Is it better to drink milk in the morning? A few misunderstandings to drink milk should be avoided

In life, we often hear various rumors about drinking milk: "Distium milk is healthier than whole milk", "drink more yogurt, yogurt is better than pure milk", "drink a glass of milk at night"Sleep … But every time I hear these hearts, there will be a small question mark. Are these true?Today we will share with you several misunderstandings about drinking milk.

5 misunderstandings about drinking milk

Misunderstanding 1: Yogurt is better than pure milk

Both yogurt and milk are high -quality dairy products, which have high nutritional value for us.However, pure milk and yogurt are essentially different. Because their composition is different, the nutritional value is different.Pure milk is rich in protein, calcium, and a variety of amino acids, minerals, trace elements, etc.For young people who want to replenish the body, supplement calcium, and promote physical development, they can give priority to drinking pure milk.In addition, pure milk does not contain other flavors or additives, which itself is healthier, so it is suitable for most people to drink.However, if some people are not tolerated by lactose matter, or there are regular diarrhea symptoms, it is best not to drink pure milk to avoid severe diarrhea.

Yogurt is formed by fermentation on the basis of pure milk, and it contains more beneficial bacteria that promote the intestinal health of the human body.For those with weak gastrointestinal function and people who need to improve gastrointestinal digestion, they can drink yogurt.Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria without pure milk, which can maintain intestinal colonies and improve the digestive ability of the human body.However, there are many "so -called yogurt" on the market. Basically, the "flavored yogurt" and "flavor fermented milk" of sugar are added. The more sugar, the lower the overall nutritional value.All possible benefits, so it is not necessarily better than pure milk.It can be seen that yogurt and pure milk have their own strengths. They have their own characteristics. There is no more than anyone else. You can choose milk that suits you according to your own needs.

Misunderstanding 2: Drinking a cup of milk before going to bed can help sleep

Some people say that milk contains colored acid, which can help the human body synthesize melatonin and serotonin, make people feel sleepy, and promote sleep.Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with this, but the effect is actually very weak.The color content of a cup of milk is actually very small, and it is even more pitiful that can really enter the brain to play.Friends who want to rely on drinking milk to help sleep may not have a role in drinking, and it is likely that you have not even prepared to sleep, and your urine comes.Perhaps for people now, putting down electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets may be more helpful for sleep.However, if you have developed the habit of drinking a glass of milk before going to bed, it is good to continue, and you don’t have to tangle.

Misunderstanding 3: It is best to drink milk in the morning

Some people think that milk is a good partner for breakfast. Drinking a cup in the morning is conducive to nutritional absorption.In fact, there is no so -called best time to drink milk. When you drink it, the nutritional value of milk will not be more because you drink more in the morning. Drinking at night, milk nutrition will be lost, and it will not change over time.Drinking a glass of milk in the morning can strengthen the nutritional value of breakfast and provide full energy for one day of work.Drinking milk at night is strong, which can relieve hunger before bedtime.It is also shown that drinking a glass of milk before meals can effectively control the rise of blood sugar after meals, help control appetite, and avoid too much meals.Therefore, there is no so -called best time to drink milk. According to your own habits, you can drink it in time. Instead of entangled in time, you might as well pay attention to the amount. Don’t drink it.

Misunderstanding 4: Drink a glass of milk before drinking, so you won’t hurt your stomach anymore

Drink a glass of milk before drinking. You can only say that this starting point is good. Drink a glass of milk before drinking. Although you can slightly delay the speed of stomach emptiness and relieve the speed of alcohol from the stomach to the small intestine, the impact is very small, but the impact is very small., It does not play an ideal role, and the actual effect is also self -deceiving.And some studies believe that milk, staple foods or other dishes do not alleviate alcohol damage to the stomach.Once drinking exceeds the standard (the alcohol content is more than 20 degrees, drinking more than 100 ml per hour), the damage to the gastric mucosa of alcohol began.Therefore, don’t think that when you drink milk before drinking, your stomach will not be injured.If you want to drink, you don’t hurt your stomach, there is only one way: you can drink without drinking, drink less and drink less.

Misunderstanding 5: Discard milk is healthier than whole fat milk

For most people, whether it is nutrition or taste, it is better for whole milk.Discard milk is just more suitable for the needs of some people. For example, people who lose weight and people with cardiovascular diseases need to control blood lipids.Skin milk, remove the fat in whole milk, and fat is the source of the thick taste of milk, so the skilled milk is more lighter and less milk flavor.There is no need for weight loss demand and controlling blood lipids. There is no need to entangle a few grams of fat in a box of pure milk.

A few secrets about drinking milk

Secret 1: Slowly swallow

Sometimes, in order to rush, drinking milk is directly finished, which will speed up the intestinal peristalsis, resulting in the direct discharge of nutrients, and the digestive absorption rate is very low.

Tip 2: After opening, drink as soon as possible

For ordinary ordinary bags or pure milk, you need to drink it as soon as possible after opening. Some nutrients are easily contaminated by bacteria in the air after opening, causing deterioration.

Secret 3: It is preferably warmth

The ice milk just taken from the refrigerator is easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, but it should not be boiled, otherwise it will destroy the nutrition of milk.

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