Is it unnecessary after delivery?Regarding the eleven misunderstandings of the birth check, pregnant mothers must understand and avoid

It is too difficult for young people to go home in the Spring Festival. It is simply torture. If there is no boyfriend, do you have a boyfriend?When is a boyfriend asked when I get married?When I was married, I asked when I gave birth to a baby, gave birth to a baby, and asked for a second child?

When I returned to my hometown some time ago, I was discussing this issue with a group of women in a group of villages. Now even in rural areas, there are two, which are two, and some even have one. Everyone knows that raising children is not easy.

In the past, there was a lot of life, but there would be one or two fools in each village. Because there was no production inspection, don’t say how much money to have children now?It ’s a lot of money to do the birth check during pregnancy, especially the old maternal examination.

For rural people who facing the loess and facing the sky, they may have a thousand dollars in a year, and they may save thousands of dollars.I have used light for pregnancy.

However, some older elderly people still have some misunderstandings about the inspection, and some young people have been affected by the inspection and there are many misunderstandings.”Zero plan”

The first misunderstanding: no need to do a birth check for a marriage check

The marriage examination only proves whether two people have some sexual infection diseases. Will the two children in life have some common genetic diseases, such as thalassemia in Mediterranean.

However, the childcare check depends on the child’s condition, but also depends on the physical condition of the mother when she is pregnant. After the marriage inspection, the birth checkup must be performed on a regular basis.

The second misunderstanding: young people do not need to do a checkup

A mother spit on the Internet. The father -in -law and mother -in -law pulled the inspection and said that the child was flattened by the B -ultrasound.Kang.

No inspection is a gambling. In case the child is really a problem, it is a disaster for the whole family.

If there is any problem with my mother when I am pregnant, they will hurt the mother’s health in time without discovering it in time.

Therefore, whether it is the best age of childbearing or an elderly mother, you need to do a checkup. However, the best age of childbearing. If you have a child, you can follow the normal process of birth.

The third misunderstanding: I don’t need to do other check -up after doing non -invasive DNA

Mom thinks that the child’s DNA is not a problem. It must be healthy. In fact, the non -invasive DNA is mainly to check the abnormal situation of the 21 18 13 13 chromosomes. The accuracy of the abnormal detection of other chromosomes is not too high.

In addition, it is not only necessary to see if the fetal chromosomes are abnormal during the birth check?It depends on whether the structure of fetal development is abnormal?It also depends on the fetus. If you are too large, you must control your diet, and if you are small, you must strengthen nutrition.

It is also necessary to check the condition of the mother’s body.

In the fourth misunderstanding, B -ultrasound affects the health of fetal treasure

Some people think that the B -ultrasound is the same as the X -ray. They are radiation. In fact, the radiation of the B -ultrasound is very small, and it is almost neglected, because the B -ultrasound is a kind of ultrasonic.On the computer.

Generally, five B -ultrasounds need to be done throughout the pregnancy.

Fifth misunderstanding: four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is better than 3D color Doppler ultrasound

At 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, when we conduct fetal malformations, most of the public hospitals are three-dimensional ultrasound, but some private hospitals will promote ourselves to have four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound.Will see more clearly.

Four dimensions are a small video, and three -dimensional is three -dimensional color.Siwei only has one more time dimension, and there is no difference between the two B -ultrasound to investigate the baby’s deformity.Can you see if your baby has a problem? It mainly depends on the experience of Dr. B ultrasound.

In public hospitals, doctors B -ultrasound will see more babies every day. It is recommended that you choose the three -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound of the public hospital.

The sixth misunderstanding: the stomach in the early pregnancy does not need to be checked

It is recommended to conduct a B -ultrasound in the eighth week of pregnancy. This time the B -ultrasound examination is important. It is mainly to determine whether the embryo bed is in the uterus or outside the uterus. If it is outside the uterus, it must be handled as soon as possible.Keep.

Are you sure you have a child or two children?

Are you sure you heard the fetal heart?If not, the fetus may stop developing.

If the mother’s menstruation is not normal, this time the B -ultrasound can also calculate the accurate pregnancy week.

Seventh misunderstanding: Screening if there is a problem with the child, you can’t

The NT examination from 11 to 13+6 weeks of pregnancy found that the transparent layer of the fetal neck was slightly thicker. The doctor said that there may be malformations. It is recommended to do amniotic fluid puncture for confirmation.

However, my mother felt that there was a problem with the screening, and it was definitely impossible to have a miscarriage.

In fact, the screening may have false positives, that is, the child is healthy, and the result of the screening is a problem.

Screening is just screening. To confirm the diagnosis, it is necessary to do a diagnosis and examination of amniotic fluid puncture. Do not easily sentence a fetal treasure to death.

The eighth misunderstanding: there is time to go again

Some mothers are busy at work, or there are other things delayed, and they are not checked at the agreed time.

When pregnancy, many inspection items have time to regulate. For example, NT examinations are 11 weeks to 13+6 weeks of pregnancy, exceeding this period of time, and the examination is not accurate.

And the B-ultrasound of the row will also be more accurate at 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, a little later, in case of a problem, the abortion hurts the child too much.

If there is no time to go to the specified time, you can call the hospital to change the time.

The ninth misunderstanding: expensive projects are cheating money, don’t check

During the checkup, mothers will consult with each other to check what projects. Some older mothers find that there are more projects that doctors have issued by themselves, and they are all expensive.I feel that the doctor is cheating money. Why don’t others have to check these projects, and I want to check it?

In fact, there are indeed some projects that are more expensive in the elderly maternal, such as amniotic fluid puncture, or the cost of non -invasive DNA are thousands of costs.But it is also necessary.In case the family has genetic genetic diseases, it is even more expensive to do genetic screening.

In case these expensive projects are not checked, the children really have problems, and they are not found out, and they regret it when they are born.

Tenth misunderstanding: check -up is blood drawing and B -ultrasound

Moms to do a birth check, blood drawing and B -ultrasound are two common examinations, but in addition to these two inspections, there are also drinking sugar experiments, mainly depending on the mother’s blood sugar situation.

There are also doctors to measure the abdominal circumference and palace high at each birth check.

In the second trimester, fetal heart monitoring is required, mainly to see if the fetus is hypoxic in the palace.

When giving birth, you need to use some measurement methods to see if your mother can give birth.

Therefore, there are quite a lot of projects in the inspection.

Eleventh misunderstanding: There is no problem in the checkup, the child is 100%healthy

From time to time, I saw a mother’s complaint. There was no problem with the child’s birth inspection, but it was found that problems were born.

The birth checkup cannot be checked 100%. For example, the child’s hearing problem, vision problem, and some congenital metabolic problems have no way to detect it. ThereforeFunction screening, broad bean disease screening, and so on.

There are also some very small questions, such as a child with one toes or fingers.

The checkup should not only check whether the baby has any related questions, but also check whether the baby will be too fat and too thin, and whether the mother’s body has any unusual changes, so it is very important.

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