In 2019, the 67 -year -old old lady in Shandong gave birth to a daughter.

At more than 9 am on October 25, 2019, the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Shandong Zaozhuang Woman and Child Health Hospital was surrounded by water and was extremely lively.No one, because the doctor is going to be a 67 -year -old old lady today.You did not hear it right, pregnant women are indeed 67 years old.Because of this, many people have long come to the hospital and want to see this "the oldest naturally conceived woman in China".What’s going on?

The old lady was Tian Xinju, a doctor of Zaozhuang Women’s Child Health Hospital. After retirement, she was returned to the hospital for 10 years. It was not officially retired at home until 2018.The husband is Huang Weiping, and before retirement, he was a lawyer.The husband and wife have been married for more than 40 years, and have one child and a daughter. Now the largest granddaughter is 18 years old, and the granddaughter has a boyfriend.In this case, how did the children in the belly of Tian Xinju come from?

It is reported that in mid -2018, Tian Xinju was affected by gap.If this disease is not treated in time, it will be dementia, and life is life -threatening.However, she is very old and is not suitable for surgery, so she can only rely on taking drugs for conservative treatment.It is also this conservative treatment that she has been on vacation for more than 20 years.As a doctor, Tian Xinju certainly knew that this situation was a bit abnormal, so he hurried to the hospital for examination.

However, the doctor said to her, "Everything is normal in your body. The reason for the holiday may be that the drugs you drink have estrogen." After listening to this, Tian Xinju’s heart was completely put down.EssenceHowever, in April 2019, her body began to have discomfort again.At first, it was a little blessing, and then the mental was not good, always sleepy, and the symptoms of nausea and nausea appeared in the back.

No way, Huang Weiping had to take his wife to the hospital for a detailed examination.However, this test result was not only surprised by the doctor, but even the Huang Weiping couple was surprised.Because Tian Xinju, 67, was pregnant and was pregnant with a girl.At first, the couple felt that the doctor was lying to them. After all, the two were close to 70 years old. The pregnancy and child were in the future.

However, the doctor’s words dispelled their questions: "Ms. Tian, you can re -menstruation when you are 67 years old, what is impossible for pregnancy and child?" Since he is pregnant, then there is an important thing next.Put in front of them ~ Is this child born?Still not born?At this time, the doctor gave a reply again: "The best time to miss the fetus has been missed. The fetus’s leg bones are very long.

After hearing this, the Huang Weiping and his wife decided to do a comprehensive examination of the fetus. If there was a problem, the labor was induced; if it was developed normally, it would be born.After all, the old couples have more than 10,000 pensions per month, and it is not a problem to raise a child.It may be that this child shouldn’t be absolutely good. The full set of inspections showed that it was very healthy.In this case, the Huang Weiping couple made up their minds that even if there were many people opposed, they had to give birth to the child.

When it comes to opposition, the Huang Weiping couple first wants to be their children in front of them. There is no exception. They do not want this sister to drop.My daughter even said: If parents have to give birth to a sister, they have to cut off the relationship.In the face of the threat of the relatives, the Huang Weiping couple was not afraid at all, and said calmly: "If you want to cut off the relationship, go, do you still have a child with our salary? And you do n’t need to raise it!"

In addition to children, the outside world is also very puzzled by the way they want to give birth to their children.Some people even mocked directly: "It is really not ashamed to have children at such a big age." Some people directly questioned that Tian Xinju’s children were obtained by doing test tube babies.Babies and the like, the arrival of this child is also an unexpected surprise for us, just like a gift from heaven. "

After that, she stayed at home with a child, while Huang Weiping took care of his wife beside him.It may be complained to parents, and from this time, the pair of children of the Huang family really didn’t come to see their parents.As the stomach grows day by day, Tian Xinju has symptoms such as eclampsia and damage to the liver.However, her original hypertension suddenly disappeared after pregnancy, which made her think that the daughter in her belly was protecting herself.

By 9 months of pregnancy, the doctor considered that Tian Xinju was too old and asked her to come to the hospital’s family integrated delivery room for delivery.However, the cost of this kind of delivery room is very expensive, at least 1,000 yuan a day.But for the sake of her daughter, Tian Xinju still clenched her teeth, and came in and lived.On the morning of October 25, 2019, Tian Xinju gave birth to a 5 pound baby girl through a cesarean section.

Huang Weiping, who has been staying at the door of the delivery room, shed tears happily after hearing "mother and daughter".Because they are old -age women, the couple named Huang Tianci.When Huang Weiping was immersed in happiness, some netizens immediately called the local family planning commission after learning the news, saying that their third child was suspected of violating the family planning policy.It is indeed a fine.

In this regard, Huang Weiping said: The government must specially think that we do not want to violate the family planning. If we fines, we will file an administrative reconsideration or lawsuit."However, this super -born fine was not implemented in the end, because two babies had been released nationwide at that time, so if you want to have 3 babies, the government basically ignores it. Now, the Huang Weiping coupleThe tuition and living expenses were launched and carried out the goods.

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