Infertility in two years, accidentally pregnant after the fallopian tubal angiography

The two years of long -term pregnancy are all sad!More pressure from the outside world.

I did n’t have movement for more than half a year, so I felt that it should be wrong, so I went to the hospital for examination. The six hormone results of the examination showed that it was normal. Then the doctor also felt that the problem should not be big.Her husband also went to the hospital to test the routine examinations, and the results showed that it was a bit weak. Then we wondered if it was influenced by this reason. The probability of pregnancy was lower than that of normal people. Then wait.

Seeing that a year has passed, there is still no, and then I went to the hospital for examination again today. The doctor suggested to have a fallopian tube to see if there is any problem with the fallopian tube., Jieyrahara positive, this couple should take medicine for conditioning, and then start vaginitis, and then menstruation will be cleaned next day, and then go to leucorrhea examination in 2 days.It was May at this time, and the results of the radiography were not very optimistic. The result I wrote this doctor made me frightened. The right tubal on the right side was smooth, but it was too short to go to other hospitals to watch the movie.The report was chaotic), and there was no display on the left tortoise on the left side (meaning that there may be sticky on the left side, which is a bit consistent with the results of the re -made, but it is not the same). After taking the film home, at night, at night, at nightI collapsed and cried. This problem was very serious. At that time, the doctor contacted me to do hysteroscopy to treat it. I asked the cost of more than 10,000. I said that I would discuss it.Creating surgery, because the success rate is not 100%, that is, try it. If there is no pregnancy within half a year after the operation, it may still stick to it again. This …

I thought, I can’t just listen to the diagnosis and opinions of a doctor. I need to go to other hospitals to see the opinions of other doctors, so I decided to go to Shenzhen Peking University Hospital after asking, because it was a bit far away., I am not familiar with the first time. I have registered for the first diagnosis information after entering the reproductive medicine department.There are also a lot of people who have raised this situation, a little shocking!

There are many people who are hung up, and there are many people who line up. Finally, it’s my turn. I will give the doctor the original inspection report and her husband’s semen check report. The doctor said that the film should be wrong before. SeeWhy is there more than 5 in the right side of the film?Then arrange 6 levels of sex hormone, resist Musiculin, 5 articles, and follicle detection B -ultrasound. Two items can be done during menstruation, so all my reports were obtained in July.It ’s normal to show the doctor. The doctor felt that it was normal, so I do n’t have to rush to do artificial insemination or test tube.She is artificial insemination.

After listening to the doctor, I am so comfortable!It feels really good doctor, it makes people feel so kind!

Time has passed in half a year … still without [crying] [tears] [tears] [tears]

My heart began to be anxious again. Of course, there are my own family, relatives, and friends in the middle, and my friends have been "concerned" countless times. I am also very anxious. I wonder if my husband’s problem is not quit.I don’t like to go to bed early, and then doubt whether it is my own problem, is it really blocked by fallopian tubes, or Gong Han, or … In short, I suspect that my husband suspects that he has a problem.

So he started soaking your feet, skipping rope, drinking health tea, trying to eat the so -called effective recipes …

After a round of tossing down, I decided not to continue to wait, starting to understand the IVF. This time, the process of test tube is still quite tossing. Shenzhen Peking University Hospital is too far away., I am afraid that I will collapse myself in a few hours each time. After careful consideration, I decide to consult in a local hospital. This hospital cooperates with other three hospitals in Shenzhen. The routine inspection can be done in the local area. This can greatly reduce the journey.Toss.

I went to consult with my husband again and brought all the inspection reports. The doctor’s suggestion to see the report that the woman’s fallopian tube was not big. It was recommended to do it again.The report also says there is no problem.Then decide to do a fallopian tube movie again. This time the green light all the way to leucorrhea, there is no problem. The consultation was just clean. I said that this week, I did it on the weekend. This time I did an ultrasound.The radiography of the lower is not X -rays. The operation is roughly the same. The difference is that X -rays are shown under the rays. Ultrasonic is performed under the B -ultrasound probe. This time the process is much more comfortable than the first time.The pain is that time is longer than the last time. After this push is over, the doctor also pushed some physiological saline, mainly to want to be clearer to track the fallopian tubes, the whole process is okay, the slight pain that can endure, the patience, the slight pain, the patience, the slight pain, the slight pain, the patience, the slight pain, the slight pain, the slight pain, the slight pain, the slight pain, the slight pain, the patience, the slight pain, the slight pain.The result came out, the right side was normal, usually, the left side was twisted, and the ones were not smooth.If you want to do this, you can try artificial insemination. You can’t get the test tube. I said to listen to the doctor’s suggestion, and then start several physical examinations that need to be prepared for artificial insemination.For a long time, 2 years and life -long projects), because the others are 6 months of validity, and now it is almost Chinese New Year. Others are preparing to enter the cycle later.

In this way, the doctor said that this month should be strictly contraceptive to go home this month. It can be uncomfortable from the beginning of next month. I didn’t take it seriously. I thought I couldn’t be pregnant for two years. Is it necessary to contraception?So there is no contraception, but the menstruation has been postponed for 10 days, and I dare not measure, because the number of disappointment was too many times before, but the chest swelling continued for a week and did not retreat.Really dumbfounded, two bars popped out at once. Although I was sure in my heart, I still need to be 100%certain. I went to the hospital to test the blood today.It is an internal pregnancy, tire test ❤️.

Thanks to God’s care, this difficult and long way to prepare for pregnancy will come to an end, and you can come back for a year!

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