Is it "health" or "nourishing cancer" for a long time?These 2 types of food have to be eaten less

If you want to maintain good health, you should eat appropriately. Not all types of food can be eaten. You must first understand the nutritional content of the food and consider the physical adaptation.EssenceAs a pickled food, many people like to eat sauerkraut, but they are worried that eating too much sauerkraut will have a negative impact on harmful ingredients. What is the specific situation?

Some people say that sauerkraut is an accelerator of cancer. The risk of cancer often increases the risk of cancer. From the perspective of the nutritional content of sauerkraut, raw materials are ordinary vegetables, which can provide the human body with cellulose, vitamins, and multiple trace elements.Materials, etc., can eat sauerkraut in moderation. At the same time, picking the pickled sauerkraut with sufficient pickling time and reliable source of production, will not directly cause malignant tumors.

However, some people eat sauerkraut for a long time, and the amount of intake is too much. In addition, it does not have a reasonable sterilization without marinating.Health, because the nitrite in sauerkraut is risk of carcinogenic.For health considerations, the amount of sauerkraut should be controlled, and the development of other good habits should be kept away from cancer.

Is it healthy or carcinogenic when eating sauerkraut?

Regarding whether sauerkraut is healthy or carcinogen, it is necessary to consider multiple conditions. As long as ordinary people eat a large number of sauerkrauts for a long time, it will not cause malignant tumors directly.From the ingredients of sauerkraut, there are indeed a small amount of nitrite in it, but it is not the human body to form cancer cells as soon as it contacts nitrite. The key is to get the amount of nitrite.The risk of cancer will increase.

Of course, the causes of cancer are complicated, not just diet effects, but also genetic factors, environmental factors, smoking, and alcoholism. These conditions will also make cancer organic. Therefore, we must consider many aspects and understand the correct method of eating sauerkraut.It is worth noting that eating sauerkraut is only a nutrients like ordinary vegetables. If you eat sauerkraut, you want to keep healthy. The effect is not obvious.

Which foods have carcinogenic risk?

A variety of types of foods in life have carcinogenic risks and should be eaten less. Among them, barbecue foods are cancer accelerators.

After the high -temperature charcoal barbecue is really delicious, coupled with various seasonings embellishment, the food tastes rich and the scorching smell.However, barbecue is prone to carcinogenic substances. Under the threat of eating barbecue for a long time, the prevalence of the prevalence of digestive system malignant tumors is increased. It is necessary to understand the correct cooking method of food.

Mold -changing food means that these foods are no longer fresh and deteriorated. If it is too savvy, these deterioration things often eat and have great hidden safety hazards.

Moisturizing foods are risk of carcinogenic, which will produce risks that are unfavorable to human health. Most of them have a lot of nutrients after moldy nuts, and pinealin will directly damage the liver. If there is too much disposable intake,The prevalence of liver cancer is significantly increased, and it is necessary to pay attention to the freshness of the ingredients when promoting health.

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