Is it fat or swollen?5 tricks to teach you to deal with edema during pregnancy!

What is during pregnancy?

Pregnant women’s pregnancy edema is caused by the liquid composition in the vascular ingredient and accumulated in the tissue gap.Generally speaking, edema during pregnancy is prone to 28 weeks of pregnancy.Because the uterus of expectant mothers is as large as a certain degree at this time, it may be compressed to the vein return.Press your thumb to the tibia of the calf. After pressing down, if the skin is obviously recessed and cannot be recovered quickly, it is edema.

Symptoms of edema during pregnancy

Edema is a normal physiological change during pregnancy. In the late pregnancy, this phenomenon is even more obvious.For different reasons, pregnant women will have different degrees of edema on their neck, feet, legs, abdominal walls, vulva and other parts during pregnancy.But the most prone to edema is the lower body of the pregnant woman.Sometimes internal organs are edema.Press the thumb to the tibia of the calf. When it is pressed, the skin will be obviously recessed without recovering quickly, which means that there is edema.

Harm of edema during pregnancy

Although edema during pregnancy is a relatively common phenomenon, its harm cannot be ignored.When edema occurs, we first need to exclude pregnancy hypertension syndrome, because edema is the first symptom of pregnancy hypertension.Organic ischemia and hypoxia are very damaged to both mothers and fetuses. For example, pregnant women may have force failure, renal failure, edema, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral embolism, and coagulation dysfunction.Embarrassment, premature birth, etc.

In addition, pregnant women with edema during pregnancy will experience metabolic malnutrition in the dermis layer, which will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus, and the baby’s skin will also be affected.In summary, the edema of pregnant women is a problem that cannot be ignored. If you find that you are more serious, you still need to do the inspection in time to prevent the above situation.

Method of edema alleviation during pregnancy

1. Rest rest

Pregnant women should not stand for a long time, rest in time, and it is best to rest for half an hour after each meal.You can raise your feet when you rest, facilitate blood flow and reduce lower limb pressure.Pay attention to sleeping posture. Sleeping on the left side can not only relieve the pressure of the lower limbs, but also reduce the pressure of the heart.

2. Reasonable diet

Adjust the diet structure, adopt high -protein and low -salt diet, and eat sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits. They can not only improve the body’s resistance, strengthen metabolism, but also have the functions of detoxifying and diuretic.Eat less or not digest and bloating foods, such as fried glutinous rice cakes, sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes, etc., so as not to cause abdominal distension, poor blood flow, and increased edema.

3. Comfortable clothes

Tights can easily lead to poor blood circulation and cause body edema.Therefore, when choosing clothing, avoid wearing too tight clothing, especially the clothing of the lower limbs, do not wear socks that will oppress the ankle and calf.The breathable shoes will increase the edema of both feet), and the size can be slightly larger.

4. Appropriate exercise

Relax through stretching of limbs and exercise, alleviate muscle stiffness, can also promote blood circulation and help soothe edema.During exercise, pregnant women should combine their physical conditions to reasonably choose exercise intensity.

5. Massage

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