Incorrect pregnancy period, little tricks #

How to avoid constipation during pregnancy?Here are several safe and effective methods.Before pregnancy, I was also troubled by constipation.Intelligent intestinal colic because I couldn’t pull out the pupa for five days, and went to the hospital for emergency treatment.I have tried to drink Ximei juice, drink Chinese medicine, use Kaisai, and make defecation, but these methods are not obvious for me.However, after pregnancy, even if I eat very spicy and hot food, I can keep it smoothly every day.Next, let me share how I solve the problem of constipation.

The first method is to try to eat five red dates and a cup of hot water when I feel weak.Why do you feel weak?Because you are qi.In this case, no matter what you do, you will feel powerless and mentally.Jujube is a safe and effective, low -cost method of dietary therapy.Usually, I will see the effect after eight to 24 hours after eating.

The second method is to increase the daily breakfast intake.In my daily VLOG, I eat a piece of fruit every day: bird’s nest milk, corn, pigeon eggs, fire tiger, Orleans chicken leg bag, grapes, grapefruit and whole wheat toast sandwiches.If you are severely constipated, you can choose some intestinal and laxative fruits, such as dragon fruit, banana and grapefruit.However, do not eat on an empty stomach, because it hurts the stomach.You can eat after eating the staple food.

The third method is to ensure that the daily oil intake is normal.Many pregnant mothers will have a low -fat and low -oil diet to maintain their body after pregnancy.But if you are constipated, the intestine itself is very dry. How can the abnormal oil intake lubricate the intestines?

The fourth method is to buy a toilet foot stool.When I was working at the company, I found that Laba was more common than at home.Although this feeling is a bit like a paid shit, the main reason is that the company’s toilet is squatting toilet. When squatting, the body is 35 degrees, which can make the bowel muscles more effective, so the bowel movement is smoother.Now that I am in the third trimester, I can’t squat for a long time, and I don’t have a squatting toilet at home.So I bought a dozen dollars of toilet foot stools and felt that I felt some paid shit.

Although there is no scientific basis for the last method, I use it every time.Our baby is very smart.When I can’t pull out, I will touch my baby and say to the baby, "Baby, help my mother push the intestines." Usually I will hurt my waist on the toilet at noon after the morning, butThis method is 100 trials.

The above is a little trick I shared, I hope to help my sisters.

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