Is it suitable for drinking black tea or green tea?Expert reminder: The difference is very large, you don’t suffer if you understand it

It is almost a month after autumn. Recently, I finally felt that the autumn was high and the temperature slowly dropped, but the weather was still dry, and the dry mouth was uncomfortable. Some people still had some small dry skin on their faces.The body is sending a signal to us: our body is short of water!

In addition, people have a big appetite and increased their food. They always want to drink some water to quench their thirst after meals, but many people do not like to drink boiled water, so many people around them have brought tea cups to drink hot tea.

However, drinking tea is still particular. Everyone knows that there are many benefits to drinking tea, but this tea cannot be drunk. Most people drink tea without choosing the right tea according to the characteristics of the season. Many people are entangled in autumn.Green tea is still black tea.So is it suitable for drinking black tea or green tea?Experts remind: The difference between the two is very different, and they do n’t suffer.

Green tea is not fermented tea, the tea is cool, has more cold, has the effect of relieving thirst, removing heat and fire, so it is not suitable for drinking green tea in autumn, which is more suitable for drinking in the summer; black tea is full of fermented teaMild tea nature, not only can it be able to solve the thirst, but also has the effect of nourishing the stomach, but also more suitable for autumn and autumn.

So what kind of tea is suitable for drinking in autumn and cool autumn, right?

▶ Should drink black tea

The weather in autumn is gradually getting cooler, and the hot summer is ingesting a lot of cold drinks, and it has brought a certain burden to the stomach. Then you should drink green tea as little as possible in autumn to avoid causing stomach discomfort.It is recommended that you drink more mild and moisturizing black tea in autumn. The tea nature is mild, and the taste is also sweet and smooth. It is the best choice for drinking tea in autumn.

▶ Xianwu Fengxuan

This tea is produced from Yibin, Sichuan. It is the best in black tea. With its strong quality, it stands out of many Sichuan tea. Its raw materials are all picked in the early spring and tender sprouts of the high mountain tea gardens. ThereforeThere are many nutrients.

It is worth mentioning that the production technology of Xianwu Fengxuan is listed as "National Intangible Cultural Heritage". The production process is very exquisite, and the tea -making technology is very inherited.

The surprising thing is that the quality of tea with such outstanding quality is very cost -effective. Tea merchants have always been the "grain tea" that everyone drinks, which is less than 100 yuan. The price is loved by the majority of tea customers.

Xianwu Fengye grows in the Wumeng Mountains at an altitude of 800 meters. The environment here is very good, the mountains and clouds are deep, which confirms the fact that the mountains and high clouds are good tea, and the soil is rich in organic matter, the air is fresh and humid, and the sun shines on the tea tree.It is very conducive to the synthesis of tea tree aromatic substances. It is an excellent place for tea trees to inhabit. The tea blades growing in the superior environment are hypertrophy and high nutritional value.

Quality characteristics:

This tea has a strong appearance, the tea stripes are tight and meticulous, the golden is revealed, the color is dark and soft, and there is a natural flower and fruit aroma, fresh nose. After the hot water is brewedIn a sip, the taste is mellow and sweet, full of umami, and the throat is smooth and moist.

▶ Should drink oolong tea

In addition to drinking black tea, oolong tea is also a good choice. Oolong tea is a semi -fermented tea. It is between green tea and black tea.Sweet, suitable for drinking in autumn and cool autumn, can effectively alleviate autumn dryness and eliminate fatigue. This is why most people like to drink oolong tea.

▶ Wuyishan Damong Robe

Dahongpao is produced from Wuyi Mountain, Fujian. It is a famous tea in China. There are 3 6 plants in the big red robe mother tree. So far, it has a history of more than 360 years. It is a rare tree species. It can be seen that its value is high.

Dahongpao is specially made of exquisite craftsmanship. It is known as the "champion in the tea". It is the king of rock tea. The mountains around Wuyi Mountain are stacked, the climate is mild, the winter is warm in summer, the rain is rainy and foggy, and the land humidity is large.The excellent quality of Dahongpao’s "fragrant, thick water, sufficient rhyme, good aftertaste".

Quality characteristics:

The shape of this tea is tight, the leaves are curled, the color of the color is black and fresh, the internal texture is like ospanion, the aroma is high and lasting.It’s refreshing, very delicious and sweet, sweet and sour as the throat, and it feels comfortable after drinking.

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