In 11 years, a vegetative belly in Jiangsu became larger, and the doctor’s examination found that he was pregnant. Husband: You must give birth

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In 2011, a hot search rushed into everyone’s eyes. A vegetative of Jiangsu Hospital, after being treated by the hospital, slowly became larger, and finally pushed the doctor to find that he was pregnant.

Once the news was sent out, it caused an uproar from netizens across the country, and they left a message: This is simply a medical miracle.

However, Zhang Rongxiang’s physical condition is extremely bad. It can even be said that she will lose her life at any time. Almost all doctors suggest that her husband should not leave the child and keep Zhang Rongxiang’s life first.

But her husband said: This child must be born.

Doesn’t Zhang Rongxiang’s husband know that Zhang Rongxiang’s physical condition is not suitable for having children at all?Why is this choice?

In March 2011, Gaodejin was called to the office by the doctor, which made Gaodejin very nervous. Such a "summon" has passed many times.

Therefore, Gaodejin is very nervous because he has received several times that he has received his wife’s illness notice from his wife.

He followed the doctor and entered the office, but listened to the doctor that "your wife was found to be pregnant when he was treated, and the child was already four months old." He was silent.

How could Gaodejin not think that his wife who had become a vegetative, had already been pregnant with a four -month -old child, which also made his ears roar for a while, and could no longer hear the doctor’s words.

He stared blankly at the doctor’s mouth, but he couldn’t hear a little sound, and his brain strike directly, and he fell to the ground with his butt.

And the doctor who saw Gaodejin like this also sympathized with this poor man, waiting patiently to slow down, and continued to say, "The child is four months old, the patient is a car accident three months ago.One month, but it is not recommended that your wife has a child. The children in the belly cannot be exposed to too many drugs, and your wife cannot stop drug treatment at present, so it is recommended that you choose not this child. "

As a doctor, it is no less than firing in Gaodejin’s heart. In fact, Gaodejin also knows that his family’s situation is already considered to be a family.

It can be said that in the past three months, in order to treat his wife, Gao Degin has borrowed the money that his relatives can borrow, and now that relatives now see him, they will go around, and even friends.

Therefore, both relatives and friends are saving Gaodejin’s wife, and they have presented their own meager power, but it is really a bit not enough. His wife Zhang Rongxiang can be said to be very bad.

Every week, Gaodejin received his wife’s illness notice, and the operation was again and again, so Gaodejin could only find a hard work work, and wanted to make more money to perform surgery for his wife.

Therefore, the doctor’s words made Gaodejin a little bit froze, because his wife had been basically judged by the doctor as a vegetative in these four months of treatment. It was a very difficult thing to be awake, so he already felt that he would have only one child.

And he had nothing to be dissatisfied with only one child, but when he immediately signed an agreement with the child, he suddenly thought of what his wife usually said in her ear.

Because the wife is very dissatisfied with one child between the two, the wife feels that they only have one daughter under their knees. They will not be supported in their later years, and the wife often feels that her daughter will feel lonely, so she often thinks about regenerating in his ear to regenerate one.son.

Thinking of his wife’s obsession, Gaodejin hesitated, but for the sake of his wife’s body, he still strengthened the child’s heart.

But just when Gaodejin was about to sign the name again, his wife suddenly yelled "I want children"

At this moment, both doctors and Gaodejin are panicked, and the doctor even shouted someone to check Zhang Rongxiang’s body. "Come on, and call Dr. Zhang and Dr. Li.! ".

After a while of war, the doctor told Gaodejin, "Your wife Ms. Zhang Rongxiang’s obsession with the child is too deep. We have reason to suspect that if the child is removed, Ms. Zhang Rongxiang will lose her consciousness, but the children in the embryo period cannot accept too much too muchDrugs, so this child may be a deformity. "

If the doctor is a doctor, Gao Dejin directly gets into a dilemma. One is his wife, but the other is the child who has not been born. If the child is removed, then the wife may die, but if the wife gives birth to the child, then then, then then the wife gives birth to a child, thenChildren may be malformed children.

Therefore, Gaodejin thought for a long time outside the ward, and finally made up his mind to say to the doctor that "this child must be born."

But having a child is not an easy thing, let alone a plant in life, so Zhang Rongxiang needs to take more precise care and more expensive drugs to ensure the nutrition of Zhang Rongxiang and the children in the stomach.

In order to achieve this goal, Gaodekin began a more hard work. He worked on the construction site during the day and came to the hospital to take care of his wife at night.

But the money was still not enough, so Gaodejin thought of his mother -in -law.

If it wasn’t for this step, Gaodejin would not want to ask Yuezhang’s family to borrow money. This is not only because of face problems, but also because the mother -in -law often comes to their house from time to time to play autumn wind.

Before that, when Zhang Rongxiang just married him, he experienced a wave of mother -in -law sitting on the ground.

At the beginning, I said that Cai Li was 66,000, and later said that it was 880,000. This price was a bit difficult for Gaodejin but could not be taken out. In the face of the difficulty of the mother -in -law, he agreedEssence

Moreover, Gaodejin’s family is not wealthy, just ordinary crop Han, so there is not so much money in his hands, and this wedding can be done. It also borrowed a lot of money from relatives and friends.

In order to marry Zhang Rongxiang, even the money to buy a house and the decoration was taken by Gaodejin’s family. Zhang Rongxiang’s family did not pay a penny.

Faced with such harsh conditions, Gaodekin chose to accept and married Zhang Rongxiang. After the two spent only a sweet wedding, they began to work hard to repay the account.

Through the hard work of the two, the loan was repaid quickly, and the crystallization of love was born, their daughter.

It was just that Zhang Rongxiang was disappointed with her daughter’s arrival. Maybe this idea was that Zhang Rongxiang was influenced by the family and had high expectations for his son.It will be harmonious.

Helpless, Gaodejin also agreed with his wife’s thoughts, but somehow because the timing was wrong or something else, the child had never come.

Once, his wife returned to her mother’s house to visit her parents, but when she came back, she was holding a bowl of dark things, and told him that this was the secret recipe of her son, which was bought 30,000 in the hands of her mother -in -law.

As soon as Gao Degin heard it, he thought, "This is not a grabbing money," he called with his mother -in -law and asked his mother -in -law why his wife was pitted, but he did not expect his mother -in -law to say "I just want to pit your money. My daughter is stupid.You can get money if you just make an excuse. "

The words were directly recorded by Gaodekin and put it to Zhang Rongxiang to listen to it, which also directly caused Zhang Rongxiang to completely disappoint his mother.

After a long time, Zhang Rongxiang no longer mentioned a matter of regenerating a son, and the day passed. Until a phone call from Gaodejin’s mother broke such a bland.

On this day, Gaodejin’s mother called him, saying that they asked their family of three to return to their hometown, and Gaodejin agreed.

So after going to the kindergarten to receive her daughter, she took the wife to return to my hometown with an electric tricycle.

On the way home, his wife asked her daughter’s affairs in kindergarten, and Gaodejin also expressed his opinion.

But such a warm scene did not last too long. A small car on the opposite side broke such a scene.

With a sound of Peng, Gaodejin was hit, and Zhang Rongxiang and their daughters were pressed under the tricycle not far away, and the car opposite was also hit by a tricycle by a tricycle.

Facing such a tragic situation, Gaodejin fainted directly, and when he woke up, he found that he was lying on the bed, and his daughter was standing in front of his sick bed. He thought of the scene of a car accident and hurriedly sat up to check the daughter’s bodyEssence

After discovering that the daughter’s body was fine, he began to worry about his wife. When he was about to get out of bed, the doctor came over and said to him, "At that time, your wife protects your daughter, so your daughter is fine, But your wife’s damage is a bit great, and there is a great possibility to become a vegetative. "

This news is really difficult to accept for a while, but he has no time to ease, and he starts his daughter and starts home to make money.

And in the case of all kinds of Dongpin and west, successfully let his wife perform surgery, but the wife’s situation is extremely dangerous, so he also found a effort to work, and he could earn a little bit.

But the unfair fate never let go of this poor person. His wife was pregnant and was pregnant before the accident. In the face of a small life, and the doctor’s analysis of his wife’s situation.

Gaodejin still agreed to let his wife give birth to a child.

In the end, the child was born safely. Because Zhang Rongxiang was still a vegetative state, he could only use a cesarean section, and the mother and child were safe.

I do n’t know if the voice of the child has inspired Zhang Rongxiang ’s motherhood, or Zhang Rongxiang, a vegetative Zhang Rongxiang, has gradually restored his physical function.

Zhang Rongxiang is not a vegetative. After a year, she finally opened her eyes again.

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