Interpretation: Dream is a letter to the dreamer

Dreaming is an important ability for people

Insomnia is a sign of mental illness. The reason why people insomnia is because he has lost his ability to dream.When a person cannot dream, the excessive mental load cannot be converted into a symbol. People are always anxious and cannot enter the level of thinking consciousness. Dreaming distinguishes consciousness and unconsciousness.It is not far from the crazy death. Strong thinking consciousness requires strong dream ability to compensate.

Ms. H was inhaled into the thriller dream of the dark vortex

Visitors H are often awakened by nightmares in the middle of the night. In a consultation, she talked about a recent thriller dream. She dared not remember this dream. When she thought of this dream, she couldn’t help shaking and crying.It is an unimaginable horror and anxiety.With my companion and encouragement, she shocked a small film in the dream: she came to an alien planet with a blue liquid on the ground, and slowly turned the huge black vortex under her feet.I was pulled into the vortex and couldn’t break away.There is no way to do any free association for this dream.I asked her: Have you done a miscarriage before?She replied that at the junior, the doctor said that the doctor said that the fetus was well developed during the medical examination.I told her that I saw a panoramic process of miscarriage surgery in this dream. A fetus was blocked by a huge vortex in the uterus. Although this horrible emotion was suppressed at the consciousness, it was not detected, but it was always surging.In the subconscious.This time, the dream interpretation seemed to open the Pandora box in Ms. H’s heart. Ms. H flew out of the box with many long -established words … I know that we still have no understanding of the meaning of this dream.

Seeing the window was so scared to climb the g man

When the visitor G man was 5 years old, because his mother was going to work far away in the morning in the morning, at more than 5 o’clock every morning, the mother would send him to the kindergarten door to wait for the door, and then the mother went to work by herself.When the G man grew up, he dreamed that his mother had cancer. In the fifth year of marriage, there was no child. My mother said: I give you a car. What gift do you give your mother?G man knew that his mother wanted a grandson, but he couldn’t help but emerge from a sentence, and sent you a coffin!

G man has a compulsive symptom. Every time he see the window, he has to crawl from the window, because he is afraid that someone will shoot him with a sniper rifle.The analysis of the former consultant is: G men’s children are abandoned by her mother at the door of the kindergarten every day, accumulating a lot of hatred for her mother. Dreaming of her mother’s cancer and subconsciously wanting to send her mother to a coffin.Shooting from the window to the end of the window is the conflict and fear of the hate mother.This analysis seems reasonable, but violates the basic principles of psychoanalysis.My analysis is: First, G’s boy was abandoned by his mother at the door of the kindergarten every day, and there was an ingredient of aggravating his attachment to his mother.The inner mother was injured, but it was actually injured by her own;, Suggesting that G’s gay desire, guns symbolize male penis, windows symbolize vagina or anus, and bullets are also symbolized.

The original consultant’s error in G male analysis is a common problem that psychoanalysis beginners are easily committed: the interpretation of the dream and symptoms of the visitors as a real problem, and not seeing the dreams and symptoms are actually symbols and metaphors.

Dreaming of the evil dog grabbing the garbage Ms. K

The evil dog in Ms. K’s dreams is very hungry and grabbing garbage. Ms. K in the interpretation of Dream said that she lacks both material food and spiritual food from childhood, but in reality, Ms. K’s body is fatWoolen cloth?This is actually the role of "compensation".When a person’s spiritual nourishment is scarce, Hu eating Haisai is a good way to comfort himself.When people are anxious, a defense mechanism must be started to relieve anxiety. The simplest and most primitive defense mechanism is to "eat" and eat everything you can eat in front of you.This is why many people are obesity and difficult to reduce.Many psychoanalysis textbooks have not written "eating" into the defense mechanism. I think it may feel that it is too active?The defense of "eating" further deformation is upgraded to "shopping", and few people can see the relationship between eating and shopping.Ms. K said that she was very serious to eat and shopping, and could not control it. A lot of things that could not be used in the family had only thought that this was just a hobby or living habit.Psychological symptoms.

Ms. K dreamed that the villain grabbing garbage means that she is convinced that she can get enough nutrition to survive alone from "garbage".The almighty fantasy that can survive, also presents her subconsciously that she is more capable of retreating more capable than motherhood, and even resist and deny the need for breeding and care.This kind of resistance and denial make Ms. K’s deep -rooted distortion and doubts about reality, which seriously destroyed her ability to love others and accepting love, which led to her long -term ineffective growth.Ms. K was frustrated during her infantile period, because she was not satisfied with her mother’s need, and the lack of mothers were experienced as devastating and bad mothers."Bad mother" is a kind of disturbing persecution. Ms. K project this part to the environment, others and her body. This is most likely the source of her paranoia and various physical discomfort.

Dreams are not reality, but more realistic than reality.Dreams have never been vivid!

Seven or eight people on the dining table are poisoned and died

Ms. Z dream of bringing her children and her mother -in -law to a restaurant. She went to the second floor and found that seven or eight adults and children on the dining table did not know when they were poisoned.There was a note on the dining table, which said: Qi Baishi did not have a dinner because of the incident, and escaped.My explanation is that the second floor symbolizes the spiritual level. The mother -in -law and children symbolize the time. The mother -in -law symbolizes her future, the child symbolizes his past, and the "I" in the dream represents her present.Poison means foreign violent invasion attacks. Poisoning means that there is no defense of severe foreign violent invasion, eating poison to enter the internal organs, which symbolizes that the internal inner affords have suffered serious damage.In addition, the behavior of eating is the process of being open to the outside world in the outside world. It is in a state that is not clear from the outside and internal boundaries. It is reminded that Ms. Z may be good at using psychological mechanisms such as internal camera identity and projection identity.Based on this dream, I infer that Ms. Z has a long -term depression state, and because the boundaries are unclear, Ms. Z is likely to often have conflicts and harm in interpersonal relationships.——Is Qi Baishi in the dream to escape, reminding that the resource connection of Ms. Z and "Qi Baishi" can avoid "obscure".

The "Qi Baishi" appearing in Ms. Z’s dream is very puzzling. Qi Baishi is the only survivor of this poisoning incident. It can be seen that Qi Baishi is a key point for interpretation of dreams.When it comes to Qi Baishi, the first thing that is reminiscent is a talented wizard, a generation of masters. This image may be in line with the idealized self -image in Ms. Z, or the image of Ms. Z’s idealized consultant.I jokingly said that Ms. Z may need to hold a holy marriage with "Qi Baishi".Although this understanding Qi Baishi said that there was no problem, it was still on the appearance.In -depth Lenovo I had an amazing discovery. It turned out that Qi Baishi turned out to be Shizu!Qi has the meaning of castration, Bai represents Guangming, and Shi represents Shi Zu.The word "Qi Baishi" three words contains Shi Zu, regardless of the overall metaphor and folding metaphors. At this point, "Qi Baishi" has finally been cracked.Night.The healing resources in Ms. Z’s dream have gradually begun to be conscious.

Dream is a letter to the dreamer. In the field of spiritual analysis, the visitor’s dream is also a letter to the consultant.

Supervision of a male consultant’s pornographic dream

In a supervision, X told me the dream he had just made: I crawled on Xiao Shuang and sucked her nipples, and at the same time buckled her vagina with her right hand.People have done it, and I can’t find her clitoris.Xiao Shuang, a male consultant Wang Hanmeng, was a personality worker. At the beginning of the consultation, he proposed to him to deduct the cost of each other. Wang Han once asked me to supervise it several times for this.I told him that you have to close contact with her sensory contact, like Freud, focus on her words, analyze her deep subconscious desire, rather than satisfy her realistic lust.Wang Han obeyed my opinion, and their consultation gradually entered the right track.Regarding this dream, Wang Han believes that he has a pornographic emotional empathy for Xiao Shuang, and he intends to transfer Xiao Shuang.I told him that sexual dreams cannot be interpreted simply from the perspective of pornography, and sex can have multiple meanings, for example, revealing that you and visitors have increased the intimacy and dependence that you have never noticed;Deep and hollowing feelings; 3. reveal your fear of further work with her; 4. Display you discovered that she has no "Shizu"; 5. It reveals that Xiao Shuang has pornographic emotional emotional emotional emotional emotion.The dream of the consultant is often the supervision, guidance and promotion of the consultation process of consulting.Lacan said "no sexual relationship", because between the subject and the object of satisfaction, the language and imagination had been involved.

What everyone can get from this case depends on the perspective of seeing this case and what they see, and they get what they get.

Beautiful young woman who was abused by the big head ghost

Lan was 36 years old. He got a strange symptom two years ago. As long as the husband was not at home, he fell asleep by himself, and he would see the big head of the dreamer, scaring her.This symptom is getting more and more serious, so that when her husband is on a business trip, she will borrow it to relatives’ house, and her husband dares to go home when he comes back.After consulting and treatment with a number of hospitals and psychological institutions, I finally referred to me.She said: Teacher, you are my last hope, save me!I said, I do n’t talk about the symptoms and do n’t talk about treatment. Let ’s pull something else, for example, what about your child?Or why don’t you raise a dog?She said, I spend money to find you, how can I get these gossip?Children board the international school, and the dogs are too dirty.I asked, do you have girlfriends and friends?She said something about friends and girlfriends … I said, go home tonight to sleep, the big head ghost has ran.On the same day, she was doubtful and went home to sleep alone, and she was safe overnight.

It turned out that two years ago, she encountered the "first love lover" when she encountered junior high school at a classmate party. It was found that the two people turned out to be separated by a street but had not met for 20 years.EssenceShe thinks that she is a ladylike traditional woman, and she is suppressed to die of the desire to further develop relationships with the "first love lover". Her husband is not at home.There was a sudden increase in fear, and under all kinds of opportunities, all of them voted for the big ghost.The ghost plan was recognized and revealed, and of course the ghost shadow disappeared.

This case is a copy of the Croyd’s classic cases almost more than a hundred years ago. It did respond to that sentence: There is nothing new in the world.

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