Is it necessary to have a baby at this age? These three kinds of energy must be considered clearly

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To say who everyone thinks of the elderly maternal and stars?I am Yi Nengjing. As a 47 -year -old mother, Yi Nengjing almost gave birth to the child in danger.In the show where her mother is a Superman, she also revealed that because she was in her 40s and married her current husband, she would choose to separate, but the way of having a child with a risk of life is really a child.How about it?Let’s not talk about what Mr. Yi Nengjing thinks, but on Yi Nengjing as a woman, he knows that he is a huge challenge to the children he and the children who are born.

With the increasing phenomenon of late marriage and late childbirth, as women’s sense of security gradually decreases, it is believed that only by themselves can they get a sense of security independently, most women do not want to send their own boyfriends or husbands. Women to fight for their own career.In the youngest years, they will give up the idea of being a mother, and then there will be various problems with late childbirth, but not all women who have late marriage and childbearing will have a crisis of children. So what are the reasons why women are not easy to get pregnant?

At the age, women are going to prepare for pregnancy. These three types are available. These three types must not be

About age:

The best fertility age of women is generally a good age during the golden period of 25, 25 to 30 years old.However, after 29 years of age, women’s ovarian fertility has begun to decline. After 35 years old, it will drop quickly, but the reality is that many older women 33 and 34 are still in the team of blind dates.

But from the perspective of fertility, women are best to have birth before the age of 35.Moreover, as women grow older, their energy and physical strength are gradually declining. Bringing a baby is a considerable energy.

Loss blindly:

In order to be beautiful, women will constantly control their diet, make them thinner, or lose weight through the way of drugs, but some people rebound quickly, and then reduce fatness.Blindly losing weight can also cause malnutrition, endocrine disorders and other phenomena. Women’s menstruation is irregular, and naturally affects ovulation. At this time, choosing pregnancy is also difficult for female choices, so this kind of blind weight loss must not be.

Adjust your physical condition, be full of spirit, and control your diet reasonably. You choose to eat some foods that supplement your body vitamins. Without affecting your own endocrine, you can also ensure that you are not fat. You can also choose to prepare for pregnancy.

In addition, excessive obesity will also affect women’s pregnancy. Therefore, if obese women want to prepare for pregnancy, giving birth to a healthy baby must first control their bodies and blindly losing weight.

Artificial abortion:

Many women have to say that some women are really not very clean and self -love. They like a person, and there is nothing to live together, but if both sides are not ready to get married and have a baby, they do not take good measures.Women are irresponsible to themselves.A man loves you (on the surface), but the body is his own, how can he let the male sweet words?

In addition, women have performed abortion, and some of the abortion surgery has a very great physical damage to women. First, it is easy to be found by gynecological diseases, but it is easy to conceive children.

And in this case, coupled with older age, pregnancy is really impossible.

I heard that a real thing happened in rural areas. A woman had about four or five boyfriends when she was young, and each boyfriend had been pregnant together, but they were all killed. At the age of 29, they finally stabilized and got married., But I have never had to be a child. When I was 32 years old, I was pregnant, but my body was particularly fragile. I could hardly walk in the second trimester of pregnancy.Very terrible.

Therefore, if women choose to prepare for pregnancy, they still need to be early. If the physical conditions are not allowed and the age is older, the two should also choose carefully. Of course, you must change the bad habit.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a mother of a 3 -year -old baby. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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