In the early pregnancy, the fetus is unstable and the mothers must be stable

How can I spend it peacefully 3 months before pregnancy?Cheng Yang, deputy chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Guangzhou First People’s Hospital, introduced that about 80%of accidents occurred 3 months before pregnancy. Expectant mothers should learn to stabilize their emotions and improve their pre -pregnancy examinations.

Cheng Yang told reporters that 3 months before pregnancy are the critical period of fetal development and a sensitive period.The embryo during this period is in a differentiation period, and it is easy to be unstable in the fetus.Therefore, in the early pregnancy, pregnant women should pay special attention to their physical changes.If the fetal is unstable, it is best to go to the hospital for examination in time."Chromic abnormalities are one of the most common causes of embryos during early pregnancy, accounting for 50%to 60%of the suspension of gestational age lt;The fetal chromosomal abnormalities are abnormal, and the development is automatically stopped, that is, the fetal stop."Generally, there are more than 2 or more early abortion, and you should check whether there is abnormal fetal chromosomes."

At the same time, the polycystic ovary syndrome caused by the mother’s endocrine disorders will easily reduce the quality of eggs and endometrial tolerance, making the embryo unable to bed; diabetic, thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism) and other endocrine diseases will also affect embryonic developmentEssenceThe bipolar uterus, twin uterus and uterine vertical diaphragm caused by abnormalities of the mother’s reproductive tract can easily lead to endometrial dysplasia, not sensitive to female and progesterone, poor blood supply, and the tolerance of endometrium to embryo.The incomplete cervical machine can easily expand the palace mouth early, leading to abortion.

In addition, bacterial vaginitis caused by genital tract infections can also increase the abortion rate in the early stages of pregnancy, and the endometritis or cervic tubeitis caused by mycoplasma, chlamydia can cause abortion.There are physical or chemical factors such as radiation, drugs, and poor living habits, such as alcoholism, smoking, drugs and coffee, which can also cause embryos during early pregnancy.

So, how can I have a high -sensitive early pregnancy in peace?Cheng Yang said that expectant mothers should learn to stabilize their emotions, relieve their thoughts, do not nervousness and anxiety, try to avoid all bad spiritual stimuli, and maintain a happy spirit.Function, endocrine function detection, gynecological diseases, etc.), early B -ultrasound examination determines the embryo bed and the number of embryos.In addition, pay attention to rest, especially elderly maternal maternal, and if the symptoms of vaginal bleeding occur after 2 weeks of menopause, you should rest in bed and follow the doctor’s advice.Some key nutrients can be added appropriately.

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Common misunderstandings during pregnancy

Is it really necessary to eat two people when pregnancy?

Cheng Yang suggested that the increase in the weight of pregnant women should not exceed 500 grams per week.If you consume excess nutrition and increase your weight too quickly, pregnant women may induce gestational diabetes due to metabolic or endocrine problems.In addition, it also has a certain impact on fetal development. Excessive nutritional intake may cause huge children, resulting in limited development of the palace, increasing difficulty during childbirth, and risks rising.Therefore, the diet during pregnancy should be appropriate, maintain a balanced nutrition, and supplement the appropriate amount of folic acid.

Can Tang Sihuan risk children want it?

Many expectant mothers are worried that they will have a silly child because of Tang’s screening.In fact, Tang’s screening shows high risk, and it is not completely sure that the baby is Tang’s. Generally, doctors will recommend that fetal non -invasive DNA testing is further diagnosed, so expectant mothers need to worry too much.

Can I take medicine during pregnancy?

I heard that no medicine can be taken during pregnancy. Many expectant mothers can only carry them hard when they are sick.In fact, opposite to rumors, medication during pregnancy is to protect pregnant women and fetal health, because many diseases can be solved by hard resistance.However, there will be certain risks during pregnancy. Therefore, finding a professional doctor for risk assessment is the correct attitude of medication during pregnancy.Information Times (Reporter Liao Wenbo Correspondent Yuan Youfen)

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