In 2005, the woman had not been born for 4 years, and said that the fetus in the abdomen could be distinguished.

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In the Romance of Feng Shen, the King of Tota Li Jing once pointed at Mrs. Yin’s belly and said, "There are more than three years of pregnancy, no birth, non -demon is monster." After splitting the meat balls that are regarded as a demon, NezhaBorn, two lotus flowers are incarnate, and Lingzhu II is full of dust.Mythical stories are just a pastime after tea. In real life, pregnant women are pregnant in October, and even broke out in less than October.

But the world is big and strange. In a family of Wu Zhengquan in the small village of Haixian in Fengxian District, Shanghai, a god baby who is more legendary than Nezha is released.He spent his mother -in -law longer than Nezha, and he couldn’t bear it for four years.His ability can also be comparable to Nezha, and he has mastered the magic skills of "distinguishing the belly" before he was born!

On the other hand, Wu Zhengquan, the father of the god baby, is much more calm than Li Jing. He is not unhappy about his wife Zhang Yonghua for four years and is not scared.EssenceThe surrounding neighbors were also convinced and said, "This is a god!"

However, Zhang Yonghua had a sad thing behind the child for four years.

Zhang Yonghua and Wu Zhengquan

In July 2009, in a small village in Fengxian District, Shanghai, Zhang Yonghua and three villagers in the same village were sitting together to play playing cards. Many people were watching. They were all the strangeness in Zhang Yonghua’s belly.Baby comes.

Regarding the situation where Zhang Yonghua had not given birth to a child for four years, the local villagers all felt normal and it was not surprising. For four years, everyone witnessed Zhang Yonghua from pregnancy to big belly, but the year was longer than other pregnant women.There is nothing else.

Moreover, the reason why the villagers believed that Zhang Yonghua could not be born for four years, because the baby in the stomach was not an average person. It was more spiritual than normal children. It was a strange baby!Talking about the magic of the child in Zhang Yonghua’s belly.

"Baby, are you a child?"

"Look, you see, are you a child?"

Zhang Yonghua’s belly

Don’t say, it’s really God!The villagers asked Zhang Yonghua twice, and her stomach shake twice violently, as if to answer the villagers’ questions.There is also even more magical. Whenever the villagers or Wu Zhengquan let Qi Ying identify things, he can still identify it correctly!

In order to prove that the child in his wife’s belly is really spiritual, Wu Zhengquan pushed his wife back to the room and helped his wife lying on the bed.Then he cleared his throat and asked Zhang Yonghua’s stomach:

"How old is your baby? Baby? 5 years old? 3 years old? 1 year old? 4 years old?" 4? "

At first, there was no reaction in the stomach. Until Wu Zhengquan said that when he was 4 years old, Zhang Yonghua’s belly shook again.Four years of pregnancy, the child in the belly was four years old. When he saw that the son who had not been born was so smart, Wu Zhengquan laughed.This is not over. Wu Zhengquan said that the child would not only answer the question, but also "distinguish the belly."

Wu Zhengquan

Looking at everyone’s doubt, in order to prove that he had no bragging, Wu Zhengquan picked up the fan by the bed and said to his wife’s belly:

"Baby, what do you think of this? Is it banana?"

There is no response in the stomach.

"No, is it a cup?"

Wu Zhengquan asked, and his stomach still did not respond.

"Is it a fan?"

As soon as Wu Zhengquan’s words fell, Zhang Yonghua’s stomach began to shake violently.

This scene looked at the people at the scene, and couldn’t help but raise his palm. He applauded the child in Zhang Yonghua’s belly, and surprised!

You know, the baby’s fetal movement in the mother’s belly is not a rare thing.However, most of the baby’s fetal movement comes according to his own mood. If you want to move, you will move. At most you hear the voice of the parents, there will be a response.Essence

This child is so spiritual, can you see a special place in Zhang Yonghua’s body?Not to mention, this look really see some strangeness.

Zhang Yonghua

Zhang Yonghua didn’t look fat, but the parts above the legs below the chest were plump and round.According to Wu Zhengquan, his wife had only 120 pounds before pregnancy, heavier one year after pregnancy, and 180 pounds after four years!And just have a long belly.

In order to prove that he was not stuffing into his belly with clothes pretending to pretend to be pregnant, Zhang Yonghua lifted his clothes and exposed his belly.The belly is very different from the ordinary pregnant woman’s stomach, and there is no stretch marks on the belly, but there is a white fine lines caused by the skin after the skin is stretched.It’s not so elastic when I touch it, but it is soft, but the position of the bottom of the navel is a bit hard.

Not only did she show her belly to everyone, Zhang Yonghua also said the process of her entire pregnancy.

In May 2005, 40 -year -old Zhang Yonghua began to have some strange symptoms, vomiting, and menstruation, wouldn’t it be pregnant!IntersectionZhang Yonghua told her husband to her husband. Wu Zhengquan said nothing and rushed back when he asked for leave.

If you are pregnant, the 40 -year -old child is still unacceptable for other couples, but for Zhang Yonghua’s husband and wife, it is simply a happy descendant.Originally, the two had a daughter, had already went to college, and had always wanted a son. After waiting for so many years, they did not come now, but it was not too late, and they could still give birth!

Although he was confirmed by the doctor’s confirmation because of this skepticism in his heart.Wu Zhengquan hurriedly called the car. The couple came to the old Chinese medicine medicine in the village and made the traditional Chinese medicine nickname.As a result, the doctor said, "Congratulations, Xixi!" I also informed the expected date of 2006.


The husband and wife were called an embarrassment. Wu Zhengquan directly resigned from the work in Shanghai and found a factory next to his house. He only conceived his child’s wife only for the years of careless years.Everything is carried out step by step, Zhang Yonghua’s belly is bigger every day, and it is about to produce, but strange things come.

The expected period of the doctor said is the first month, but the first month is almost 2 months. The children in the belly seem to not want to come out. How can this be good?And there is a strangeness. Others generally last for 1 month, while Zhang Yonghua spit for 1 year!It is not normal.

The original joy was diluted at once, and the couple found the old Chinese medicine again with an uneasy mood. Asked what the situation was?As a result, the old Chinese medicine said that the child in her stomach was very special and slow.Now it is only 7 months old, and you have to wait for it.

Zhang Yonghua

special?Zhang Yonghua stunned in his heart, shouldn’t this be a child?It was seen that Zhang Yonghua’s worries were that the old Chinese medicine had no problem when shooting the breasts, and the child’s heartbeat was normal.

With the affirmation of the doctor, Zhang Yonghua took his heart down. She also thought of Nezha. It wasn’t it for more than 3 years in her mother’s belly before coming out, and the founder of the Taoist school Lao Tzu was born in 81 years.IntersectionLook at where I follow, after thinking about it, Zhang Yonghua no longer worry, she will wait patiently, and when the child is willing to come out.

And then the children in the stomach can "understand people’s words" and "distinguish between the belly". The couple believes that the child they are pregnant will be a non -ordinary character!

Whoever thinks, this wait has waited for 4 years!

In August 2009, Qi Ying, who had been in Zhang Yonghua’s belly for 4 years, suddenly began to calm down.That day, Wu Zhengquan was working in the factory and suddenly received a call from his wife, saying that he might be born.

Wu Zhengquan ran away. When he rushed to the house, he saw that Zhang Yonghua’s lower body had been dripping down. Is it that the amniotic fluid was broken. Is the child going out?He was pleased and anxious, and quickly gave 120 to send his wife to a large hospital in the city, waiting for delivery.

However, the doctor of the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department questioned the situation of Zhang Yonghua’s pregnancy, and questioned the situation where she had not given birth for four years.The old Chinese medicine did not test the blood test, and the urine test was not tested. The pulse alone had no scientific confirmation.

However, the news of Zhang Yonghua’s 4 -year -old report immediately passed out.Not only pregnant women and family members of obstetrics and gynecology, but even other floor departments have come to see the fun, and want to see this person who is more legendary than Nezha, but at the same time, it is more doubt.

"There are things there are things in it. From medical perspective, there is such a possibility."

"If she is dead, she will feel pain in her stomach, and she can’t hurt, but she has been born for several years, so it is impossible."

Everyone who watched the lively people expressed their views, and some also said that "children will fight tie when they come out".However, in the end, it can be defined after the hospital’s examination.

The family of patients in the hospital

The doctor first performed a tire supervision inspection of Zhang Yonghua, but no matter how the probe was found on her belly, the child could not hear the heartbeat of the child. Only the sound of the umbilical blood flow, but the possibility was not great. It was difficult to determine whether it was difficult to determine whetherI was pregnant, but I found that the fat on Zhang Yonghua’s belly was very thick.

It is not fully determined whether Zhang Yonghua is pregnant, or the condition in the stomach after pregnancy.If you really want to figure out the facts, you must check it through B -ultrasound.It is strange that Zhang Yonghua seems to be very exclusive to doing B -ultrasound.According to Wu Zhengquan: In the past four years, they did not have done a B -ultrasound, but after doing it, the doctor said that they were not pregnant, but menstruation disorders.

Therefore, when I heard that the doctor asked the B -ultrasound to check again, Zhang Yonghua’s face pulled it down and said impatiently:

"Doing the B -ultrasound does not work, isn’t this a blind delay? I can’t see it!" Can’t see it! "

Seeing that Zhang Yonghua’s rebellious psychology came up again, the doctor went to persuade:

"Didn’t you say that you are about to give birth? You can do a B -ultrasound check, so we can see the child’s situation, isn’t it?"

In the end, Zhang Yonghua agreed to perform a B -ultrasound inspection by the persuasion.However, the inspection of a doctor in the B -ultrasound room was really surprising and surprising!

"Nothing, she is fat. They are fat, oil, or so on, she still has fatty liver!"

"Are there no children?"


After listening to the doctor’s words, Zhang Yonghua fell into the ice cave.As if I lost my soul, I said quietly, I can’t say it, let me check this. I also asked me to check this. The baby in my stomach said that I couldn’t come out, and I would be changed when I came.

Even though the doctor did not believe that she was pregnant with her child, Zhang Yonghua still stated that she was pregnant, and she was going to give birth in recent days.Since the hospital refuses to accept herself, she will give birth to herself!I also said that when my daughter was born ten years ago, I was born at home, and it doesn’t matter if the hospital does not accept it.

Even if there is a doctor’s confirmation and affirmation, there is no pregnancy under medical instrument, but it is only fatty liver, but the Zhang Yonghua couple still refuses to believe that it is pregnant.Overall watching this couple, found that everything is normal in life, but is extremely persistent about pregnancy. What is going on?

According to a doctor of psychology and a professor at the Shanghai First Maternal and Baby Health Hospital, Zhang Yonghua is not pregnant but fake pregnancy. To be precise, he has the disease.

When a person needs a demand, there will be expectations. When you look forward to reaching the peak, it will be reflected in physical behavior.In other words, from wanting to get pregnant to thinking that you are pregnant, to doing your behavior after pregnancy.


Once a person has a strong desire for pregnancy and has anxiety in his heart, it will affect the central nervous system over time, which will cause endocrine disorders. From normal people to amenorrhea, vomiting, and even pain during childbirth.

As for Zhang Yonghua’s "dislike" in the belly, it was actually her own operation.In the past 4 years, I have not worked. The delicious and delicious husbands have been served by my husband.If you have more fat, control your muscles slightly, your belly will shake violently.

Professor of Shanghai First Maternal and Baby Health Hospital

So, is Zhang Yonghua really the case? What is the reason she must have a child?

In 1991, Zhang Yonghua and Wu Zhengquan, who were also the fellows of Yingshang County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, met and fell in love when working in Shanghai. The two soon married and gave birth to a child.This was originally a good happy event, but because of the mother -in -law’s thoughts of the male and female, and Zhang Yonghua gave birth to her daughter, so she has not been liked by her mother -in -law.

However, Wu Zhengquan is excellent to Zhang Yonghua. He never cares that his wife is born or female.Although his wife bought it, his mother was very angry. Because there was no son, Wu Zhengquan and his mother forged Liangzi.

Zhang Yonghua and daughter

These were all seen by Zhang Yonghua. The more her husband was, the more guilty to her heart, the more the desire to give her a son a stronger to her husband.Gradually, as the psychological doctor said, the demand became expectations, and finally triggers the hindrance.

In the past 4 years, she has not doubted the children in her belly, which is unrealistic.Zhang Yonghua once gave birth to a daughter. She had a palm of the symptoms before and in the middle and late pregnancy. How could she really be pregnant for four years? The child did not come out., Still in the dream of having a son, I was reluctant to wake up.

In the final analysis, this symptoms show that Zhang Yonghua is sick.Fortunately, Wu Zhengquan was willing to live in a dream with her, and was willing to cooperate with his wife to play.Even if his wife couldn’t have this child all his life, he was willing to serve her for a lifetime without complaints.

The two people deceived themselves because of their love, and seemed to make the ridiculous farce a touching feeling.

Zhang Yonghua and Wu Zhengquan

This disease is very widely reflected in the disease, and it is not uncommon for humans and animals to.It is not only pregnant, but also in all aspects of human life.Disposal, also known as conversion disorders, is actually the entire body and spirit being manipulated by a strong hint. The person who controls you may be yourself or others.

A typical typical occurrence in Italy. In March 2020, the new crown epidemic raged the world. A hospital in Italy had treated a "new crown" patient.The patient has a large part of the new crown symptoms, fever, difficulty breathing, and accelerated heart rate.

However, the hospitalization was observed for a long time. In the results of many nucleic acid examinations, all showed negative. The patient did not have a new crown at all.The corresponding symptoms on the body were because he had a strong psychological suggestion that he had participated in a dinner before. The owner of the dinner had a serious cough, which made him mistakenly win the new crown with the dinner owner, and he was infected with a new crown.

Therefore, when the situation is wrong, it is recommended to take a timely consultation and diagnose the disease in a scientific method instead of self -diagnosis.

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