In the early pregnancy, these four situations must be vigilant!How to deal with it, come and see!

The cheese in the same class Xiaojie’s mother has not come to pick up the child in recent times. It is a grandma picking up. Many mothers in the class since the child enter the school, and slowly become friends.At an event in kindergarten, I accidentally saw her, and God told me secretly: I am pregnant with Erbao!Seeing this state is also looking forward to it for a long time. She said excitedly that she just went to the hospital to take the ring. I did not expect to be pregnant so soon. A few days ago, I thought a little aunt came to greet it!


"Yes, I took my son to run around a few days ago. I guess tired! I didn’t know that I was pregnant at that time …"

Although she was a little worried, she felt that she was fine. The second child was experienced, and the problem was not big!

Is it really a problem?Although people say that the first child is raising and the second child is a pig, whether it is a novice mother or a second child, in the early pregnancy, the mothers are still sloppy, so I advise her to listen to what the doctor said.Essence

Early pregnancy (before 12 weeks of pregnancy) is the most vulnerable stage of the whole pregnancy, and it is also an important period for ensuring fetal health. Specific mothers have some discomfort in their bodies. Some phenomena are normal.Pay attention!

1. Seeing red

That is, vaginal hemorrhage, generally refers to a small amount of blood -based secretions in the vagina within 12 weeks of pregnancy, similar to the amount of bleeding in the early menstrual or last period.The color of bleeding may be pink, red or brown.

Some friends around me had similar situations in the early days of pregnancy. After going to the hospital for a period of treatment, the situation improved.However, bleeding is different. Specific mothers cannot be careless. Bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is often related to factors such as uterine lesions, ectopic pregnancy, and hydatidosa.

2. Abdominal pain

Earlier, the company held an annual meeting event. Xiao Ran at the front desk was good at dancing. After a wonderful performance, she left ugly and left. She went to the bathroom for a long time and did not come out for a long time. My colleagues found that she covered her belly.Knowing that you are pregnant, you have already been a threatened abortion …

Some expectant mothers will feel stomachache in the early pregnancy. This kind of pain is often located on the side or bilateral side of the lower abdomen. If the pregnant mothers have backache, the lower abdomen falls, and it will not be relieved after rest.At the same time, some mothers will be accompanied by vaginal bleeding. This situation may be the symptoms of threatened abortion, and they need to rest and seek medical treatment in time.

3. Severe pregnancy

When I was pregnant with early cheese, although I couldn’t vomit, I couldn’t eat anything, especially when I saw the oil. My mother -in -law often said that her friend almost didn’t persist when it was dazzling. In the end, it was serious.To vomit bleeding!

At that time, the feeling was that the mother was too great, but the bleeding was obviously not just a problem that hurt her mother. It must not be dragged at home!Such a situation also affects the baby. Specific mothers who vomit mild will only feel a little nauseous in the morning and do not want to eat. This period is the period of maternal tire running in and will not be harmful to the health of the fetus, so there is no need to worry.

If the pregnancy vomiting is serious enough to vomit, or vomit several times a day, or even the bile in the stomach, it will cause attention, which may have a great impact on the health of the mother, which will affect the development of the fetus. It must be necessary.Just seek medical treatment immediately.

4. High fever and fever

Once I went to the Maternal and Child Hospital for a routine examination, the doctor was too busy. At this time, I saw a aunt with a messy girl to find a doctor. Who knows a few words, the girl cried. It turned out that the girl had just received it.I knew that I had a fever after pregnancy, and I had a high fever to 39.5 ° C. I always insisted that I did n’t use any drugs, but the doctor ’s answer was that the fetus was likely to not be required even if it was not used to burn such a temperature.… For expectant mothers who have just learned of pregnancy, such news is simply a thunderbolt.

In the early pregnancy, the fever is indeed very harmful to the fetus. Some research reports have more than 24 hours of body temperature by more than 1 ° C, which may be teratogenic.Over 39 ° C, it will increase the risk of spinal cord defects in babies. This is because fetal fat cells, especially brain fat cells, are particularly susceptible to overheating damage.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to high -temperature fever. In addition, pregnant mothers should avoid in high -temperature environments. Do not use too hot water in bathing and bathing. Remember!

In short, early pregnancy is a key sensitive period. Expectant mothers still have to follow the medical inspection on time according to the doctor’s advice. If there is a problem, do not delay thoughtlessly, and do n’t feel arrogant.

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