In these four cases of women, you have been included in the list of "difficulty"!Be careful

After entering the marriage hall, it entered a new stage of life.Not only are you going to the two -person world, but you must also work hard to create the crystallization of love, create a family of three, and even the family of four.But some couples have no way to prepare for pregnancy, and they have always been very calm.Some women are prone to raw, and some women are difficult to get pregnant.If women are difficult to get pregnant, there will be some performance. If these performances exist, you must make plans in advance. The sooner you start to solve the better.

1. Overweight or too thin weight

Today, women’s weight is in a state of polarization to a certain extent. Women with overweight weights do not manage their bodies.These are two extremes and are also factor that affects women’s fertility.If the weight is too fat, endocrine disorders will affect the health of the egg.If the weight is too light, the malnutrition will even cause the amenorrhea to cause amenorrhea, which is not conducive to conception.

2. Menstruation is not timely

There is also a more typical manifestation of difficulty in the physical fitness, that is, irregular menstruation.Irregular menstruation, ovulation is irregular, so the chance of conception will be affected.If the period of the menstrual period is less than 21 days, it belongs to the premature luteal. If there is a premature aging of the luteum, the quality of the eggs is worrying and the quality will be poor.If the menstrual cycle exceeds 35 days, there may be problems with ovarian function, and problems with ovarian function will not easily make women pregnant.

3. Frequent abortion

Some women are not in place in contraception and are too frequent in abortion.Abortion is very harmful to women’s uterus. It will affect the endometrium and make the endometrium thinner and thinner.If the endometrium is too thin, it will affect women’s pregnancy, and may even lead to female infertility.Frequent abortion may also cause adhesion to fallopian tubes, which will also cause women to be difficult to conceive.

4. More than 30 years old

Women’s best fertility age is between 24 and 30 years old, and women’s conception rates will be relatively low after 30 years of age.Women are best to be able to give birth at the best age, so that the physical condition is very good, and it is easier to conceive children.After 30 years of age, pregnancy belongs to an elderly pregnant woman. It is more likely to have some diseases during pregnancy. You need to pay special attention. Nursing during pregnancy must keep up.

If women want to get pregnant as soon as possible, they have to go to the hospital for a detailed examination to see if the body has some factors that affect pregnancy and whether there are infertility diseases.If you have it, you need to quickly treat it, otherwise there will be no good results.The second is to pay more attention in life and correct those habits that will affect fertility, such as being too obese, for example, often staying up late.There is also the habit of developing exercise. It will always make your physical fitness higher, improve your resistance, and keep yourself in a great state.

If women have the above four performances, they are likely to indicate that they are difficult to pregnancy.This part of women should be prepared in advance and go to the hospital to check whether there are any problems in this area.However, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, conditioning and treating in advance. The greater the pressure on yourself, the worse the problem will be solved.

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