Is farting smell during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are affected by the embarrassment of "farting stinky". Although there are no major problems, it will always affect air quality and life interest, so they cannot be ignored.Many pregnant mothers often laugh at their family for this reason, and the editor is also deeply harmed. Here I really want to shout two throats to solve the pressure!

Is farting smell during pregnancy?

70%of the farts are the air that suck in with food when eating food. Those who eat quickly and swallowing are easy to fart. When the saliva and food are mixed, the air is naturally excluded!

Farting phenomenon is a manifestation of good intestinal peristalsis. It is not necessary to worry about disease!

Fart stinky is related to the diet and defecation habits of pregnant women.Usually fat and sweet diet or high -protein diet, more meat and eggs, and vegetable grains and grains are eaten less. They are usually stinky.In addition, if the stool stays in the intestine for too long and constipation, it will also cause fart odor.Although this is not a disease, it can cause colon and rectal lesions.It is recommended to eat a light diet, eat less fish, eggs, eggs, and more vegetable grains.Abdominal distension can be pushed with the abdomen with your hands, and it is good for the human body.

How can we improve?

1. People who are accustomed to ingesting too much animal protein and fat in their diet should be replaced with foods rich in food fiber -rich foods such as root dishes and potato, beans, and seaweed to improve the bacterial environment in the intestineEssence

2. When beneficial bacteria and other beneficial bacteria are increased, the exhaust gas is easy to discharge. On the contrary, after the increased harmful bacteria, the gas is not easy to discharge.

3. In three meals a day, try to take more food at breakfast and lunch, and on the night when the gastrointestinal function is weak, pay attention to reducing the amount of food.

4, stress can also increase harmful bacteria and exhaust gas in the intestine, so relax your body and mind, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

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