In 21 years, Hunan women’s learning cars are pregnant with coaches. After divorce, the coach does not admit: who knows who it is

I have been infertility for many years after marriage, and I was not pregnant with my child until the age of thirty. It was a big event for anyone who let it go, but there are exceptions!

Ye Wei in Changsha, Hunan has not been able to conceive her child for many years after marriage. In order to conceive her children, she couldn’t remember how many hospitals had run, but she had never improved. When she was tired and wanted to give upOn her head.

Ye Wei

At the age of thirty, she finally pregnant with her child. After learning the good news, she couldn’t be happy.

The reason was that the child’s biological father learned that after she was pregnant, she had a 180 -degree turn, and he refused Ye Wei to give birth to the child.

Why is the hard -working child excluded by his biological father?What exactly is going on?

Ye Wei’s family lives in Changsha, Hunan. She is 30 years old and is the only daughter of the family. She has been loved by her parents since she was a child.

In adulthood, under the cooperation of her mother, she married a 8 -year -old man to form a new family.The real problem is in front of the two.

Ye Wei and her husband have been married for two years, but her belly has not moved. This is anxious to worry about the parents of both parties. At first, she and her husband did not care too much. Everything pursued it.Essence

You know, in many families, marriage is not a matter of two people. It is related to the two families behind them. Both parents are anxious to embrace their grandchildren.

In the end, under the strong pressure of the parents of both parties, the two went to the hospital to do a related examination together. After some inspection, they did not find that the two had obvious defects, but just instructed Ye Wei to strengthen physical exercise.

After returning, Ye Wei did not slack the slightest and insisted on exercising every day, but after persisting for more than half a year, she still failed to conceive her child, which was not a crackdown on her and her husband.

Slowly, the relationship between the couple had changed subtle changes because of their children’s affairs, and they began to blame each other, and both brought this emotion to daily life, and the differences were getting bigger and bigger.

His noisy and noisy, both husband and wife understand that the main reason for the difference between the two is that they have not been pregnant. In order to improve the relationship between husband and wife, the two are still working hard.

The husband and wife are preparing for pregnancy, and the parents of the two sides are not idle and inquired about the remedies. Ye Wei and her husband couldn’t remember how many doctors and how much medicine had taken, but they had not been effective.

The inner anxiety of the couple’s heart, coupled with the urging of both parents, various negative emotions accumulated together, and the relationship between the couple was becoming increasingly indifferent.

After many years of seeking sons, Ye Wei and her husband finally became "familiar strangers."

Familiar because the two still live under the same roof, and even maintain the "love" of the husband and wife when they are outside; strange is because the two people close the door of the two people who exist each other and separate early, just like two strange "tenants."" ".

In this way, two people live in two different lives outside the door. This life is a kind of suffering for each other, but both are "boiled" and are waiting for the other party to not support it.

In 2020, Ye Wei, who had nothing to do, had a plan to learn a car, and this decision changed her life.

In some comparison, Ye Wei chose to register a driving school not far from her home. Soon she successfully passed the first test of the subject. After a while of ecstasy in her heart, she started the second course of studying the subject.

The coach of the subject two is Shi Zhang. When he first met the coach, Ye Wei was surprised. In her impression, the coach of the driving school was a middle -aged and greasy man, but her coach was similar to her, tall and mighty, and the first meeting impressed.

What makes Ye Wei more happy is that although this stone Zhang is usually very patient, he is very patient, especially when he takes care of her. For a few days, the two became good friends.

The suppressed life after marriage made her have nowhere to tell. After encountering Shi Zhang, Ye Wei found that the other party was very good at listening and also enlightened her from time to time to care about her life.

On the one hand, the husband is indifferent, and on the other hand, the new knowledge confidant is understanding, and Ye Wei gradually has a sense of dependence on Shi Zhang.

In this way, Ye Wei and Shi Zhang got along with each other for a while, and finally passed the bottom line of friends and had a relationship. After together, Ye Wei had the idea of divorcing her husband and Shi Zhang.

When she told Shi Zhang this idea, the other party did not make clear support but did not have clear opposition, and she had been ambiguous.

Although Shi Zhang was hesitant, Ye Wei had made up her mind. She went back to make a demand for a divorce to her husband. What Ye Wei couldn’t think of was that her husband was usually indifferent to her, but she proposed that her husband did not agree when she proposed that she did not agree.The two consumed like this.

After Ye Wei and Shi Zhang were together for a while, she suddenly felt vomiting. At first, she felt that it might be physical discomfort and didn’t think much.

At this time, Ye Wei was nearly thirty years old. Pregnancy was an exactly what happened to her. The most important thing was that when she was with Shi Zhang, she took contraceptives.

Therefore, for her initial vomiting, she did not think about pregnancy. Until she vomited frequently, when she went to the hospital for examination, the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant for 3 months.

When I got the checklist, Ye Wei cried very well. After marriage, she was treated coldly for her child’s affairs. Her grievances, unwillingness, and sadness that she had endured for many years was swept away by this small report.

She wiped her tears and returned home, and she raised her divorce again to her husband. The husband’s attitude was still as usual, and he refused to agree.

This time Ye Wei did not stop at the purpose. She filmed the inspection report on the table and said lightly: "I’m pregnant!"

Hearing this sentence, Ye Wei’s husband stunned, stopped back to his room, and said lightly: "Leave!"

Ye Wei understood that her husband promised to divorce this time because he knew that the child was not his. She and her husband had been separated for a few years. Prior to this, her mother -in -law had accused her of being a "hen" who would not be eggs.The report is the best back, making her eye raising her eyebrows.

After the divorce quickly, Ye Wei returned to her mother’s house. She looked forward to starting a new life with Shi Zhang, but at this moment, Shi Zhang, the child’s biological father in her belly, retreated.

When Ye Wei was excited to tell Shi Zhang about her pregnancy, the other party was very disgusted and resolutely opposed the birth of the child.

The child’s biological father in his belly was so attitude, which made Ye Wei very incomprehensible. Is Shi Zhang’s oaths that she had told her?She found Shi Zhang to discuss it regardless of everything.

The restrained stone chapter did not say the reason why he asked for this child. He just stubbornly said that the child would not be able to give birth. Without a child, he would marry Ye Wei.

According to Shi Zhang, it was not his affection. He prepared for the two people to form a child before he got married. Now Ye Wei’s belly is unhealthy and uncomfortable.

Ye Wei and Shi Zhang were still arguing frequently around this child.

Ye Wei insisted on the child’s reason for this child: the child in the belly is a lively life, and she can’t bear to give up; in addition, she is getting older, and she becomes an elderly pregnant woman.The first marriage was because she couldn’t get pregnant. She was worried that she would never be a mother’s chance.

Shi Zhang did not understand Ye Wei’s thoughts very much, and he didn’t understand why Ye Wei did not agree with the child after marriage.

In the dispute, the parents of the two sides also began to go to the stage. The mother of Shi Zhang’s mother Wang Hui found Ye Wei alone. After the two sides met, Wang Huiyu said the following paragraph to Ye Wei:

"I do not oppose your marriage as a mother, but this child cannot be born. After all, you have taken medicine when you are together. Will this affect the children in the belly?Give you 40,000 yuan, don’t stay this child, raise your body, my Ming media is marrying you, and then you can ask for a child. "

It is said that Shi Zhang’s mother’s words are reasonable and polite, but Ye Wei’s mother also has her concerns.

Ye mother felt that no matter Shi Zhang or his mother Wang Hui, what she said now is that they are not credible. They don’t want to leave the child in the daughter’s belly, just to facilitate the relationship in the future.

By the way, Ye Wei and his mother did not believe in Shi Zhang’s mother and son. They thought that if they did not want this child, the other party would immediately draw a line with her.

The two families are suspicion of each other. The child has unknowingly nine months old. She is pregnant in October. Seeing that the child is about to give birth, but Shi Zhang has always hid Ye Wei and disappeared.Essence

The Zhang family eliminates concerns.

The mediation staff tried to find Shi Zhang in person to ask, but he kept hiding. In the interview, Shi Zhang said a word, completely exposing the real reason why he didn’t want this child.

In the interview of the telephone interview, Shi Shizhang said such a sentence: "Who knows who the child is?"

When the mediator interviewed Shi Zhang’s mother Wang Hui, she finally talked about the truth: worrying about the child’s health problem. Although the fetus was normal, the Shijia had always been questioning;Seriously questioned.

It turned out that when Ye Wei and Shi Zhang were together, she had not yet divorced. Although she claimed that she had separated from her husband for many years, the two had been living under the roof. The saying that she was separated is only Ye Wei’s words, which was not enough to get trust.

Therefore, Shi Zhang and his mother worried about a joy, and finally became a "pick -up man", which is also the real reason why Shi Zhang insisted on getting married first and then asked the child.

Stone chapter

After Ye Wei learned that the Shi Zhang family’s true concerns, she was a little crying and laughing. She and her husband divorced because they had never been after, which caused the relationship between the two to break down. If she and her ex -husband had children, they would not have any exquisite with Shi Zhang.

The two sides accused each other in each other’s dissatisfaction. The Shi Zhang family was willing to pay 40,000 yuan "nutritional fees" in the face of the child who was about to be born, and there was nothing else.

Ye Wei is also ready to be a single mother. In her opinion, this child is the best gift from God to him. For the child, she can give up her happiness. She just wants the child to be born as a father as a father.The stone chapter can bear some responsibilities.

Today, Ye Wei’s child is more than one year old, everything is healthy, and looking at the cute child, she is very glad that she insisted. For the child’s father, Shi Zhang, she no longer wants to ask for anything. She just wants the child to be healthy and healthy now.Kang, smoothly growing up.

Sometimes love is a practice, and the process of getting along with each other is also a process of promoting each other.

Now that the child is born, it has become an established fact. As the father of the child, Shi Zhang is unavoidable. Helping Ye Wei is the love division of the two of them in love. The child who raised the common two of them is also his obligation to be his father’s due obligation.Essence

Ye Wei, as a child’s mother, insisted on giving birth to a child from the beginning. Presumably she was ready to raise alone, but she still hoped that she should be cautious in the face of every choice in the future.

For unmarried children, do you think Shi Zhang is too ruthless or Ye Wei is too willful?

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