious. I really have too much pressure to ask for a baby.

A woman with a pregnancy -prone constitution says this. In fact, I have not planned to have a child with the other half now. After allThe baby’s standard, so I planned for two years with my husband at that time, and when everything was stable, I asked the children. The family said that they agreed and understood it.I am pregnant, this is the second time after marriage. For the first time, I didn’t want it.Choose to give birth to this child.

In fact, for women of different constitutions, the problems are also different. So what are the differences between these two different constitutions?

1. Whether menstruation is regular

For women who are prone to pregnancy, generally, menstruation is very regular every month. Basically, each time and time are relatively fixed.Some gynecological diseases, so women with regular menstruation are generally very healthy, so her uterine endometrium and ovaries will be very healthy, so the probability of accidental pregnancy is also very high. For women with irregular menstruation, such women willIt’s hard to conceive children.

2. About reproductive system

Generally speaking, the reproductive system refers to the environment, the environment of the ovaries, and the health of the uterus in the women’s uterine cavity. If women are healthier in these three aspects, then the chance of being pregnant with children is naturally high, but if thisIn the three aspects, one aspect is abnormal, so the chance of pregnancy will naturally be very low.

3. Childbirth age

In fact, it is also very important for women’s fertility age. It is necessary to know that for women, the best childbirth age is only a few years. If you miss it, it will be difficult to conceive. Generally speaking, women are 25The chance of conception between the age and 29 is very high, because at this time, the functions of women’s bodies are relatively strong, and the risk of fertility will be relatively small. ThereforeThe chance is also very high.

Now that I know the problem of infertility, how can women who want their babies become a pregnancy -prone physique?

1. Have a good mentality

It is important to know that the mentality is very important, so if women want children, they must not put too much pressure on themselves.The body is also very harmful, so if you want a child, both the woman or the man must first adjust his mentality.Otherwise, how do you want a husband and wife that your children can never be on, and you will be pregnant once you travel. It can be seen that it is very important to have a good mentality.

2. Adjust your body and pay attention to the ovulation period

In fact, for today’s society, due to the pressure of all aspects, many women are not special laws in their daily life and rest. They often stay up late and have not paid special attention to their diet. ThereforeSome bad habits on the body before, such as staying up late and eating, have no meals when they eat. Only the rules of schedule, diet law, and a good physical condition can be more likely to increase the chance of conception.Secondly, women should also pay attention to their monthly ovulation period. We all know that the ovulation period is very important. We must know that in the same room during ovulation, it can also increase the chance of conception.So the couple who want the baby must pay special attention.

In fact, every family has their own distress for the child who wants children. Infertility, women with infertility and women with pregnancy are still very different. So what about you?Are you pregnant or infertile?

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