In fact, the upper ring is equal to the monthly curettage. Do you want to go to the ring?

My girlfriend always complained to tell me that her husband asked her to go to the ring.Her baby is more than one year old, so she does not want children in the past two years, but she is afraid of unexpected pregnancy, so her husband asked her to go to the ring.The girlfriend did not say anything, but just went online to see the side effects of the Sheung Wan.

As if a curettage surgery was performed, foreign bodies were placed inside the uterus. When the embryo wanted to bed in the palace, the contraceptive ring would continue to scrape the uterus to cause the uterus to cause sterile inflammation.Make the embryo cannot develop in the uterus, thereby abortion and achieve contraception.

After watching these side effects, my girlfriend is resolutely unwilling to go to the ring. It is uncomfortable to put a foreign object in the body. If you see it once a month, you will be more scared.The surgery is recommended for condoms, and condoms can prevent the spread of AIDS.

Is the Shekuan so terrible?Let you listen to the truth below

Pear: After eight months of Shanghai, I have been bleeding. I need to take the medicine prescribed by the hospital every month. I am afraid that I am afraid to take the ring when I am afraid.When I went, it was a painful time when I got it, and the amount of bleeding was very large. The doctor said that if I was bleeding after a week, I would come to him, but the bleeding was anemia for a week, and the amount was so large.

Chancan: Various depending on person, anyway, I went to the Shekuan after giving birth to a child. Now it has been ten years. I go to the hospital for examination every year. At least in the past ten years, I will protect my body very well. I doHarm to the body.Some people’s physical fitness is not adaptable to have problems. They are magical, which causes people in the Shehuanhuan to cause the figure and mislead others.

Kaka: Those who are prone to pregnancy really can’t afford to hurt, especially like me. My little guy in my family is not careful. At the beginning, I will have irregular bleeding but can’t find outThe reason was unexpectedly taken down for two or three months. After giving birth to a daughter for a month, I had an accident. I was scared and I hurriedly brought the ring. It has been seven years now.ring.

Obviously, the upper ring can achieve the effect of contraception, but not 100%, and there will be people with ring pregnancy. Endonal pregnancy conditions. Obviously, there are many many side effects such as menstrual abnormal infection and pain.

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