In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers are worried all day?6 questions you care about, here

The new mummy is a giant panda. She is careful about the fetal treasure, for fear that a little life who runs towards himself accidentally.

When I was pregnant in high school, I was pregnant with me again when I was pregnant. I had various consultations every day. Sometimes I also found out that I was embarrassed and gave me a red envelope to express my gratitude.I took several steamed buns, so don’t consult the fee.

In fact, I really understand the mood of the new Mommy. It is easy to look forward to a new life. I can’t see what I can see in my stomach. I accept such anxious information every day.After abortion and the like, there is a good bleeding or something. Of course, the news is reminding everyone that the normal phenomenon is not necessary to report.Anxiety.

In the early three months of pregnancy, that is, in the first three months, I still need to pay more attention to it. Think about from folk statement to the childcare of celebrities. In the first three months of pregnancy, it is not the world.It will only tell everyone when the fetal treasure is relatively stable in the body.

Then, the prospective moms need to pay attention from the following aspects:

Folic acid supplementation can prevent fetal nerve tube deformities in the early pregnancy, and 0.4 mg is required every day.Generally, when the expectant mummy goes to the hospital, some folic acid tablets will be opened after diagnosis. It is necessary to take it according to the amount. It is recommended that you do n’t need to buy those composite types in the pharmacy. As long as you eat the hospital, the dose and brand are guaranteed.

I often see Bao Ma asks, what do folic acid take?Do you want to take it throughout pregnancy?

No.After three months of pregnancy, the fetal neural tube has been fully developed to stop taking folic acid.

Other Baoma would ask, I did n’t know about pregnancy before, and did n’t take folic acid in advance, would there be any problems?

As far as my personal experience is concerned, I also started taking folic acid tablets from knowing that I was pregnant. I took about 2 months. No problem, don’t be too anxious and entangled.

Will vomiting in early pregnancy cause malnutrition of the baby?

Many expectant mothers in early pregnancy will have nausea and vomiting, so they will worry about whether the baby is malnourished. In fact, the demand for nutrients in the early pregnancy fetus is not large, mainly supplementing vitamins and trace elements.

You can eat less meals, eat more fruits, vegetables rich in vitamin C, vegetables, not partial eclipse or picky eaters, eat more carbohydrates, prevent constipation during pregnancy, eat more nuts, such as walnuts, promote brain development, to fetuses and yourselfBoth are good

Pregnancy usually disappears in the middle of pregnancy, so don’t worry too much.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is not stable. Pregnant mothers should not do too much work, do not handle heavy objects, do not do stretching such as jumping to prevent accidents.

Some pregnant mothers even need to stay in bed.

The mother who is pregnant should avoid tobacco, alcohol and drugs, and stay away from radiation sources.Children’s brains and various organs are being formed, reminding that second -hand smoke should be avoided.

If the pregnant mother appears brown discharge, go to the hospital to confirm it in time. When I was pregnant, there was brown secretions in the early pregnancy. I checked the Internet and said that it might be a threatened abortion. I went to the hospital immediately.The medicine of progesterone did not appear again after taking it.

Early pregnancy is also a placenta development stage, especially the placenta and the mother’s palace wall are not close. The same room may promote the impact of the uterus and cause abortion.

In the end, pregnant moms should maintain a peaceful attitude, don’t be anxious.

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