Is "seeing red" in the early pregnancy?

Early pregnancy vaginal bleeding = abortion?

The main manifestation of threatened abortion is that after pregnancy, there are a small amount of bleeding in the vagina. Depending on the amount of blood and accumulated in the vagina, the color can be bright red, pink or dark brown.Sometimes accompanied by slight lower abdominal pain, falling feeling, waist acid and abdominal distension.But not all early pregnancy vaginal bleeding is a threatened abortion.

According to statistics, after the vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy, about half of the pregnant mothers can continue to become pregnant successfully, and about 30 % of the pregnant mothers will have a natural abortion. Ten percent of the uterine pregnancy will be.Porttal fetus, cervical lesions and other issues.

How to judge the cause of "seeing red"?

In fact, the plots such as "Little Master Seeing Red" and "Little Lord" in Gong Dou drama will not happen to us without moving. Pregnant mothers don’t have to be in a state of nervousness at all times.Don’t panic even if there are early pregnancy bleeding. Pay attention to the following two points:

1. Judgment according to the color of "seeing red"

Pink: Vaginal bleeding like this may occur during the whole process of pregnancy. This bleeding is very small. Pregnant mothers can observe for 2 days. If you continue to bleed without any improvement, you should go to the doctor in time.

Brown: Brown bleeding indicates old bleeding. If the amount of bleeding is significantly greater than the usual menstrual flow, it needs to be visited in time; but if only a small amount of bleeding can be observed at home for 2-3 days, and then goes to the hospital.

Bright red: Bright red bleeding is usually a precursor to abnormal conditions, so even if it is only a small amount, you should immediately move to the hospital for a doctor for judgment and examination.

Blood in the sticky secretions: This phenomenon usually occurs during childbirth and is a sign of childbirth. If you do n’t have a 37 weeks at this time, you can contact the doctor first to tell the situation;If there is abdominal pain and water breaking, you should take the package to be born to the hospital in time to prepare for delivery.

2. Observe the bleeding frequency

Occasionally bleeding once: If only occasionally bleeding, then you should consider whether there are factors such as sexual life and internal diagnosis examination in the near future.It may also be bleeding due to external stimuli.

Repeated bleeding multiple times: Generally, cervical erosion or polyps can cause a small amount of repeated bleeding. Through internal diagnosis, you can find out the cause of bleeding.If the reason for the reason and repeated bleeding after taking measures, then it is best to choose to be in the hospital for restraint to facilitate medical measures at any time.

Continuous bleeding is accompanied by pain: This situation usually indicates that threatened abortion or threatened premature birth, ectopic pregnancy, etc. You need to go to the hospital immediately. You can find the causes and parts of bleeding through B -ultrasound.

Prevention of threatened abortion

1. Full rest, don’t overwork.Do not do heavy physical labor, especially the weight labor of abdominal pressure, such as water lifting, moving heavy objects, etc.

2. Prevent trauma.It is best to wear flat shoes; try not to travel as much as possible during pregnancy; avoid vibrating working environment; avoid dangerous movements when doing housework, such as high pedaling.

3. Take the balanced nutrition, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, eat a light diet, do not eat spicy food, eat as little meals as much as possible, and keep stool smooth and avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.Vitamin E has the effect of fetal preservation. Therefore, it should take more foods rich in vitamin E during pregnancy, such as hard fruit (pine nuts, walnuts, peanuts, etc.), soy products, etc.

4. Make control of sexual life.In sexual life, the abdomen is squeezed and the stimulation of the cervix will induce contractions. In the early pregnancy, the adhesion of the placenta is not reliable, and the contraction is very likely to cause miscarriage. Therefore, sexual life should be prohibited in early pregnancy.Although there can be proper sexual life in the middle of pregnancy, the number and amplitude should be less than before pregnancy. The prospective dad should restrain it.

5. Keep your mood happy and stable.Fresh milk can help pregnant women prevent osteoporosis and stabilize their emotions; high -fiber and fruits such as orange and celery, which are both fire and vitamins, and make pregnant mothers feel happy.

6. Keep your body clean, especially the perineum.The inflammation of reproductive tract is also one of the causes of abortion.During pregnancy, vaginal secretions increase, so the cleaning of the vulva is very important. Pregnant mothers should insist on cleaning the vulva every night.

7. Drugs are strictly prohibited without the permission of doctors.

8. Make a check -up on time.

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