In summer, pregnant women run to the toilet, and frequent urination is too suffering. These five methods can relieve trouble.

In hot summer, pregnant mothers will drink plenty of water to prevent themselves from getting angry and prevent constipation at the same time.However, since drinking plenty of water, the number of times the pregnant mothers go to the toilet have become more. I often feel frequent urination and urgency, which is too torment.

For most pregnant mothers, there will be more frequent urination needs in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. This is because as the uterus slowly becomes larger, it squeezes the space of the bladder and causes stimulation to the bladder.At the time of the bladder, the urine storage capacity of the bladder becomes smaller, and there will be more frequent urination symptoms.

In addition, pregnant women will change their body hormones in the middle of pregnancy, which will also stimulate the bladder of pregnant women. This is also one of the key reasons why pregnant women enter and late pregnancy.

In summer, pregnant women run to the toilet, and frequent urination is too suffering. These five methods can relieve trouble.

In fact, if you want to improve the situation of pregnant mothers always run to the toilet, it is also simple to relieve frequent urination and urgency.

First of all, pregnant mothers should drink water scientifically instead of blindly intake of moisture.Some pregnant mothers heard that if you don’t drink more water, the quality of amniotic fluid will be greatly affected, so he will deliberately drink plenty of water.But in fact, drinking water during pregnancy also has methods. If the hydration is not right, it may cause a burden on pregnant women.

Pregnant mothers can arrange for themselves to drink water once or so every hour, and don’t drink too much, just about half a cup of drink, this kind of drinking water is just enough to consume in the next period of time, so that it will not cause frequent urination.The situation is.

It is also necessary to remind pregnant mothers to stop drinking water two hours before going to bed at night, otherwise it is easy to wake up because of frequent urination at night, which will have a great impact on the sleep quality of pregnant mothers.Pregnant mothers can choose to drink a glass of milk about two hours before going to bed, and then stop drinking water. This can also help pregnant mothers sleep more fragrant and supplement water.

Secondly, if pregnant mothers usually have urination, they will solve it instead of enduring.Some pregnant mothers may choose to endure, because they feel that it is very troublesome to run to the toilet, and each time they go to the toilet, they have to spend a lot of energy and simply hold it up until they can’t bear to go to the toilet.

This method not only easily leads to urine concentration, causes urinary stones in pregnant women, but also can easily cause urethral infections. At that time, it may cause more frequent urination problems, and even urinary incontinence may even occur.It is also necessary to remind pregnant mothers to do a good job of hygienic cleaning at the reproductive part during pregnancy, otherwise it may also cause urethral infections, and they cannot escape the effects of frequent urination and urgency.

Some pregnant mothers have symptoms of frequent urination and urgency, but they are not the effect of drinking more water, but because of urethral infections. Therefore, do not stubbornly think that frequent urination and urgency are caused by drinking water.It is recommended that if the problem of frequent urination and urgency is too serious, then go to the hospital to see a doctor to check if it is caused by the disease. Only after this reason can be ruled out can we start from other aspects to solve it.

Furthermore, pregnant mothers can also do more anal reduction exercises during pregnancy. If this kind of exercise is often done, the effect of training pregnant women’s bottom muscle elasticity can be achieved to a certain extent, so as to help pregnant mothers better control controlUrine.Of course, it is best to cooperate with pelvic exercises, because this can also prevent pregnant mothers in urinary incontinence.

In addition, many pregnant mothers may not notice that the sleeping position of pregnant women during pregnancy also has a certain impact on frequent urination and urgency. It is necessary to adopt the position of the left side position as much as possible to avoid long -standing backwards because the pregnant mothers.In the case of lying on the left side, the pressure on the ureter to the uterus will also be alleviated to a certain extent, thereby achieving the case of preventing fallopian tube infections.

Finally, it is also necessary to remind pregnant mothers that to relax their mood as much as possible during pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers become very anxious because of frequent urination and emergencies.You may have sequelae such as urinary incontinence, so you become anxious, and emotions will fluctuate sharply under tension, which will have a greater impact on the bladder and urethra, and it is easier to urinate.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must try to maintain positive emotions as much as possible, relax their mood, and don’t be too anxious.It is clear that frequent urination and urgency are normal reactions. As long as you deal with usual minds, and pay attention to details in all aspects, there will be no other greater impacts.

At the same time, for other problems during pregnancy, the same is the same. It is necessary to maintain a good mentality. Otherwise, excessive anxiety will also affect the fetal baby in the stomach, and may even stimulate them.Emotions face these problems.

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