If you want to increase the rate of delivery, pregnant women can do these eight exercises during pregnancy to help naturally getting childbirth

Now more and more women choose to produce delivery. Although the delivery will experience most of the difficulty, the rate of recovery of the delivery will be faster.However, many people do not know how to increase the rate of delivery. In fact, pregnant women can do these 8 kinds of exercise during pregnancy, and they can help natural delivery. These exercises are definitely good for pregnant women.

These 8 kinds of movements increase the smooth yield rate

The first is to take a walk in the morning and evening. Many pregnant women think that they should lie at home every day, so as to ensure that we have a good rest. We better not think so.The biggest advantage of walking is that it can reduce the fetus into the pelvis and relax the pelvic ligament, so that you can prepare for delivery.In the process of walking, it is best to massage while walking and communicate with the baby.

Walking can be divided into two morning and evening, about 30 minutes each, or three times in the morning and evening, about 20 minutes each time.It is best to choose a place with good environment. Do not be too noisy around you, and do not take a walk in a large crowded place.

Of course, pregnant women can also stab, hold their hands on the table, stand smoothly with their feet, bend their knees slightly, and move down the pelvis until the two knees can be completely curved.After 5 minutes, stand up slowly and kick up with your feet until your legs and pelvis are on the same horizontal line. You can repeat multiple times a day, which can also ensure that the probability of natural delivery becomes higher.

In addition, we can also perform leg rowing. We can hold the chair by hand, fix the back and right leg, and draw the circle in the left leg.Then alternate repeatedly, you can do five or six times a day and evening, so that you can not only exercise your body, but also improve the natural childbirth rate.

Furthermore is the waist movement. We can hold the back of the chair slowly and inhale, and at the same time, the tip of the toes with both hands.In this process, our waist should stop using the back of the lower abdomen against the back of the chair, and then slowly exhale our arms and continue to relax. At the same time, we can restore the feet to the original position. We can sit 5-6 times every morning and evening.

Many pregnant women are not willing to climb the stairs, because these pregnant women will feel that climbing stairs is a very difficult thing.However, many doctors have told that pregnant women should climb the stairs and climb stairs during pregnancy. It can indeed exercise muscle groups in thighs and hips, and can also help the fetus into the basin.arrival.

Therefore, pregnant women can climb the stairs in the units in their daily life, and they can find a small mountain bag to go in the afternoon.If you think it’s really tired, you can also go down the stairs to rest.Of course, in the process of climbing the stairs, you should pay attention to your feet, otherwise it is easy to occur.

Furthermore is the pelvic motion, which is a lot of good health for pregnant women.Our hands on their knees, inhaling their backs, vomiting, and looking up at the same time.Our upper body is raised as much as possible, and we can do 10 times a day, and repeat it. We can stop when the body is struggling.

In addition, we can also sit on the feet with legs. We can choose to keep the back of the back straight, and pull the heels on the inside on both feet long. In this process, slow down both knees.Through this approach, it can stretch the thigh muscles and pelvic muscles, and can also improve the position of childbirth.The main thing is that you can maintain the flexibility of the pelvis, and the blood circulation of the lower body will become better.

If we have no way to complete this difficult posture at the beginning, we can also choose to support the back by the wall, or put a cushion under the thigh, but be sure to keep the back straight. This is also this one.The essence of exercise is.

In the end, we can also sway the pelvis with up and down. We can support our bodies with both hands and knees as much as possible, and at the same time keep our heads and trunk on the same level.In this process, we need to enter this posture for a few seconds, while gently swinging our back.Then relax the abdomen and back, reduce the back, keep the back horizontal line as much as possible, and repeat the above movements.

The biggest benefit of this approach is that it can increase the strength of the waist muscles, and it can also reduce the back pain caused by childbirth.When we do this exercise, we can do it 20 times in each group, and every time we do three groups.When our body feels slightly weak, it means that our movement is qualified.

Therefore, for pregnant women, if you want to increase the probability of delivery, you can do more exercises during pregnancy.These exercises have great benefits for pregnant women, and they can also make the probability of natural delivery higher.However, when doing these exercises, you also need to pay attention to your body. Do not let yourself be too tired, otherwise it will play the opposite role. This is not a good thing.

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