In May, I should eat it. Cook a few steps into tea. After the summer, I insist on drinking. Adults and children benefit.

In May, it is like oranges. Who thinks about lychee at this time.

Loquat is an evergreen tree native to China. It has a long history of consumption. Every year in May, Huang Chengcheng’s loquat will be full of branches, sweet and sour, and can be used as fruit."The main raw material is”.After school, the child at home picked the loquat of the full school bag on the side of the road. The green and yellow were different, and the leaves were also carried. I saw that the fruit was not familiar with it.It is not enough, but it is good to drink some "moisturizing tea".

There are some Chuanbei in the house. With these small tadpoles, you can boil into "Sichuan Bei Run Lung Tea". Now it is the season when the season is conversion. Drink several times a week.

The ingredients used: 2 pounds of loquats, 5 grams of Chuanbei, 50 grams of rock sugar

1. Clean the coriander, remove all the nucleus, and do not waste the juice flowing. Use a bowl to continue.The flesh is put on the chopping board, all chopped after chopping.

2. Chuanbei prepares about seven or eight, and it can be easily bought online or pharmacies. It is smashed into pink for later use.

3. Add a lot of water to the cooking pot, about 5 liters. Pour all the flesh, Chuanbei powder, and rock sugar in about 50 grams to the pot.Stir for 1-2 times, and when there is about 1 liter of water left in the pot, the residue is filtered out, and the lung tea can be drank.

Regardless of whether it is boiled cream or cooking lung tea, it is recommended to chop the coriander into a "dumpling filling" to speed up the boiling speed, and the soup is thicker and effective.Filter it with a fine network 2 times when filtering.Loquat is slightly acidic, but it is not recommended to add too much sugar in the tea, sweet and sour, delicious and delicious. If it is more creamy sugar, you can extend the storage period.

I am a foraging notes in the city. I have been fighting the world for many years. I still have a lot of glory and full of interest!Update food recipes and market life daily, pay attention to me, and enjoy a comfortable life.

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