If you want to prepare for your pregnancy, you must accept this "same room" tips

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Compared with the past, the pace of life is fast, and people are more and more pursuing efficiency. Whether work or life, they hope to complete it efficiently.Pregnancy has also been affected.

The older generation of the family hugged the child early, and the couple prepared for a break. I couldn’t wait to do it the next day when the child was prepared.

So, is there a way to make pregnancy more effective?

There are really tricks.

However, there are many misunderstandings for pregnancy and pregnancy:

Will the same room during ovulation increase the chance of pregnancy?; Menstruation can only be pregnant; men must also supplement folic acid; different postures can increase the chance of winning; how long is the meat prepared …

In the final analysis, these misunderstandings appear are not enough to know about pregnancy and pregnancy.

Next, let’s explain to you the common pregnancy misunderstanding, why not do so.

Women are arranged once a month once a month. Generally speaking, an egg is excreted at a time, and the eggs will lose fertilization after 24 to 36 hours. If you cannot fertilize in time during this period, you can only wait for the next ovulation cycleIt’s right.

Therefore, grasping the timing of ovulation is very important for improving the chance of pregnancy.

The question comes. In order to seize the opportunity to get pregnant, do you have to increase the frequency of "Papa" to "Papa Papa"?

Many friends "take it for granted" that in order to seize this opportunity, the ovulation period is the best in the same room.

There are always pregnant parents that they think that if you are healthy, you can get pregnant as long as you increase the frequency!

But in fact, this is wrong, and the frequency is often counterproductive.

Because during the preparation of the same time during pregnancy, the same frequency of the same room will lead to scarcity of semen, the number and quality of sperm will also be reduced and reduced accordingly, the sperm activity rate and survival rate will be significantly reduced, and the "stamina" of meetings with the eggs will be greatly weakened.The chance of conception is naturally reduced.

Therefore, during pregnancy, it is best to maintain the frequency of the same room once in 2 to 3 days.

The correct room is only one of the scientific pregnancy. Preparation of pregnancy is a huge and complex science.

Many people prepare for pregnancy to die with menstruation. When menstruation does not come on time, take Chinese medicine or eat hormones. When you see each month, you can feel at ease.

But is this type of menstruation really "the law of menstruation"?

Of course not.The real menstrual rule is naturally "full of blood".

As we all know, women’s menstruation represents the establishment of reproductive function.

As the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon" stated: "Women … two or seven and Tian Gui arrived, Renmai Tong, Taiyong pulse prosperous, the moon is now, so there is a son."

Menstruation is so important, we need to pay more attention.It is recommended that adolescence girls still pay attention to it after menstruation is relatively stable -the period of cycle, there are not many amounts, color red, no blood clots, no pain, no odor.

Once the menstrual flow, color, quality, and taste are abnormal, seek medical treatment in time to avoid affecting fertility.

In the fertility period, see if a female fertility ability is intact. In addition to normal menstruation, ovulation is normal.

An important sign of ovulation normally: leucorrhea is normal.

In fact, no matter whether there is a need for reserve pregnancy, you should pay attention to menstruation and leucorrhea, because this is the weathervane of women’s health.

Normal menstruation, leucorrhea, and ovulation represent the health of women’s reproductive organs, reproductive tract, and good ovarian function.

Preparation women need to ensure menstruation and have good leucorrhea and normal ovulation, because this is a indicator that cannot be ignored.

Now girls are generally pursuing slim and beautiful.Although in the eyes of peers, it is more beautiful ~

But in the eyes of the older generation, this body is not suitable for raw, so be sure to be fat.The girls may be okay before marriage and live, but they will inevitably be affected by her mother -in -law after marriage.

After getting married, after having a plan to want a child, many mother -in -law will think of ways to make up for you, hoping to give you a little more nutrition and raise it in vain.Children in the stomach.

But it should be noted that a healthy body is the basis for ensuring smooth pregnancy.If you make too much before pregnancy, it is inevitable that long meat is inevitable.And these meats will become a stumbling block for your pregnancy.

Excessive obesity can lead to endocrine disorders, which leads to ovulation disorders. Pregnancy will be relatively difficult, and in severe cases, it will even cause infertility.Even if you are pregnant smoothly, the risk of suffering from pregnancy diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy will be much higher.And it is easier for babies to grow into huge children.

Therefore, it is not reliable before pregnancy ~

Finally remind everyone:

Don’t take pregnancy as a task, but treat it as a romantic journey. During the journey, we don’t know what kind of TA will be before, and when TA will appearWith a full time, it will be a beautiful encounter.


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