If you want to get pregnant after cesarean section, you must pay attention to these problems

Changsha Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Planning Plan.

Red Net Moment News November 16 (Correspondent Huang Ying) I am pregnant again after cesarean section. There are two issues that expectant mothers are most concerned about: one is whether spontaneous uterine rupture will occur, and the other is whether they can live by themselves.From a doctor’s perspective, how long is the most concerned about how long the last cesarean section is born again, because this is the most important factor in deciding whether it will have spontaneous uterine rupture during pregnancy.Essence

Wu Maihua, director of the hospitalization department of Changsha Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, is conducting a routine inspection.

Note: After the cesarean section has hidden dangers after cesarean section, it is easy to cover the scars on the abdomen. The scar of the uterus can only be slowly acting by time.For tires, you must understand the hidden dangers of pregnancy, and do not take yourself and the baby’s life as a child.

Risk 1: Scar tear can endanger life

The mother who has experienced a cesarean section is pregnant again, and the fertilized egg may take root in the scar of the incision.After bed, during the process of implanting the uterine muscle layer of the placenta, it is easy to tear the scar on the muscle layer. It occurs difficult to control the hemorrhage.And it is regrettable that where the embryo planting is completely a random event, we cannot predict in advance, and there are no corresponding preventive measures.It can only be detected early, and the mother who is pregnant for cesarean section is particularly important for mothers who have a cesarean section!

Risk two: Miss time risk double increase

If you missed the opportunity to find early after cesarean, you discovered that the risk of bleeding at this time will be doubled when the pregnancy sac is very large.

Changsha Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital has been diagnosed with a pregnant mother. It only takes an early pregnancy examination for almost 11 weeks. The gestational sac has been 7.5cm.Giveting uterine pressure may cause the perforation of the uterus to break, and the situation is very dangerous.

Changsha Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital organized a doctor immediately, developed surgery strategies, and arranged pre -surgery observation, infusion and surgical matters.After surgery, the pregnancy product was completely cleared. After the postoperative administration and observation of no active bleeding, the mother was separated from the danger, and the medical staff put down the high -hanging heart.Therefore, we will once again remind the cesarean section to be pregnant again that you must have early pregnancy examinations in time to be responsible for your life safety.

Risk three: multiple cesarean section, the risk doubles

The re -pregnancy risk of cesarean section is related to the number of cesarean section, the recovery of wounds in cesarean section, whether the scar recovery is continuous, cesarean section, and whether there is infection.The position of the fertilized eggs cannot be controlled and prevented in the position of the bed in the uterus. Whether it falls on scars is a probability time. The more the number of cesarean section, the more scars, the greater the probability of bed in the scar, and the risk of risk.The larger.Therefore, every cesarean section, curettage, induction of output, abortion, etc. should be treated carefully to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible and accelerate scar healing.At the same time, the cesarean section must be more than 2 years in principle, giving the uterus rest and healing.

Understand the risk before making a choice

Natural childbirth, analgesic delivery, caesarean section, three types of childbirth are not divided into advantages and disadvantages, only the difference between the right and comfortable degree.It is recommended that pregnant mothers allow priority to choose natural delivery and analgesic delivery under their physical and fetal conditions. If you want to choose a cesarean section, please also learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of childbirth.

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