Infertility in 18 years, I had 2 sons for 4 months of Chinese medicine!

Many years ago, a patient came from the Masan Village of Xunziying Township, Lushan County, Henan Province. He was called Wang. He was not pregnant for 18 years. He must have ran a lot of hospitals and spent a lot of money.A person who was treated in my clinic at the door introduced the treatment of pregnancy and childbirth later.

She was prepared for 18 years.But the words of neighbors often stayed at home and did not dare to make the door.

The report shows that the men’s sperm examination is normal, there is no impotence and premature ejaculation, and there is no sperm and non -sperm.What’s more serious is that she has irregular menstruation, with a small amount of menstruation and black.Basically, the menstruation in the first half of the year is slightly fat, and the polycystic ovary syndrome is not ruled out.

Two types of Chinese medicine for patients, one is to regulate the fallopian tube, and the other is to treat irregular menstruation.Boil 2 Chinese medicines at the same time a day. For 4 months, she took nearly 240 Chinese medicine, and it was difficult for ordinary people to insist.Later, I called to get pregnant.Later, he successfully gave birth to a boy and placed more than 50 tables of wedding feasts in the village.I was pregnant again one year and gave birth to a boy again.Two boys came to sweet, and after suffering, they eventually became positive.

The two of them were pregnant, and they were inseparable from their kind and simple heart. When they came to see a doctor, they took a small basket of firewood eggs with a small basket and a few tender corn.Although things are not valuable, I can feel their devout heart and look forward to it!I am very very moved.For such a real person, I don’t want to see their family divorced because they are not pregnant.

I comfort and encourage patients to have confidence and cooperate with the hospital for reasonable medication for treatment, because her illness does not need to perform surgery.After they were pregnant, Fang Yuan knew for dozens of dozens of times and felt incredible.Later, he came to the hospital to see me every Spring Festival.Infertility is just a temporary tribulation in life. If you have confidence, don’t give up easily. Good people will eventually prepare for pregnancy success, and children and grandchildren are full.

If you are divorced because of infertility, you may wish to come to Henan Province to see them in Lushan County, and their two naughty sons, stain their happy joy, get pregnant!The villagers nearby knew that they went well.

With confidence, love, care, kindness, infertility, infertility is not a symptom, no matter how heavy, do you have them serious?In 18 years, how many 18 years of life?IntersectionHave a chance to get rid of their joy, take pregnancy.

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