In 2003, the Chongqing guy’s belly was as large as a pregnant woman, and 18 pounds of "fetus" under the cesarean section. The ending is regrettable.

Since ancient times, pregnancy and children have happened to women.However, in a small mountain village in Chongqing in 2003, a man was "pregnant".His stomach is as big as it is about to produce, and he also has symptoms such as nausea, low back pain, and no appetite.

And he can feel that something in his stomach is moving.The news of his "pregnancy" spread widened in the village and became the talks of the villagers after dinner.One day, he suddenly fainted and was taken to the hospital.

The doctors have never seen him, but his health is already very bad. He decided to perform surgery under weighing. I did not expect to take out a "female fetus" weighing 18 pounds from his stomach.Essence

How can a man get pregnant?

Located in the ancient town of Dongxi, the southern part of Chongqing, there is a small village called "Jielong Village" under its jurisdiction.In 1972, the Pu family ushered in a newborn, and his family named him Pu Deqiang.No one expected that the child would later be the object of discussion of the villagers.

From an early age, Pu Deqiang could eat than his peers.His parents thought that "he was just growing up, and it was normal to eat more than other children." He didn’t take it to heart.But his height and weight did not surpass his peers. Instead, his stomach was larger than others.His parents still didn’t think much, and felt that the child’s belly was normal when he was a child, and "just wait for the strip."

As he grows, Pu Deqiang’s belly is also growing.The little friends in the village were unwilling to play with him. They always liked to laugh at his belly secretly in Mingli, and adults also like to make a joke with him.When the child is old, with self -esteem, the ridicule of others makes Pu Deqiang very inferior.He is unwilling to communicate with others, and his personality is increasingly introverted and lonely.Pu Deqiang has no friends. He is alone, and he is a single shadow.

Because of Pu Daqiang’s belly, he was regarded as a "weird man" in the village.The girl in the village knew he knew him, and naturally he was unwilling to marry him and accepted a strange vision with him.Therefore, even if Pu Daqiang grows tall and thin, no girl can see him.

Seeing that the children in their early 20s have long been married and have children, the targets of their own children have not yet settled, and Pu Deqiang’s parents are very anxious.At that time, in the remote small mountain village, "Chuzong took over" was regarded as a top priority by the villagers.

"Since the object cannot be found in the village, go to other villages to find the right person, and always find a girl who does not dislike his son!" Holding this mentality, Pu Deqiang’s parents trusted people to find objects for their son next door.When the girl in the neighboring village saw him, he expressed his unwillingness to be with him, just because of his big belly.

Until 1996, the 22 -year -old Pu Deluo was introduced and met a girl named Zhao Mingliang in the neighboring village.She does not dislike the Pu family, and does not care about some special things in Pu Deqiang’s body.Under the parent’s marriage marriage, the two got married and formed a small family.

After marriage, the couple got along well.It didn’t take long for Zhao Mingliang to give birth to a smart and healthy child, and the family of three was simple and happy.His wife takes care of the child at home, handles the affairs of the family, and sometimes goes to the ground to do the farm work.However, Pu Diqiang is mainly responsible for working farming. After all, for farmers, there is only food to eat to maintain the livelihood of a family.

The good times didn’t last long, and Pu Deqiang’s peaceful life was quickly broken.

In early 2003, Pu Deqiang felt that he was guilty and couldn’t eat anything; his mood was particularly depressed, which caused him to not be able to sleep at night; his waist was sore, and there seemed to be something in his stomach.When Zhao Mingliang was pregnant, the symptoms were similar to him.

"I’m pregnant?"

Pu Deqiang thought about it, but he felt ridiculous and ridiculous.He is a man, how can he get pregnant?However, the development of the matter has gradually escaped from Pu Deqiang’s control.

In addition to the symptoms of pregnant women, Pu Deqiang was surprised to find that his belly was getting bigger.Originally, his stomach was larger than normal people. Now his stomach is bigger, like a pregnant woman who is six or seven months pregnant.When walking, he could only hold his belly with one hand and hold his waist with one hand.And his meal is getting bigger and bigger.

Soon, the villagers discovered the strangeness of Pu Deqiang.One pass is ten, ten spreads, and the spread of the "mother -in -law’s mouth" is known, and the entire village knows.He became the object of tea after dinner in the villagers. He sat together in groups and discussed why his stomach was getting bigger and bigger.Some villagers even ran directly outside Pu Deqiang’s room to watch, watching him, pointed at point and whispering.

"He is a male comrade, and his stomach is big!"

"Pu Diqiang’s belly looked big, was he pregnant?"

Similar remarks abound.When the weather was hot, the villagers had not heard of air conditioners, and even the electric fan was luxury, and few people had it.Therefore, men in the village like to be naked and make themselves cool.

Pu Deqiang is no exception. When he takes off his clothes, his stomach looks bigger.So, some people in the village teased him: "Pu Deqiang, do you have a baby in your stomach? In a few months, you won’t give birth?" After that, everyone laughed and was very happy.

In the face of the villagers’ opening, Pu Deqiang, who has always been lonely, did not refute, or asked them theory.He ignored them and sat there alone.Over time, men in the village felt boring and no longer joked with him.Women’s arguments behind him have never stopped.According to their experience, guessing that Pu Deqiang was pregnant.

On the surface, Pu Deqiang didn’t care about the discussion of himself in the village. In fact, he became more and more inferior, more introverted, and was unwilling to communicate with them.Whenever he goes out to do farm work, he dare not see the expression of other people, fearing to see everyone’s jokes and interesting eyes.Therefore, he always buried his head low, his feet were fast, and he had the meaning of escape.

One day in September of the same year, Pu Deqiang finished farm work and was ready to go home as usual.He was holding the agricultural gear in one hand and holding his waist to his home with one hand.Suddenly, the pain of heartbreak came from the stomach, and this happened before.Suddenly, he didn’t have a little psychological preparation, and he sweated directly.After a while, he was too late to call for help, and he fainted directly.

The passing villagers found that Pu Deqiang fell to the ground, and he was not awakened, and he was frightened to inform his home immediately.Later, he was sent to the central hospital in Dongxi Ancient Town to rescue.With him, there are still many villagers as the corner of the people who eat melon, and they are curious about what he is in his stomach.

The doctor and nurses of the hospital were surprised to see a man’s belly.If this is a beer belly, in addition to his stomach, he is very slender, and the whole person is very thin, and he is not a fat man at all.Then why is his stomach so big?They don’t understand.

However, the most important thing now is to wake up Pu Deng, and other doubts wait until he wakes up.The attending doctor Yang Yao checked Pu Deqiang’s body and shocked him.

Through the first diagnosis, he found that he could not touch Pu Deqiang’s body organs, and the organs had shifted.What is even more incredible is that Pu Deqiang has a baby -sized hard -sized stomach.This unknown object put his stomach under the diaphragm, and the colon, the small intestine, and the duodenum were pushed to the right.

At present, Pu Deqiang’s situation is very bad, and he must take out the things in his stomach as soon as possible.But when Dr. Yang went to his ward early the next morning, he found that he didn’t know when he secretly left the hospital.It turned out that Pu Deqiang was worried that he would spend a lot of money in the hospital, so that the family who was not wealthy was worse. He ignored his own safety and left the town center hospital with pain.

After Pu Deqiang left the hospital, Yang Yao had been thinking about what was in his stomach.Soon, Dr. Yang had the answer.

Pu Deqiang and Dr. Yang had the same curiosity and doubts. In order to figure out what made his stomach grow bigger, he concealed his wife and villagers. He secretly went to the village next door to find a humble health center for inspection.The equipment here is backward and can’t find out what he is in his stomach.

In desperation, Pu Deqiang went to the town center hospital again.He sneaked Dr. Yang, fearing that others would discuss him after seeing it.At this time, his mental state was very bad.Starting from the increasing belly, Pu Deqiang was carrying great mental stress.The onlookers, ridicule, and discussion of the villagers were overwhelming.Pu Deqiang wanted to get rid of this life, which was one of the important reasons why he was willing to go to the hospital for examination.

Yang Yao made a B -ultrasound for Pu Deqiang and found that he had a white object bigger than basketball.With Pu Deqiang’s breathing, it was creeping together. Is he really pregnant?

To further figure out what the white object is, Pu Deqiang made a CT.The results showed that white objects were not only shaped like fetuses, but also contained a large amount of calcification substances.Generally, calcium is the main part of human bones.Various phenomena show that there is a "fetus" in Pu De’s strong belly.

Pu Deqiang’s body was getting worse and worse, and the things in his stomach were imminent.However, the Pu family did not agree with Dr. Yang’s proposal.The reason is very simple. Money is required for surgery. This money is a huge sum of money.It is understood that all the money of the Pu family is not more than 1,000 yuan, and they don’t want to bear debt.

Regardless of the life of a person because of money, Dr. Yang’s poor Pu Deqiang’s experience applied to the hospital leader to reduce his surgical fee.In addition, Dr. Yang asked the village committee to help Pu family to change their ideas and change their ideas.

After some efforts, the town central hospital reduced most of the costs, and the Pu family agreed to perform surgery for Pu Deqiang.The biggest problem is solved, how to take out the "fetus" out of the current problem.Dr. Yang and the backbone doctor and nurse in the hospital held a meeting to discuss specific surgical plans.In the end, they decided to perform caesarean operation.

At 9 am on October 6, 2003, Pu Deqiang was pushed into the operating room.It was not until 5 pm that the surgery was completed, and the doctor took out an entire 18 pound object from his belly.

What is even more weird is that it has a right foot, a trunk and head, and even an undeveloped female reproductive organs.The difference between white objects and normal fetuses is that it does not breathe, heartbeat and blood pressure.In front of the scene, all doctors and nurses have never encountered it.What is it?Why does it appear in Pu Deqiang’s belly?

Dr. Yang had never seen it, so he had to ask the experts for help.While waiting for the results, the news about Pu Diqiang gave birth to a "female fetus" spread throughout Jielong Village and nearby villages.The villagers and Pu Deqiang’s relatives and friends knew the matter.In everyone’s opinion, how can a man give birth to a child.

In the end, the experts checked the information to analyze his specific situation and concluded that his belly was teratoma.The reason why it is not considered a fetus is because it has no spine, and the spine is the most important sign of judging a life body.

Experts explained that during the process of developing fertilized eggs into embryos, countless cell division needs to be performed, and each part of the fetus is slowly formed.During the period, some cells deviated from the original position due to external stimuli and other parts and entered other parts of the human body.When it comes to the right conditions, it will grow and develop, and there is no regular process.

Take Pu Deqiang, although teratoma has been growing before the age of 30, but the speed is not fast.At the age of 31, the teratoman tumor soared, which caused his belly to get bigger and bigger, and the teratoma became a malignant tumor.If it is not removed in time, it will endanger his life.

After Pu Deqiang finished the operation, his health improved.When he returned to the village, the villagers had more words about him, far away from him.Pu Deqiang couldn’t stand the gossip in the village. It didn’t take long for him to hang suicide on a big tree behind his house, ending his life with only 31 years old.There is no doubt that the villagers’ rumors and ignorance killed Pu Deqiang.

Because of his big belly, Pu Deqiang has suffered a lot of unfriendly vision, making him more and more silent.The villagers’ ridicule, ridicule, and pointers were undoubtedly worse for him, which became the last straw that pressed him.In the end, he ended his miserable life by suicide.

Pu Deqiang is unfortunate. It is difficult to suffer from teratoma in itself. In addition, the family conditions are not good and the villagers have insufficient knowledge, making his life more difficult.Dr. Yang Yao managed to save his life, but it was more sad than the villagers!

People who have defects in their bodies should be more caring and goodwill, rather than laughing or ridicule, so as not to let more "Pudeqiang" tragedy happen!

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