Is breast pain normal in the early stages of pregnancy?How long is the isola?what to do?

This is a normal pregnancy reaction.The main cause of breast pain is mainly due to the large amount of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin in the placenta and fluffy after pregnancy, which causes breast tenderness to increase the breast, and severe cases can sustain the entire pregnancy.Generally, breast tenderness occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. As the level of body hormones stabilizes, this situation will gradually reduce.There are also many expectant mothers who are still sore in about seven or eight months of pregnancy, and they have collapse.

At this time, expectant mothers should start the cleaning and care of the breasts, so that the breasts, nipples, areolas, etc. are kept clean and hygienic, which will also help prevent breast ducts from obstructing and reducing breast pain.You can also use hot towels to apply your breasts to greatly prevent the breasts from lumps, make the breast unobstructed, and easily secrete milk.

Specific mothers can also gently massage breasts, which is good for reducing breast pain and future lactation.In addition, it is also necessary to choose a bray bra.If the bra is selected too small, the breast will have a sense of restraint, which will increase the feeling of breast pain.

Generally, the symptoms of early pregnancy will be more obvious. There will be breast pain. At the same time, some are accompanied by nausea and vomiting, fatigue and other symptoms. This is a normal response, which is related to the abnormal level of hormones.Fresh fruits and vegetables, high -protein foods, drink plenty of water, supplement the water required for the body, participate in various exercise exercises in moderation, strengthen physical fitness, but also have scientific laws of life. Do not stay up late.

How long will the areola get black?

After pregnancy, while women’s breasts become larger, the areola becomes bigger and black. This is due to the stimulation of sex hormones, prolactin and lutein, breast glands begin to proliferate. The areolas are expanding due to the increase of the sebaceous glands and the precipitation of pigmentation.Cause.

Throughout pregnancy, the color of the areola will become darker and continue until after pregnancy, and the size of the areola varies from person to person. Women should face this change with a normal attitude.After the nurturing period, the areola will be appropriately smaller and shallow, but it may not be able to return to the original appearance.

Some pregnant women choose a variety of bleaching methods because they are worried about the isola black. This approach not only makes the breast damage, but also is not good for the baby’s breastfeeding in the future.Therefore, as long as pregnant women do the daily cleaning care work of the nipples.You can choose the vegetable oil to apply the nipples to soften the accumulation and scaby skin on the surface of the nipple, and then wash the nipples with soap and hot water to ensure cleaning and hygiene.

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