Is it pregnant or pregnant?Doctor: I don’t do it right at these 5 o’clock.

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If you want to contraception, you must have the help of the "raincoat".

Although it has become the most common way of contraception, for many people, this is just a superficial understanding, thinking that as long as it is put on, it is over.

Some people may not know how to use it. If it is not right, contraception fails if it is not right.Especially if the following five points are not right, it may be busy.

First of all, the easiest thing to make mistakes is that the size is not selected.If the selected size is too large, it will slide or slide, thereby reducing the protection effect.If it is too loose, you may not feel irritating or pleasure.

But if it is too small, it will be difficult to put on the penis, and it may break or slide, and the protection effect is greatly reduced.If you are too tight, you will feel uncomfortable.

In short, don’t look at the small sleeves, the knowledge can be big.It’s too big and too small, but if you buy it, you are embarrassed to return the goods. If you are not sure of the size you need, you can follow the measurement of the following steps:

1. Measurement width: Use the tape measure to measure the perimeter of the penis, and use the width of the membrane to select the appropriate size of the condom.When buying, check whether the size marked on the package of the condom is consistent with the size you measured.

2. Measurement length: After stretching the penis, measure the length of the tape measure.When buying, choose a condom that is consistent with the length you measured.

3. Try to try on: You can try on some different sizes of condoms, buy a small amount of trial outfit, first see if you can use it, or not suitable for you.

The second common error is to wear it when it can’t hold it.Many people want to pursue excitement, and think that as long as they do not feel the "small tadpoles" sliding in, there is no problem.So we usually wear it when I feel "unbearable".

In fact, at this time, the prostate fluid had secretly "slipped into" a lot of "small tadpoles".So do not have a fluke. In the outpatient clinic, there are not a few people who "recruit" because of this situation.

The third error method is to wear it only during ovulation, and the rest of the time "shirtless".You know, women’s menstrual cycle is not very stable, everyone’s situation is different, and they are affected by various factors.

Ovulation days may also change for various reasons. Even if the cycle in the past is very regular, it cannot be guaranteed that the month will be the same.Moreover, in the process of sex, sperm can survive in women for up to five days.

This means that even a few days before the ovulation date is expected, the sperm may still exist in the body during ovulation, causing pregnancy.What’s more, women’s ovulation time may be advanced or delayed for various reasons, including stress, diseases, drugs or other factors.

Therefore, even if women can completely exclude the possibility of pregnancy during the physiological safety period.Therefore, you have to wear a sleeve. You must "drip water without leaking".

The fourth error was ignored by many people, that is, in the panic, the operation was chaotic, and it was not to see if there was any remaining air in the sleeve.The storage capsule is part of the male reproductive organs, which discharge semen during ejaculation.When men use condoms, the purpose is to prevent sperm from entering women in sexual intercourse.

To achieve this, the condom needs to be close to the male reproductive organs to prevent sperm from penetrating into women’s body through the susceptible penile skin.

However, if the air in the storage capsule is not exhausted before using a condom, air bubbles will be formed in the condom, which will cause the condom to lose the effect of closely fitting, which will affect the contraceptive effect.Specifically, if there is air in the condom, it will cause the sleeve to continue to move and friction during sexual intercourse, which will increase the risk of condom rupture.

In addition, air can also cause condoms to become loose, and no longer closely fit with male reproductive organs, which will give sperm a chance to enter women’s body from the side or top of the condom, thereby reducing the contraceptive effect.The last error is that the quality of the sleeve is not available.Generally speaking, its use of materials must meet relevant national standards to ensure safety, non -toxic, non -irritating.

Some inferior condoms may use some low -quality materials, such as plastic, so when the same room is in the same room, it is easy to break, and it is difficult to find that if you are pregnant because of this situation, it is really wrong.

In order to avoid this situation, we should choose a regular and reliable brand and channel to buy condoms, and check the materials, size, quality and other problems before use.

In summary, there is no completely 100 % effective contraceptive method. If so, it is also because of the accumulated small details accumulated. Some people are more concerned about this matter, so they pay more attention to details.

The loss of contraception will change due to many different factors.Therefore, we must understand your body and know the correct contraception method. If you want to minimize the risk, you must spend more effort.

What do you think about the correct contraception?Welcome to discuss the comment area together!

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