Is it normal to do nothing at home at home?

I belong to the lover you said, and resigned after two months of pregnancy!I got fat at the beginning of pregnancy, and I started to vomit in a month, and my chest was sore.It’s amazing!I like to drink milk the most before pregnancy. I couldn’t drink it for only a month when I was pregnant. I felt difficult to drink physiological!Then stop it until four months of pregnancy!

This is not a factor to stop me from going to work. Why leave the job!My bone headache, the bones on both sides of the buttocks behind the pelvic bones were painful!It has been painful since I was pregnant for more than 2 months. I ca n’t sit for a long time. That pain, I ca n’t stand and follow it for a long time!Basically, after walking around, or after sitting for a long time, I screamed in pain, and worked hard to climb into bed and paralyzed in bed. It was difficult to turn over.At that time, I slept with my sister. She said that I fell asleep every night, and I murmured myself in unconsciously, but it was normal for everything!The doctor did not think that I need to rest in bed every day.But I personally can’t work!

In the early pregnancy, I often drowned and slept more.But after the second trimester, I stay up late every day!Then go to bed in the afternoon, someone may criticize me. You are pregnant very much, and you are tired of staying up late. I really can’t sleep!Doctor, think about it, and then say!Well, it should be disorders of hormone secretion in the middle of pregnancy!Mediation, you can’t mediate!Eat some trace element films.Then I ate it, so so far, it is still used!I could n’t sleep that night, I could only play with my mobile phone, and then lay down after lunch during the day, and then made up for it!I have tried to sleep less during the day, I was insomnia that night, and I slept back to the cage after I ate breakfast the next day.So you accuse her of using it like this. I am experiencing it now. People really can’t sleep at night!During the day, it really wants to make up!

Besides, seeing the problem of doing housework, I have been living alone since 4 months. I can only cook housework and cook it myself. It’s okay to touch cold water!But I really ca n’t squat. The bones behind my buttocks are loudly loud, with a large stomach, and the heels cannot be put down, I can only squat!Very tired, the lower body still feels like the palace is going out. I really want to avoid all squatting housework!There is also the housework of bending down, such as mopping the ground, I am tired of fainting, really!Every time I sweep the floor and mop the floor, I have back pain to death.Sitting pain, lying down.There is also the problem of cooking. I didn’t eat a fart in the past. Now I will be hungry, yes, literally.I will be dizzy and dizzy!And I used to eat a small bowl, now a pot of dried rice!Really, eat according to the pot!Because of hunger!And my cooking is difficult to eat, and I have to eat my own meals every day.Sometimes I can do a pot of rice, and my hometown cannot take a takeaway. Most of the time during pregnancy, I have no love!

Besides, I love to eat, but I also love to eat, but I will consume it rationally!However, after pregnancy, the early stage is okay. The mid -term is about five months. I especially wanted to eat something. How much do you think?Just talk about Passion Fruit!I ate 4 boxes a month!A box of 10 pounds, yes.I ate 40 pounds!There are others, I can’t stand this consumption!I just wanted to eat it. Some time ago I wanted to eat jelly and bought a bunch.There are still half a catty now, not to eat or hate!I can eat this half a catty at any time, just eat enough, so I don’t want to eat it.I also bought dozens of packs of vegetables crispy, just one week ago, good guy!It’s nagging, and you will regret it too!Want to chop your hands!However, I did n’t feel anything when I eat it. I ’m almost eaten now. I feel that I wo n’t eat it for a long time in the future.I do n’t know what to say with appetite, really do n’t have a way!Some people may cry more seriously.

Then talk about privacy during pregnancy, and I will leak urine when vomiting.Coughing hard will leak urine, sneezing will leak urine.It’s all because the uterus is oppressed by the bladder!This kind of shame has no dignity at all!Excessive secretions, I have no love for underwear washed.And chest development, ah!The color becomes heavier, the areola becomes darker and wider, the nipple becomes larger, and it hurts!The pain and tenderness hurt anyway.It’s heavier!He has been drooping down, saying that I really feel like a cow, it is particularly ugly and uncomfortable!I don’t want to vomit stretch marks, I understand!I also have a leg of pregnancy and itching, and the washing agent is not easy to use!The thighs and calves scratch all the scars, and now there is no good skin!The weight has soared, the long spots are lined with hair, and the stomach is not said, but the skin of the back of the back has begun to loose.The legs are also very thick, and the whole lower limbs have been swollen!

It is miserable that I have been living alone after 4 months of pregnancy and control myself!There are no family members, no husband, no friends and relatives.So it is very hard, you can only buy vegetables by yourself and get courier.In fact, I really don’t want to go, walking and getting things tired.The stomach is stiff and painful, and the pelvic bone is also very painful.Like a fat penguin walking walking.I bought a dish once every three days, and I was exhausted when I came back.

Most of the time, I lay on the bed and played mobile phones by myself.The pelvic bone will also hurt, and the degree is slightly lighter!When you get up for a long time, the pelvic bone will be painful,

It is not to say that pregnancy must have privileges. Some people have different physical fitness or easy during pregnancy. I have seen friends who can skip rope at 7.8 months of pregnancy.But I am really uncomfortable with my pregnancy.Those who can go to work after pregnancy, there is no need to come up and hurry up!That’s your business!Everyone’s physical condition is different, and my pregnancy examination is normal, and I don’t need to rest in bed in medicine.But after a long sitting, I will be in pain after a long time, I can only stay in bed.Does it mean me?

Thank you for your care, my husband has come back to take care of me.It is June 16th, and the baby has been born for 5 days.I successfully unloaded the goods on the 11th!She gave birth to a 7 -pound fat girl.The end of pregnancy is ended, entering the painful breastfeeding period.

The week before the delivery, it began to have frequent contractions, and my stomach was often painful.The weight has been 150+.I weighed 94 pounds before pregnancy, my movement was inconvenient, my legs and feet could not be seen, and I couldn’t stand it a little.At 5 am on the 11th at home, contraction began at home, and the lower abdomen hurts for a while. It has been contracted every fifteen minutes. Because it is less experienced with her husband, it is not sure that there are too many pseudo contractions before.So I supported at home and took a bath in the afternoon, ready to go out for a walk. At that time, it was already ten minutes of contraction.Frequent pain can’t stand it before going to the hospital with her husband.I checked two fingers.Then did various inspections!

Doctors have asked if a cesarean section is still abandoned.It is estimated that the fetus is a bit big according to my weight, and it is more than 7 pounds.And my little 155 does not have an advantage.However, the B -ultrasound is not particularly large to see the fetal head, and it is also possible to give birth.Then I chose to give birth, I was really afraid of the operation.After the doctor seriously introduced various emergencies and critical situations, I signed a sub -delivery surgical book, and I was pushed to the delivery room.

In the delivery room, there is a pain in pain.The whole person really hurts to jump off the building!Pregnant mothers really have to take painless needles!And get early.Painless delivery is not painful at all, but it will reduce a lot of pain, mainly because of the pain when giving birth!And it’s not expensive!500 yuan.It does not affect the fetus at all!It is waist tingling, starting from the waist.However, it is necessary for family members to agree, because some family members do not allow pregnant women to have painlessness, and there will be disputes.The doctor first asked me if I was painless, and then asked if my family agreed.I don’t really hurt, I am sure that I have painless and signature.Husband they agreed outside.However, I was a bit late. When the anesthesiologist came in, I had a 5.6 finger.The nurse asked me if I had to be painless, because my situation soon entered the delivery room to give birth.I still hit it, um.Unfortunately, it was a bit late.EssenceBecause I soon entered the delivery room.The amniotic fluid was broken on the way to pushing me into the delivery room, and then lying on the birth bed, needless to say that pain.But I was lucky, and I was born smoothly in half an hour.

After a complete person who had a complete person, he lay down for two hours, and it was difficult to get out of bed when he returned to the ward.Feeling that the lower body is missing, the legs are soft and painful, the head is stunned, the whole person is very virtual, a little dizzy, you must go to the toilet for a few hours after giving birth.big.It’s troublesome to be treated!I am fortunate that I can go to the toilet independently, but I am more dizzy.Need to be hospitalized for three days!A lot of sweat had been hospitalized in the past three days.And tinnitus has always been in a very weak state.

The most painful thing is feeding. I did not milk two days ago and fed milk powder.EssenceThe nipples were broken by the baby.It’s almost painful!On the third day, I suddenly rose up, and I cried in pain!The baby can’t suck it, even more life.Pregnant mothers must buy breastfeeding device if they are preparing to breastfeed!IntersectionIntersectionI bought it late, and I bought it on the fourth day after giving birth. It has been two days after the milk rising nipples.Now there are a lot of lumps in the chest, so I cry every day, I can’t sleep.I dare not let the baby suck milk, and can only use a breast pump to suck out some milk bottle to feed the baby.But there is no way to clear the blocked breast.

The current state is frequent contractions every day after giving birth. (The uterus should be shrink back, and the pain is equal to the pain to be given birth.) It hurts to pull the quilt in bed.The nipple rupture pain cannot be touched at all.The breasts on both sides, the side breasts are blocked into a lot of hard blocks so painful that they can’t sleep, and it hurts.However, every day, milk suction is sucking some milk with a breast pump.It hurts to tears in my leg cramps, because it only seizes part of the breast gland, it will often overflow.Both legs were trembling, and it hurt when I touched it.The waist is very painful, and I get up and stand upright.Lying flat also hurts, but I ca n’t lie on the side because the chest pain on both sides of the milk does not work.It feels that the pelvic bone in the lower body is very loose, and it will squeak.Coughing a small abdomen can be painful!Feel a lack of organ in the lower abdomen.

The baby is better to bring it. Only when he is hungry, he is particularly uncomfortable to cry.Sleep when you are full!Even so, we still can’t sleep well.Feed milk powder once every three days and four hours. Now you have to feed it every two to two and a half hours. You have to feed at least ten times a day!There are also changing urine pants.Take milk!The confinement mother -in -law, regardless of these things, do a meal.I was busy with my husband when I bought food and I was busy with my husband.A few days after giving birth, when I was so painful, I couldn’t help it.If you don’t hurt that, you will hug your baby and make milk.My husband and I are both novices, and I am explored by myself.So it’s also tired!

Fortunately, my mother -in -law did not particularly interfere with us.You can turn on the air conditioner during confinement.There are air conditioners in the hospital ward.I now turn on the air conditioner at 27 degrees every day 24 hours a day.But it’s better not to blow the fan!On the third day of delivery, I washed my hair and took a bath. I sweated too much. Every day, my hair was soaked.As long as the bath water is hot, shower, you can’t take a bath!Blow hair with a hair dryer!There is no taboo.Wash the lower body every day, shower, otherwise infection.I washed it twice or three times a day, and recovered better!By the way, the doctor said that it will not be cut on the side now.However, it will be relaxed and cooperates with the doctor to avoid tearing the lower body.I didn’t tear it, and my lower body recovered faster!Five days after giving birth, the lower body does not hurt much.

As long as the normal baby’s body temperature is similar to adults, even if the body temperature in the hospital is 0. a few degrees higher than my body temperature.So, don’t wear too much, cover too much.If the red rash on the neck is too hot if the baby’s face is too hot.It is best to reduce the thickness and clothes of the quilt!

The air conditioner is 26 degrees during the day and 27 degrees in the evening. I wore a long -sleeved single clothes at home all day.The kind of exposed leg.No socks!Cover a very thin cloth and be a quilt.The picture below is the baby who was born five days after birth, and now it is the sixth day.Then bring two thin gloves, the gloves are necessary!It ’s okay to put two hands with socks without gloves, because her nails are really too long!IntersectionIt hurts people.Without joking, she had nails when she was born. Two hands often moved. Two days ago, she also scratched her face and her neck.She really didn’t get cold at all, and she really wouldn’t be cold at all.Sleep at home at home!Open the air conditioner to hit the wind, don’t sleep at the air outlet.

Science raising baby!No pillows, no hands and feet.Don’t sleep flat head!Let her sleep on her own.Don’t wear too much, don’t wrap too thick.Normally skin condition, the face is not rash with the neck, and the newborn sneezes is normal.The respiratory system is not very suitable.No runny nose, normal body temperature without fever.The state is better!Most of the newborn will have physiological jaundice a few days after birth. She is now mild jaundice!Obviously the small face is a little red and slightly yellow.The headrest is a small rectangular thin soft mouth towel, because she will vomit milk.EssenceSometimes I can’t wipe it when I fall asleep.This will not stain the bed.

Covering the small quilt of the cherry

Obviously kick the quilt

It is difficult during pregnancy, and it is more difficult after giving birth.If you can, everyone is more considerate of pregnant women and mothers.I hope that pregnant mothers have a good and cute angel baby.

This is very important to update a wave on June 25!IntersectionSo remind you!

Regarding breastfeeding, I mentioned that I had raised milk before.Finally blocked milk, and then developed into mastitis.

I belong to a natural dairy cow. After giving birth to a child, I eat all the three days of hospitalization. Breakfast, milk and two sweet corn, sometimes milk egg custard

For lunch, the rice is fried with blue flowers and a light stir -fried dish.

Dinner, fried vegetables.Add pumpkin corn porridge.

Now the hospital advocates scientific confinement. You can’t eat too greasy for three days after giving birth.Coupled with the loss of appetite for my child, I have a child’s appetite.Can’t eat greasy things, and then eat like this after returning home.It’s just a low -salt light tofu lean soup, or tomato fried eggs, it is very light anyway.However, breast blocking milk is particularly painful.And the nipples are repeatedly sucked and ruptured, and you don’t want to give birth!After the nipples were better, I started breastfeeding.At the beginning, I did not know that the breastfeeding posture caused the baby to breast milk.So, I have always been feeding.

I also have time to count, feeding more than 12 times a day!It completely stopped the milk powder.Then, sometimes the milk is constantly flowing up, or I will suck it out with a breast pump, otherwise it will be regardless of it.Well, then it will be blocked in a long time and become red.I don’t want to give birth!The whole person began to have a high fever, cold and hot.Her husband was so anxious that he called and asked the big sister.The aunt said that it was blocked, so that I bought some medicines that did not affect breastfeeding.There are ibuprofen diluted solution (receding. This medicine is really delicious, the strawberry flavor is sweet) and the husband of Pudi Blue Oral Liquid (anti -inflammatory) husband asked and bought the ibuprofen chewing tablet (orange flavor.) Then say that you need to rub.Well, he decided to come by himself, and the next step was to pinch and squeeze at the areola.Then put the block in the breast, rubbing a mess and pressed.I really burst into tears, crying.It’s more painful than having a child!The effect, the milk is overflowing, but it is still a lot of hard blocks.Baby sucking breasts is old, and it is even more painful.This pain is the kind of nervous pain, which can collapse.EssenceI really burst!IntersectionIntersectionThe mother -in -law spent hundreds of Chinese medicines that are said to be milk, and a sour stinky socks smell for a year were still suffering.Three big bowls a day,

Due to the high fever of mastitis, the pain is weak, and the breast pain.It is often cold and hot, and every time you fight the Cold War, you like a lot of needles on both sides of the breasts.I didn’t see better in two days, and the family was anxious.From the decrease in appetite to nothing, the big sister helped to make an appointment for the lactation in the hospital’s postpartum rehabilitation treatment, and then went to the hospital the next day.

Seriously, do n’t eat any strange recipes, what kind of dairy master to find, it is best to ask the hospital for help!IntersectionIntersectionI go to the hospital

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