Is it reliable to use ovulation test strips?What are the issues that need attention?

The ovulation test strip is used to detect and infer the time of ovulation. The main detection is the level of luteal osteophyllin (LH) in the body. Whether you are pregnant to see the human choric membrane gonadotropin, that is, the level of HCG.There is a mysterious connection between the things that can’t be hit together in the eight poles. Because these two molecules contain the same structure, they can make the test strip discolor. Therefore, there is a certain scientific basis for testing whether pregnancy is pregnant.However, because their remaining structures are different, they determine that their function and secretion characteristics are also different, so the results of ovulation test strip pregnancy test also need to pay attention to some problems.

When the ovulation test paper is positive, it generally indicates that ovulation is about to be ovulated. After ovulation, the combination of essence to form fertilized eggs, and the fertilized eggs will begin to secrete HCG from the fallopian tube to the uterine to the endometrium.When it starts to secrete HCG in the blood, the first 10th day after ovulation, that is, it can be measured from the serum at the time of pregnancy nearly 4 weeks. It is the earliest diagnosis of pregnancy.Most of the positives may not be fully metabolized to promote lutein (LH), not HCG.

There is also a special situation. It has been mentioned before that among patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, the most common. Because ovulation does not ovulate, LH is at a high level for a long time.The pregnancy test is naturally inaccurate.

Another situation is that in the ovulation promotion or monitoring ovulation, in order to allow the follicles to discharge smoothly, the doctor may give an injection, commonly known as the "ovulation needle", which is actually HCG., After 120 hours, it will reach a stable low concentration.However, each human body has different levels of drug metabolism. Generally speaking, 5-7 days can be fully metabolized in the body. At this time, the test results can basically eliminate the interference of drugs.

Therefore, in view of so many influencing factors, it is not recommended to use ovulation test strips to test pregnancy.

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