Is bleeding normally in the early stages of pregnancy?Is it choosing a tire or abortion?

Being a mother is a happy thing, but some expectant mothers will bleed in the early stages of pregnancy, which can scare the mother who is the first mother!In the end, it is a big problem that is also a quasi -maternal mother!Let me popularize knowledge. What should I do if I encounter this situation?

Early pregnancy bleeding refers to a small amount of blood -based secretions in the vagina within 12 weeks of pregnancy, similar to the amount of bleeding in the early period of menstruation or last.The color of bleeding may be pink, red or brown.About 1/4 of pregnant women will have to varying degrees of redness in the early pregnancy, and about half of them will eventually have a miscarriage.

Symptoms of early pregnancy

1. Bleeding type

If the blood shows brown, the expectant mother does not have to worry too much. The brown blood indicates that the bleeding has stopped, so it will be oxidized into coffee brown. Just take more rest and avoid exercise. If the blood is bright red, pay attention.

2. Pain

Most expectant mothers who suspect that there are early abortion will have back pain and lower abdomen pain like menstruation when they come.Most of the mothers of most ectopic pregnancy will have severe abdominal pain, pale complexion, accelerated heartbeat, and intra -abdominal hemorrhage.

What are the precautions for aura abortions?

1. Stay in bed after bleeding.

Once bleeding occurs, it is necessary for 4 to 5 days of peace of mind.Pregnant moms need to rest in bed, prohibit sexual life, and take tire protection drugs if necessary.But it is not "absolutely bed".Otherwise, lying on the bed for a long time, the spirit is prone to slump.

2. Life is regular, pay attention to personal hygiene.

To prevent intestinal infection, to avoid abortion due to diarrhea.In terms of nutrition, food should be easy to digest, but you should pay attention. Do not change your dietary habits suddenly. At the same time, you should eat as little irritating foods such as spicy.

3. Cold prevention and warmth, enhance immunity.

Women who have a threatened abortion are easy to lower. At this time, special attention should be paid to cold protection, especially in autumn and winter to prevent colds.Do not treat it for a long time after you are sick, and you should not buy medicine for yourself. You should consult the doctor before taking the medicine.

4. Preservation for reasons.

Whether the abortion causes abortion often depends on whether the embryo is abnormal.The cause of abortion after rest and treatment is eliminated, and pregnancy can still be continued.For example, it is only due to excessive fatigue, physical labor, abdominal trauma, etc., and threatened abortion can be caused by the embryo (judged by a specialist) as long as the embryo is healthy.If it is a threatened abortion caused by endocrine disorders, such as luteal dysfunction, or low thyroid dysfunction, it can be treated with progesterone, vitamin E or supplementation of thyroidine.

5. Preservation of fetuses cannot be used randomly.

Pregnant moms find that there are signs of threatened miscarriage should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, instead of choosing a fetal medicine at will.Because there are many reasons for threatened abortion, and the treatment method varies from person to person. If you cannot choose a fetal medicine for the cause, you will be very dangerous to the fetus.

6. It is not necessary to protect the fetus if it should not be guaranteed.

If the embryo itself has defects or abnormal placenta causes fetal death, virus infection, maternal systemic diseases (common hypertension, nephritis, thyroid dysfunction, etc.), stems caused by reproductive organs and trauma, even if they work harder, they cannot keep it.EssenceIn fact, from the perspective of eugenics and excellence, threatening abortion is also a "survival of the fittest" of the human body. Doctors will evaluate the development of the embryo and decide whether to protect the fetus.It is adversely affected, and it may be unfavorable to the mother itself, and even affect future fertility.

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