In 2009, a 15 -year -old girl in the United Kingdom made a 13 -year -old boy and unexpectedly gave birth to 1 woman.

But in the UK, a pair of children in modern society not only tasted the forbidden fruit, but also gave birth to their daughters. Their parents not only did not reflect, but also had a lot of money on this incident and made a lot of money from them.

In 2009, a 13 -year -old teenager in the UK became a dad. The child’s mother was fifteen years old. The two people not only gave birth to children frankly, but also cooperated with the media very much.Focus.

What is surprising is that both children have their own families, and their communication is also carried out under the eyelids of the family. What kind of family they grew up?

Algepaton and his girlfriend, Dai Dell, both lived in the poor area of Iston, UK.The two are not far from. Because the two children of the two are often playing together, they have been familiar with them since they were young.

Because Aerfei, 13 -year -old, did not have a good job in academic performance, his father asked 15 -year -old Xian Dell to come to the house to make up the lesson. Sometimes it was too late. Xiandel would stay in Alfe’s house. In this regard, the two did not have too

But more than five months later, the mother of Xia Dell, Penny, found that her daughter not only got a lot of fat, but also vomited often. She began to ask Xiandell, and eventually got the news that her daughter had been pregnant for five months.

Faced with the annoyance of her mother, Xiandely was very calm. She said to her mother that her and her child’s father, Al Fei, had discussed that she had to give birth to this child. Alge would be responsible for the child.

"Let a 13 -year -old child be responsible for his child?" Xia Dael’s mother felt incredible, but after she went to the hospital to ask, she knew that the state of Xia Dell was not suitable for fetal, so she decided to let her daughter give birth to a child.

Penny said to Xia Dell: "I and your dad are unemployed. We have 6 children to raise. You are also a child. Although I don’t welcome the arrival of this little life, I love you, so I will accept her.","

With the recognition of her mother, Xia Dell began to drop out of school and waited for the child to be born at home.

On February 9, 2009, Xia Dell gave birth to a seven -pound daughter in the hospital. The mother and daughter were safe, and Algeei, who was promoted to her father, gave birth to her daughter. She patted her daughter to sleep while the cradle.The name Messi, like a little dad.

But when the reporter who was interviewed at present asked Al Fei’s economic source, he showed a confused expression that his father sometimes gave him $ 10 pocket money, and it was obviously not enough.

When it comes to poverty, Alge’s family is worse than Xian Dell’s family. 8 children in the family need money. The only father who makes money is just a trailer driver.

His father Dennis was very annoyed to his son brought him back again. He said to reporters: "I want to let his son know what is responsible, after all, he is still a child who likes playing games."

After the discharged from Xian Dell, he brought Messi to Alfe’s family. Under the reporter’s lens, the family of three was very harmonious, although Alepi didn’t look a few years older than his child.

With the swarming of the reporter, Dennis saw Alge’s "scandal" and could bring business opportunities to the family. Under the guidance of his friends, he was ready to make a good profit.

Dennis made the phone call to his ex -wife Nicholas and said in a joyful tone: "Do you believe it? This is a good story that can bring us wealth."

Nicholas just started to oppose the idea of her ex -husband. She felt that letting the media hype her son and such a small baby is immoral. But soon, under the temptation of money, she and Dennis stood on the unified front.Selling his son’s story to London with one heart bargain.

Daniel did not say wrong. This story really attracts people’s attention. Thousands of British people are curious about this matter. Although the voices accusations here are mostly, people want to pay more attention to the follow -up development of this matter.

A well -known British editor once said: As a Father of Messi, Alep will continue to make money in recent years, because her daughter’s one -year -old birthday, including her elementary school, etc. The media will follow and report that Algee will get at least from it to get it.Fresh £ 500,000.

In order to make the scene of Al Fei’s raising daughter’s growing up, ten media have begun to compete, and the winner will pay the deposit of 80,000 pounds of Al Fei.

The price of each photo of Al Fei and Messi is at least 20,000 pounds. In this way, Algee seems to be in the future.

But just when everything was logical, suddenly two boys stood up and said that Messi’s father was not Alge, but himself.While everyone was about to start down, six boys stood up to compete for their father’s rights.

At this time, even the media was so sad that it was really messy, but the emotions returned to emotions. The media preferred such a peak circuit story, and hoped that it could burst more upset.

In front of the media’s lens, the 14 -year -old Tailebuck said that the child was his own, because he and Xiandel "" was "good" nine months ago.

The 16 -year -old Richardsle was even more positive. According to him, the two had been together before Xia Dell had no pregnancy.

Regarding these words, Al Fei said that they were all lies, and he believed that Xiandel was loyal to himself.

In order to confirm who is Messi’s father, the authorities adopted several people’s DNA samples and tested it. When the test results were not come out, who Messi’s father was spent, and almost became the discussion of every British tea after meals.Essence

Regarding this phenomenon, British former Prime Minister, Bonad, once said: "From the perspective of this matter, society cannot get forward on this basis."

But in any case, this matter has become the focus of the media.

At the end of March 2009, the test results were announced. Alepy was not Messi’s father. The 14 -year -old Tailebuck was Messi’s biological father. The results of this inspection obviously caused Al Fei to be deeply hit.Zi became a bubble.

But he didn’t know that through the hype of him, the handsome boy turned down the front desk is the parent of Xia Dell, and they were the most commercial smell.

The reason why Xian Dell’s parents were so tolerant of her daughter was because of their purpose.Because the family is poor and the two are unemployed at home, their requirements for the six children are to eat and wear warmth. They will never be educated for children, mainly by letting them go.

In this loose environment, Xiandell has sex at a very young age. She has a relationship with many boys and often take contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. She often stays at her neighbor’s house.Just listen to it.

When Xiandell was found to be pregnant, her mother Penny was very frustrated. After all, her daughter was too young to regenerate a child. She couldn’t afford the family. However, when questioning the child’s father, she was also a messy sex life for her daughter.surprised.

At the same time, a thought also appeared in Penny’s mind. The 15 -year -old girl was pregnant before unmarried. It is common in the UK. Every year, tens of thousands of minor girls are pregnant in the UK.Become the focus of the media.

Among the sex partners explained by Xia Dell, Penny discovered the 13 -year -old Arf. After all, being a 13 -year -old father is a news that can cause a sensation. Besides, Algee is pure, and it looks younger than the actual age, which is enough to attract the media enoughEyes.

Under the guidance of Penny, Xiandel found Algee, making this ignorant little boy a child’s father. Sure enough, the development of the matter is just like Penny’s expectation.A lot of money.

However, after the storm, people who have been swept across are bound to be hurt. This person is Alge, who once became a "star father".

After determining the identity of the child’s father, Xiandel and the child moved away from Alge’s family, but the friendship between the two did not break.

Al Fei chose to fade out of the public sight and stay silent. He once felt that he was a joke that was used.

In 2022, 26 -year -old Alge appeared in people’s attention. He and his mother Nicholas went out of the ground because the police were suspected of selling drugs at home.

Looking back on Algee’s life in the past three years, it is even more inferior. He frequently drinks and troubles. He has insulted an old man on the street for no reason, and he is playing crazy when he is crazy.The fence is scattered, and the whole state is very abnormal.

During this time, Algee was sentenced to two years of suspended sentences for theft and imitation guns.After drunk, he went to court again.

His lawyer’s defense said: "Algee was hurt that year. He had also seen a psychologist, but he still couldn’t go out of trouble. He thought about changing. In this case, he was not suitable for prison to serve in prison."

Although the judge agreed with the lawyer’s opinion and sentenced Alphid’s behavior this time, she also warned Alphid: "You are lucky to have the support of your mother, she has been running for you, but if you continue to continueIf this goes on, no one will forgive you anymore. "

Maybe the British still remembered the appearance of the pure little father who was lying with the baby 13 years ago, so he was more willing to give him a chance, but who would destroy him if he was investigated for the reasons for Al Fei?

In the incident of that year, Alge’s parents undoubtedly had an unswerving responsibility. Their monitoring of minors was not in place.Life.

Fortunately, 13 years have passed. Xiao Messi, who has grown into a girl, has disappeared from the media’s attention. She hopes that she can live a peaceful life without being disturbed by the year and grow up with her parents’ care.

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